Dread the Hedgehog

Biographical Information

Physically: 13 (ageless in Sonic's dimension)

  • Evil Jezz
  • Death
Romantic Interests
  • Sigma the Hedgeborg (deceased)
Physical Description

African Pygmy Hedgehog

DescriptionPurple with a tuft of chest fur, has a slight aura of purple when awake
  • Yellow gloves with black stripes
Political Alignment and Abilities


  • Every known Dark Chaos power in existence
  • Basic Hedgehog techniques (Spin Jump, Spin Dash, Homing Attack, etc.)
  • Lightspeed flight
  • Supersonic running speed, but ever so slightly slower than that of Sonic's
  • Lightspeed skating
  • Whirl Jump/Whirl Dash
Super Forms
  • Himself
  • Ealatis (Merged with Dark Chaos)
  • Abomination Devastation (all 7 Dark Chaos Emeralds and Dark Master)
Other Information
American V.A.Akamia
Japanese V.A.None at this time, possibly Akamia
Theme Song(s)
  • Imperial March - John Williams
  • The Enemy that Surpasses the Law - Noriyuki Iwadare, Yasuko Yamada
  • Jezz of Time 3 (first appearance)
Original CreatorAkamia

Dread the Hedgehog is a creation of Armageddon the Evil, and the evil doppelganger of Jezz the Hedgehog.


Early life

Dread's past is shrouded in mystery. Only those that have been with him since his birth know the exact details. There are rumors throughout his own dimension that he was raised to be everything that someone else wasn't. Armageddon the Evil, his "father", had created him for the sole purpose of interfering with and possibly annihilating another dimension, with the dimension he was created in to be his playground.

Dread grew in this environment, taught by Armageddon evil things such as slavery, and how to kill for pleasure. However, someone held back his development; A young hedgehog that was created by Dr. Robotnik called Sigma, who had rebelled against the good doctor and joined the evil animals who sought to destroy Robotnik. He was infatuated with Sigma's destructive tendencies, and grew to love the hedgehog. But Armageddon wouldn't have any of that. Dread soon witnessed the "death" of Sigma at the hands of Triop the Echidna, and he felt a strong need for vengeance wash over him.

Prior to leaving his home dimension

Dread trained really hard, with Armageddon urging him on to let his vengeful will empower him. Dread did so, hoping to one day destroy Triop for what he did to Sigma. He learned hatred, how to cheat and manipulate others, and many other skills he would use later in life. Eventually, he avenged Sigma by eliminating Triop in the most painful way imaginable, and was commended by Armageddon, who fueled his hatred more after realizing that Dread did not have a sense of peace.

Time passed, more harsh training followed. Then eventually, soon before Dread was about to leave for his mission in the other universe, he heard a voice. It was Sigma, and she was alive. He looked about, forgetting that Armageddon was there next to him, and saw Sigma, now a cyborg. She tried to explain the circumstances behind her survival, that Dr. Robotnik had saved her life, and she saw the error of her ways. However, Armageddon had other plans. He convinced Dread that Sigma was an impostor, and should not be allowed to live for such actions. Dread believed him, and attacked Sigma, shrugging off nearly all of the blasts from her brand new arm cannon.

He won the battle, but before he could finish Sigma off, Armageddon ordered him to go through the dimensional rift before it closes. Dread begrudgingly cooperated, and left, leaving Sigma to die by Armageddon's hand.


Dread is cold as ice, and has no restraints when dealing with his opponents. He views all his enemies as insignificant fools who do nothing more than get in the way of his mission. To put Jezz the Hedgehog's idealistic views in an upside-down viewpoint, Dread has high prospects of success for evilkind, viewing things such as peace, truth, and justice as disgusting. However, he secretly does have a sense of justice, although no one other than himself and Armageddon know of its existence, or where it comes from. He is known for being brutally honest when he sees a problem with someone around him, and is an excellent liar when it suits him.


Dread is known to match Jezz the Hedgehog blow for blow, and even knows a few tricks that his doppelganger doesn't, including Dark Chaos Insanity, which can cause his opponents to lose their composure and run in fear, allowing Dread to take advantage of their lack of defense. He carries 7 Dark Chaos Emeralds and the Dark Master Emerald, which come from his dimension, so he can attain a "Doomsday" form to parallel Jezz's "Perfect" form.


Dread bears all of the weaknesses Jezz has, barring the weakness to Dark Chaos Energy, which he himself controls. He is instead weak to Jezz's own Chaos Energy, and somewhat weaker to the powers of a photokinetic. Intensive training with Dark Chaos Control also eliminates the teleportation distance issue Jezz had.







  • Sigma the Hedgeborg (deceased)


"Darkness is all powerful. And so am I." - Dread being overconfident.

"No mercy will be shown to you, heroes." - Dread before his final battle against Jezz the Hedgehog.


  • Dread is the one behind all of Jezz the Hedgehog's misfortunes throughout his lifetime, manipulating nearly everyone, including Dr. Eggman.
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