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Many wild animals roam around certain parts of Dreamland Bay, but most of them are not hostile. Most of the wild animals that are around here tend to be rather friendly, and try to stay out of people's ways. They are mainly found around the Sleepy Bay, a body of water connected to the state. There is a number of fish inside this bay, and most all of them are unique to this area. They tend to be very hard to catch and easy to lose, so fishing here is not recommended unless for a challenge or mission.

Vegetation here is highly rare. There is absolutely no grass in this area, nor are there flowers or weeds anywhere to be found. The one type of vegetation ever found here is a tree called the Pillow Tree, which is much like a cactus. It does not require a large amount of water or fertilizer. The leaves that the tree grows can give off a sweet nectar when squeezed hard enough. They are very tall and their bark is extremely touch, which keeps animals from cutting it down or climbing it to an extent. Branches are also very rare on this tree.


The south-eastern part of the state has a Mediterranean climate, while the rest of it has a Semi-Arid climate. The state keeps a temperature of 13 °C (55.4 °F) to 26 °C (78.8 °F) in all months but December, in which it mysteriously drops to 0°C (32 °F) from the 24th until the 30th of this month.


Dreamland Bay was the last of the 6 original states of Toonada to become a state in 1614. Stories of settlers coming to the land and taming its wild animals have been brought down from generations, which could very well be true due to the fact that all of their descendents are naturally tamed. When the attack of the Sprocket Baddies hit Toonada in 2003, Dreamland Bay was hit the hardest by them. The largest and toughest Sprocket Baddies roam the streets of the state, taking over buildings and causing grief for innocent residents. Since then, many of the strongest citizents of Toonada have moved here to keep the area safer.

In 2005, groups off Toonadians started huddling up in the very center of the state. The groups eventually got together to form one large group. It is unknown what these Toonadians are up to, but it is most likely something evil, because members of the group have been noted to have their eyes turn red at certain times. However, this has not been looked into much.

Notable Areas

Lullaby Lake - Only city in Toonada besides Silly Bleet to have an equal distribution of all tribes of Sprocket Baddies throughout the city.

Rock-a-Bye - First city to be lost to the Sprocket Baddies in the war. Also the old capital of the state.

Pajama Place - Highest concentration of Cash tribe Sprocket Baddies. Also contains the entrance to Cashbot Country.

DorwsyCot - Only area in Dreamland Bay not to be infested with cogs. This city is bordered with Sleepy Bay. It also containts the giant statue of Toonada's founder in a jack-in-the-box, and the world's largest Memory Foam pillow.


Founder-in-a-Box - A giant statue of Toonada's founder, Founder Startingson, in a real jack-in-the-box. It is the country's biggest jack-in-the-box and the country's first statue that is also a toy.

World's Largest Memory-Foam Pillow - West of Sleepy Bay lies the largest Memory-Foam pillow in the world. it is contained by a large glass case. The pillow is 20 feet tall and 42 feet long.


  • This was the last original state to become state. In all, it was the sixth.
  • This is the most dangrous of any state in Toonada.
  • Dreamland Bay is the only state to have part of it taken over by Sprocket Baddies.
  • The Flippercorn family and McMuffin family live here.
  • This state can be compared loosely to South Australia.
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