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Heaven is notable for it's massive size, with 250 Gigameters stretching between the entrance to heaven & the innermost Wall.


Supposedly E-Ring is 5x the quality of Earth with a lengthy bridge across the ocean leading to an island past Mars Orbit which serves as the legal entry point to heaven. Often deceased lovers & close family members will wait for arriving dead there after being informed of said deaths. This 40 Million Kilometer ring is known for its Seaside Resorts & there are even tunnels beneath the Ocean's Surface allowing for the view of sealife. Some refer to this ring as 1st Heaven, because of it being the first section of Heaven anyone sees when entering.


Supposedly 10x the quality of Earth, usually when a good person commits suicide they end up living here. Being 72 Million Kilometers wide this is the largest full ring in heaven. There is ocean access, a few amusement parks, & various public gardens.


Supposedly 25x the quality of Earth this 34 Million Kilometer ring requires all its residents to wear nice clothing at all times in public. To take the Subways here requires at least a C-Pass.


Supposedly 50x the quality of Earth, this 24 Million Kilometer wide ring requires everyone who enters to wear nice clothing in public at all times. The subway system here requires a further pass.


Supposedly 100x the quality of Earth, it is impossible for anyone unclean to even enter this 42 Million Kilometer wide ring. Only those with the A-Pass can use the subways here. The residents here generally appear young, as a result of the hot springs & drinking water from the Mercury Ring.

Mercury Ring

Ruled by it's Angel Queen, Mercury, this 38 Million Km wide ring is an extremely prosperous region. While the Subway system doesn't run through this ring there are still plenty of transportation systems, such as luxury expresses & specially designed automobiles. The residents of Mercury Ring all appear to be under the age of 30. Those who achieve sainthood are granted homes here & several legendary heroes also make their homes here. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Silver, Blaze, & Cream all have earned the right to live here in the afterlife. Current notable residents here include Inari & her 4 children, as well as her sister Yukimi & her children.

Innermost Area

With a rough Diameter of 1,280,000 Kilometers (800,000 Miles) lying within the innermost wall, only the most powerful angels have mansions & palaces here. There is an extremely tall tower here as well that stretches into the clouds. The interior of this ivory tower is blocked off after a certain point, although there are rumors of an extremely powerful being living at the peak of it. A barrier prevents angels from ascending the tower from the outside, however there are rumors that Zuriel has actually made it past the barrier, however has no memory of what lay past the barrier.

The Capital City is located in this 7th Heaven, which supposedly is built over the only passage leading to the Multiverse's core dimension. Usually it is forbidden to enter the core dimension, as the entire multiverse could be destroyed from there. The long entrance to the core dimension is heavily protected, in addition to being sealed away. An ancient being with no name lives in a chamber deep within these passages.

The conditions range heavily here as a result of there being prisoners & servants in this ring. Some residents live in the extreme wealth of more than 1000x the conditions of Earth, while the servants may live anywhere from 75-125x the quality of Earth. Corruption exists within this region as a result of the insane amount of wealth, & laws are more relaxed here.


Only a half ring on the side opposite of Heaven's Entrance, with true size unknown due to a mysterious mist existing near where Jupiter's Orbit would be distance wise.There are rumors among the residents here that going into the deep fog results in reincarnation, as none who have been in it for more than an hour have ever returned. Due to the Earth like conditions, it is often argued that the F-Ring is actually Limbo & not really part of heaven. The residents of F-ring are like solid ghosts & it is extremely rare for them to make it into the E-ring.

Because half the population are wicked souls who aren't completely beyond redemption, crime is quite common in this region. Other populations here include criminals who were banished here from higher rings & those who regret the heavy sins of their lives, wanting to atone. There are vast deserts, dense forests, & a few cities here.

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