Draknar the Lorikeet is the Moebian counterpart of Carass the Lorikeet, and a W.A.R.-aligned prison guard, based in Core City.

Draknar the Lorikeet

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
SpeciesMoebian/Kuhl's Lorikeet
  • Feathers: Blue back, wings and crown, red neck and legs, and a green belly & cheeks.
  • Skin: Orange
  • Eyes: Green
  • Blue checked t-shirt
  • Brown-black jeans
  • Black trainers
  • Black fedora w/ green band
Political Alignment and Abilities
  • Flight
  • Possesses the genetic ability Shuffle
  • Advanced electrokinesis
  • Trained in psychic powers, naturakinesis
  • Advanced Combat - hand-to-hand
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Draknar, like his counterpart, is a rather heavily built lorikeet, with brightly-colored feathers all over his body, including blue, green and red. His build isn't bulky with weight, but with muscle. Coupled with his orange beak and talons, plus his green eyes, and you had one impressive lorikeet...which is big for a fruit-eating bird. Like most birds, he lacks proper arms, with his hands amalgamated into his wings. As such, most clothes he wears have slots cut into them for his wings to slot out.


Draknar typically wears a blue checked shirt, brown-black jeans and black trainers, with his signature adornment a black fedora, a green band around the top.


Early History

Draknar grew up in a small town, out in the rougher parts of the Warrior Armed Repression territory. This created an aversion to crime on his part, especially as the fact that he was a bird made him a target for racial attacks. Indeed, in his time there, he was regularly mistreated. In order to cope, his father began to teach him how to cope with sensory distortion with their genetic ability, Shuffle, allowing their powers to essentially choose themselves as long as their perceptions were altered. This proved useful, especially as Draknar found himself drawn towards law-enforcement, a career that involved facing a lot of sensory-distorting techniques. However, instead of becoming a police officer, Draknar decided to work with the criminals already caught, and went into the prison industry instead as a guard.

The Prison - Early Years

Only a few days in, Draknar found himself put to the test. A mere eighteen-year old lorikeet was instantly singled-out by the larger prisoners, despite the inhibitor collars restraining their powers and his physical bulk, because, in the thoughts of a convict, no 'fruit-eating bird' could beat them. They were proven wrong, as the trio that attacked him first found out, suffering his use of his signature attack, Black Storm Driver. From that point on, he had limited issues with the older and tougher prisoners, who kept a lot of the newer arrivals in check. His hatred of the racial violence held, and he served for twenty-eight years, without major issue, serving W.A.R. in keeping the prisoners and Mobian-sympathizers locked up, and apart from the ultra-powerful who could threaten the new head of the Acorn Empire, Scourge the Hedgehog.

The Prison Situation

This list of threats to the Acorn Empire head included Nathan Acorn, the Crown Prince of the Acorn Empire, and the second greatest rival for the throne behind his sister, Princess Alicia Acorn. He was held in a solitary cell, on the far ultra-powered block. As he'd committed no crime, Draknar was sympathetic, and often showed kindness some of the other guards wouldn't. This didn't last.

Soon, a big-shot official from W.A.R. arrived. Giving his name as Garros the Cat, he called together a meeting of about thirty prison guards, and declared his intent - to execute Nathan for his so-called 'crimes against Scourge'. Instantly, Draknar refused venomously, but Garros threatened to kill anyone who betrayed him. The plan was for Draknar to take over the command center, but upon arrival, he was spoken to by a friend, the guard in command of communications. Instead, he changed his mind and put a call out to W.A.R for help. The call was taken seriously - three squads of powered troopers were at the prison within half-an-hour. By this point, Garros had stirred up the prisoners in both the standard and ultra-powerful blocks, releasing them to help provide fodder for the W.A.R. troops, and provide him with an audience, deactivating their inhibitor collars in the process. However, alongside the W.A.R. attack force, Draknar fought, eventually watching a single powered trooper take Garros down, handcuff him and lock him in a cell in the same block as Nathan. In reward for his service, W.A.R. offered Draknar a place in Orange Team, the Moebian Red Team, but he declined, preferring to stick to what he knew.


Draknar possesses the genetic ability Shuffle, which turned him into a randomized threat when affected by a perceptional shift, either caused by illusions or the side-effect of an attack. While his perceptions are altered, Draknar starts to launch randomized attacks wildly, more often then not missing, but the fact that instead of injuring himself or being forced into inactivity, he still can fight.

Unlike his counterpart, Draknar lacks any interest in weaponry, preferring to stick to elemental and physical combat. And, in that regard, it's a good thing too. Compared to his counterpart, he possesses more power, split into three elements. His greatest skill is in Electrokinesis, which provides him with his main firepower, but he also possesses psychic powers and naturakinesis to help keep his power up. These powers all take a back seat, though, compared to

In physical combat, Draknar is focused on aerial combat, using kicks, jumps and flying strikes to his advantage.

However, opponents with high-running speeds and high skill in physical combat, as well as psychic, ice, water and fire based techniques all pose threats to him, due to his inability to fly with wet wings.

Electric Abilities

Nature Abilities

Psychic Powers

Elementless Abilities

Signature Abilities

Black Storm Driver - Using the same principals as Black Blitz, Draknar charges a large amount of electrical energy into his body, splitting the energy into positive and negative aspects. By doing so, the two different electrical charges blasts amplify themselves off his energy, before he unleashes them one at a time, typically using negative, followed by positive. This combo scores an easy knock-out on most, and he can even absorb the residual sparks from the attack to restore his own strength.


Draknar, unlike his counterpart, is happy with what he has, and doesn't desire for power. In fact, he's content with being a prison guard, compared to his counterpart, a soldier in one of the two colored forces. Also unlike his counterpart, he shows respect for members of the Acorn family, a trait that Carass, his Mobian counterpart, lacks.





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