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Drathradien is a black and blue rektilian darkhog, and assassin. Theme Song:Forgotten by Linkin Park or

Drathradien the Darkhog(left) and his armor (right).

Breaking the Habit by Linkin Park


Drathradien is Darthoridan's older brother by two years. He currently is an unemployed assassin and cares for nobody but himself. He became an assassin when he found his uncles body battered, dead, and bloody. He swore he would kill him with no remorse. He did so by taking the M4A1 SOPMOD his uncle used for himself. After he killed him, he realized he liked violence and became an assassin. He hunts mostly at night where his fur and armor will blend in with his surroundings. To make the kill depens on where he is. it is possible that he has fallen in love with Drathoridan's girlfriend/fiance Lightning Selenia the hedgehog, since it was noticed in his eyes filled with jealousy once he first saw her. It is possible that he also wan'ts to marry her, making Darthoridan feel heart broken and furious.

Love Life

Drathradien is in love with Rinaka the Hedgebat, and has a very "physical" relationship with her. Not much is known on where they meet, but Drathradien believes she is carrying his child.


His weapons consist of a dark matter glaive and a wrist gun capable of firing many types of ammunition. His new arsenal is more fitting to his style of fighting and allows him to move quicker on his feet, and can fire with deadly accuracy with his new armor system. "I prefer it over my old weapons because I don't have to carry much and foes will underestimate you and will therefore be sluggish and unattentive."


His abilities are similar to his brother's. Which are: Spectrakinetic, poison, and water abilities. He also is quite fast and agile, being able to escape virtually any situation. However when in a state of great anger he can be consumed by darkness and will scream deffeningly(SP?) and beams of darkness will shoot out often in an attempt to distract the opponent.


First Design

Drath's new design