The Drakons are fish-like aliens in robotic suits used to help them live on land. Their leaders are Emperor Brokken (who replaced Emperor Ko-Dorr), Sister Haggra, and Master Scholar. There are three main "Houses" of Drak, these are Knowledge, Magic, and War. The House of War employs Prosecutors, who are Drakons in more elaborate armor than the rank and file citizens, and the House of Magic members have magically created bodies.


The Drakon Empire are warlike, and resolve conflict trough trial by combat exclusively.  Trial by combat has a Drakon Prosecutor face the accused. If they are victorious, they are innocent. If they lose, they are guilty.


It is unknown if the Drakons have a religion, but they do believe in magic, as evidenced by their House of Magic.

Base of Operations

They operate on Planet Drak. However, they have several agents on other planets.


Naturally, the Drakons are aquatic, but they have built robot suits for land travel, and have conquered most of their planet. Their empire stretches far and wide across the galaxy.


Generally, the Drakons wear white-and-green mechanical armor. Some high rank Drakons wear more elaborate armor.


The Drakon Empire went to war with the Echidnas thousands of years ago. One of their kind mutated into the evil creature Chaos, who was sealed away as the Drakon's departed, mounting a satellite to keep watch over the planet. They later returned to Mobius and made an alliance with Dr. Robotnik.

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