Drasco is a chameleon that has been trained as a ninja. He is the rival of Quilong the Bat.

Drasco the Chameleon.
The Black Wind (most people)
Owls, His powers, destruction.
Quilong, Eagles,weaklings.


Drasco is a dark-red chameleon. He wears a black ninja outfit with a sash that hangs below them. He wears black fingerless gloves with red stripes on them. He also wears sandals and can usually be seen with his dagger. He also has a cowel that covers his mouth. His eyes are orange. He also wears a red scarf.


Like Quilong, Drasco has the ability to control wind,but instead of his wind being white like Quilong's it is black, which is why his nickname is The Black Wind. He does not use his dagger to enhance his wind powers, unlike Quilong. He is agile and speedy due to his ninja training. His attacks are swift like Quilong's but they hit harder. He hasn't been trained to use his wind powers to float. He can create small dagger's out of wind, which is his specialty called the Blades of Hades.


Drasco hates peace and loves destruction, which is one of the reasons he is Quilong's rival. Drasco spends his day doing fierce training or terrorizing small villages. He has a soft side for owls for an unknown reason. He is feared by many because of his ferocious, merciless attacks. He has a very short temper, usually going ff at the slightest mockery or insults. According to Quilong, his temper is the reason he cannot defeat him. Most of the time he ends up nearly destroying his dojo and killing many people becaus of his temper.


Drasco was born into a family of thieves and assassins. When he turned 8 his father sent him to a dojo. The dojo was made to train students into evil ninjas, which is the reason why Drasco is a villain. He was trained to be cold, heartless, and to show no mercy to any of his enemies. One day when he was attacking a small village he met Quilong, who defeated Drasco and saved the village. When he was defeated by Quilong he swore that he would defeat him in battle. The two have been bitter enemies ever since.


Quilong the Bat (the two are bitter enemies)

Raj the Catbat (murdered his parents Raj deeply hates him for it)


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