" Everything has a reason. If you are unable to see that reasoning, try to look harder. Then the reasoning will be much more clear to see. Remember these words of wisdom pasted down for generations before, to generations to come. "  quote by Drakero 

Drakero The Dragon
Drakero XZ
Year Created
JakeSake AceRider
517 (17) (In main series)

520 (20) (In Volfe series)

524 (24) (In Dumb Sonic Series)
Dragon Raw Island (Central)
Also Known As
Unstoppable force (by most people)

The Raw Warrior (by dragon elders)

Heat Breather (by Knuckles)

Scaly Guy (by Big)

Unstoppable Hero (by Blaze and Silver)

Mr. Drakero (by Cream)

Drake (by Most People)

The Legendary Dragon (by the heroes)

Master (by Sun and Moon)
119 cm (3'11")

191 cm (6'3) (Adult)

61 cm (2'8") (Younger)

150 cm (4'11") (Boom and Wave Version)
80 kg (176 lb.) (Current)

24 kg (52 lb.) (Younger)
Guardsman Red
black jacket with one long sleeve, sleeveless with gray fur and red cross design, grey under shirt, black red and gray fingerless gloves, black red and gray boots with brown straps and gold buckles, gold earring
Team Dimension

The Three Chosen

Chosen Heroes
Favorite Food




Protecting all mankind

Algore (To a degree)



Being aggravated
Super Physical Strength

Super Speed

Fire Breathing

Fire Eating


Kyokushin Karate (fighting style)

Speed Flight
Moves and techniques
Astro Breech

Grand Punch

Gravity Breech

100 Fist Fury

Dragon's Awakening

Nova Blast

Comet Beam

Nova Surge

Crimson Shower Buster

Giga Ball

Giga Gun Volley

Gaia Bomb

Photon Buster

Legend Cannon (Ultimate)

Psycho Breech (with Silver)

Meteor Bomb (with Silver)

Burning Rush (with Blaze)

Violent Fire Storm (with Blaze)

Energy Volley Ball Attack (with Marine)

Double Kamikaze (with Marine)

Vortex Stream (Team finish)

Luxury Storm (In Nova Bound form)

Infernal Destruction (In Ultraflare Form)

Drakero is a red humanoid dragon that is the main protagonist of his respected series, and the spin off, Crimson Moon. He, and other dragon kind, were thought to have died out from an deadly disease. However, this was proven untrue. Drakero and the other dragons were actually fossilized for 500 years, then rediscovered by a scientist, and then reborn.


Drakero did not start as a combat expert. In fact, he didn't know anything about combat and his potential as a fighter. He was just a normal young dragon that didn't know what he wanted to do in life. This is until he found himself in front of a titan, big enough to crush a mountain. The titan attempted to stomp on Drakero; however, Drakero found himself unharmed, but instead, holding the titan's foot with one arm. With a punch, Drakero injured the titan, and drove it away. Now knowing what he is capable of, Drakero found what he wanted to do in life. He wanted to be a being who can protect the things he holds precious to him. He would train with his father to eventually become his successor. Drakero didn't just stop there with his training. He also trained with the dragon elders of each Dragon Raw Island, including his grandfather, the Central Dragon Elder. After 5 years of training with the elders and listening to their wisdom, Drakero decided he wanted to travel the world. However, he would be dropping out of school to do what he wants. Because of this, he decided that he would go on a 2 year journey to search for scripts called the Pages of Knowledge. What the Pages of Knowledge do is bestow high intelligence to beings who read them. He managed to find all 50 pages, and read them as so as he found them, heightening his intelligence to greater levels. Now as a 17 year old, Drakero has become one of the strongest of age group, and one of the most intelligence beings around. When he was reborn, he wondered the modern world, learned more about the "new world" by reading books and magazines, and self teaching himself about the use of electronics so that he can keep up with current media. Though he has been revived in the new time period, Drakero has not stop protecting the world from evil. He one day wishes to become Earth/Mobius's protector, and rid the world of corruption and evil.


Drakero wears shirts that have longs sleeves, short sleeves, or no sleeves.  They usually consist of a black, grey, or red coloration, same with boots and gloves.  His shirts and boots all seem to have either a cross design, or fire design.  His clothing is made from a fire resistant material, so that he can swim in lava without worrying about his clothing burning away. 


Drakero is a more serious character than most of the others.  Most of the time, Drakero does not participate in games that does not have a reason.  Instead, he thinks that it is a waste of his time, and it doesn't utilize his abilities as well as engaging in combat.  However, Drakero often gets bored, so sometimes, he does take part in activities such as soccer, skateboarding, and Olympic activities. What he mainly likes to do is fight and have challenging adventures to hone himself, so that he would be ready for any challenge that comes his way.  

Drakero is a very brave hearted hero.  There is nothing that he would not do for others.  It is rare to see him be frightened or shocked. However, he has stated that there is one thing he fears, and that is death.

Drakero has a kind heart, and is generally friendly.  He usually helps anyone in need from a lost kid, to helping a elderly person cross the street. There is nothing that Drakero wouldn't do if I meant to see people happy. He also tends to be polite, and doesn't yell in the most brash of manners.  

Though most of the times he keeps a level head, Drakero does have a bit of a temper. When people he is connected or close to are put in danger, he will go berserk and brutally beat one anyone who tries to hurt his friends, family, et cetera.  

At times, Drakero can have a cocky attitude. This is only when his friends can't do something, usually commenting "Must I do every thing myself", or when he has to fight a battle that he knows he will win. However, Drakero seems to be more humble, and shows more of that side of him than the other.  

Drakero seems to be very wise, telling people philosophical lessons to go by in life. Some think that he is just rambling and talking gibberish, but he manly gets his knowledge from the dragon elders that are told to be the most wise beings ever existing, and reading the pages of the Book of Knowledge.  


Drakero is commonly known as a jack of all trades. As a balances type, he is capable of performing any of the three types (speed, power, and flight). He has also knows how to fight hand to hand combat with Kyokushin style karate.

Dragon Abilities

Being a dragon, Drakero has the abilities that people thing a dragon would have. These abilities consist of super physical strength, physical resistance, high speed flight, fire breath, fire resistance, and high senses.

Enhanced Abilities

During Drakero's trying, he has managed to rise his normal dragon abilities to greater levels. He has also learned how to enhance his speed to where his is on par with Sonic and Shadow.


When he was 15, Drakero's mother taught him how to use cosmic forces. This allows him to attack his enemies with powerful blasts. At first, he wouldn't rely on astrokinetics because it used up too much of his energy and made him fatigue, but eventually, he trained himself to the point that he managed to regulate the energy need to use the ability. Now he uses astrokinesis freely without feeling weak afterwards. He can also use the ability to transport objects from in and out of a subspace such as items to have unlimited storage.


Grand Punch

Grand Punch is one of Drakero's signature moves and, according to Drakero, his favorite attack. He charges up energy into his fist, then he unleashes the energy into a powerful punch capable of destroying a meteor.

Astro Breech

Drakero's version of Sonic Boost. He turns himself into a high speed, destructive projectile. However; unlike the normal Sonic Boost, Drakero has the ability to charge Astro Breech to make it more powerful. He can also aim it at any direction being horizontally, diagonally, and vertically. This ability helps him reach ledges and high platforms that for areas he can not fly in. He is also able to use Astro Breech during flight to make him fly faster.

Gravity Breech

Gravity Breech is an ability that is commonly used in space. This allows the user to make him or her be able to have normal gravity in space, allowing them to jump and move at a pace as if they were on Earth/Mobius. Drakero only uses this move if he is in an area without gravity.

100 Fist Fury

Drakero unleashes a flurry of 99 punches, then ends it with a powerful uppercut, hook punch, or chambered straight punch.

Dragon's Awakening

A technique among all dragons. The user taps into their enter dragon and awakes it to boost their stats, abilities, and techniques.

Comet Beam

Drakero shots a beam from his finger that can pierce through steel.

Nova Blast

Drakero fires a blast from his hand to deal damage to his opponent.

Nova Surge

Drakero stores cosmic energy into his fist, and then punches the ground to make a shock wave.

Crimson Shower Buster

Drakero makes a live of stardust, and then sends the stardust at his opponent at high speed, inflicting damage that feels like having millions of needles cutting into the opponent.

Giga Ball

Giga Ball is another one of Drakero's signature techniques. He makes a ball full of energy, and then throws at his enemy.

Giga Gun Volley

Giga Gun Volley is a modified Giga Ball. Drakero makes a ball full of energy, and instead of throwing the ball, he fires it at his opponent.

Gaia Bomb

Gaia Bomb was once an ultimate technique Drakero used. He created a giant ball of energy, and then throw it at his opponent, making a giant explosion that deals heavy damage.

Photon Buster

Photon Buster was another one of Drakero's ultimate techniques. It is a stronger version of Nova Blast, to where he had to use two hands to perform it. He creates a red blast that deals massive damage.

Legend Cannon

Legend Cannon is Drakero's current ultimate attack. He creates a effect that looks like a magic casting circle filled with Japanese kanji that reads 伝説 ("densetsu" with means "legend"), then fires a powerful blast that deals mega damage.


Nova Bound Drakero

This is one of Drakero's most powerful forms. With the power of the Cosmic Shards coursing through his body, Drakero can channel that energy to change into an angel winged dragon.

Ultraflare Drakero

Drakero gains access to this form if he absorbs enough fire, then release all the fire he absorbed at once. This form gives him a more fiery appearance making his wings flare up and parts of his body set on fire.

Ultra Drakero

Drakero harnesses enough energy from either the Chaos, or Tri Emeralds, then absorbs the energy to transform into powerful form of himself. In this form, Drakero's attack and defenses are risen to grand highs, and comes invincible. However, unlike his other forms, this form relies on power rings to stay active. He must have at least 50 power rings to activate this form, and if his power ring count reaches 0, Drakero will suffer fatigue, and lose half of his energy.


Despite Drakero's powers, and physical abilities, he has a bit of impulse.  His impulsiveness makes him act without thought, and it gets him into unusual predicaments.  This is mostly because of his hatred of being bored. 

Drakero can have somewhat of a temper, which makes him thrash wildly without perfect accuracy.  

Although he attacks with high speed, Drakero's melee fighting style is very predicable.  

He loves the trill of a fight, so he likes to match his power with his opponent to keep fight interesting.  

Drakero's generosity has often gotten him hurt in some way or another.  


Sonic the Hedgehog

Drakero and Sonic seem to be at good terms.  They first met when Sonic was fighting Dr. Eggman's Egg Colossus.  Sonic was going to get blasted by Eggman's laser until Drakero arrived and destroyed it with a powerful punch, and cosmic blast.  Sometimes, Drakero will show up to help Sonic fight a powerful foe.

Silver the Hedgehog

Silver and Drakero seem to be best friends.  Drakero messed with the time warp stones when he was young, and was transported to the future.  While in the future he sees Silver fighting off bad guys.  Silver was in a bit of a struggle, being held at gun point.  Drakero knocked out the armed thug, and clobbered the other two.  At first Drakero saw Silver as whinny and annoying, but grew to like him eventually.

Blaze the Cat

Drakero managed to form a close friendship with Blaze.  He and Silver were messing with Silver's dad's machine that allows people to travel to parallel dimensions.  Silver and Drakero got transported to the Sol Dimension.  There they met Blaze.  At first, Blaze didn't like them, especially Drakero because she saw dragons as evil creatures, but soon began to like them.  Though, Blaze seems to like messing with Drakero by questioning his logic or taking his things.  

Marine the Raccoon

Drakero has neutral feelings about Marine.  He likes her adventurous spirit, but dislikes her bossy, running off, annoying spirit.

Algore The Dragon 

Drakero and Algore have been rivals ever sense they were young.  Algore was defeated by Drakero in a tournament. Ever sense that day, Algore swore to his very soul that he will never lose to anyone, and that he will defeat Drakero someday.

Roxanne the Dragon

Roxanne is Drakero's girlfriend.  It started when Drakero was sitting in class at the Battler Academy.  The teacher called on the girl next to Drakero.  After she answered the question, Drakero looked up to see who the girl was.  Their he saw a alabaster scaled dragon girl with a light blue jacket, light purple shirt, silver hair with yellow dye, brown horns,brown eyes, and earrings. She was perching her head on her arm like most students do at school when their teacher is lecturing.  Drakero thought that she was one of the prettiest girls he has ever seen.  Every time Drakero tried to talk to Roxanne, he would tense up and become shy around her.  Eventually, he got over it, and they started talking for hours.  During the conversation, Roxanne tells Drakero that she's running away from her ex-boyfriend that she broke up with several  months ago.  The ex-boyfriend, Rodrick, finds out where Roxanne has moved to, and pursues to Central Dragon Raw.  Rodrick tried his best to try to get back with Roxanne, but she denied him.  Rodrick got mad, and was about to slap her across the face until Drakero arrive with perfect timing grapping Rodrick's arm.  Drakero beat up Rodrick, Rodrick left swearing that he would get Drakero for this.  Drakero comforted the emotional Roxanne, telling her that Rodrick will never harass her ever again, and he'll make sure of it.  After hearing Drakero's plea, Drakero escorted her home.  Roxanne when up to her room think about the events of what happened.  She started to realize that Drakero has feelings towards her.  Knowing this, she started to talk to Drakero more frequently.  After a day of contemplating to ask Drakero, Roxanne finally ask he, "Do you have red feelings for me?"  Drakero looked shock thinking, "Blast it, she knows!"  He looked at her while blushing and asked, "Why ask such a question?"  Then she answered while her face blushed rosy red "Because I have those feelings for you."  To prove they had red feelings towards each other, they became a couple with a kiss.

Draco The Dragon

Draco is Drakero's older brother. Like brothers are, they often have sibling rivalries and fight each other. They would sometimes go on adventures with each other, and solve mysteries about things that no one would ever try solving.

Ku The Dragon

Ku is Drakero's cheerful, yet stubborn, sister. Drakero doesn't spend much of his time with Ku, but he still talks to her when ever he can.

Drapy The Dragon

Drapy is Drakero's younger brother. Drapy wants to be like Drakero when he gets older, so he trains along side of him. Drakero tells him to follow his dreams, and don't let anyone tell him otherwise.

Almaldo The Dragon

Almaldo is Drakero's father. Being the original protector of Central Dragon Raw, Almaldo was surprised to know that his second son wanted to become the next protector. He taught him everything he knew and more. Almaldo also directed Drakero to his father, Drakero's grandfather, to train with him.

Drei The Dragon

Drei is Drakero's loving mother. At first, she objected to Drakero becoming the new protector, but eventually began to support his new objective. She even taught him how to use Astrokinesis.


"Greetings, I am a dragon.  Drakero is what I am named." - He said to people he meets for the first time.

"I am (we are) making this happen." - He said when Kikku when she thought it was impossible to defeat Markix, and said to Silver and Blaze when they are fighting Egg Giga Max.

"Must we do such a thing?" - When Blaze tried to fight him.

"There is no need to be up tight about you responsibilities, just do what you thing is right. No one is going to judge." - He said to Blaze when she was contemplating her responsibilities.

"Shall we?" - Before fighting.

"I shall not be defeated." - After winning a fight.


"I see." - When he understands something.

"Most impressive."

"Go for it." - When someone is taking on a challenge.

"I do not have the patience for you witless ordeal." - Said to Marine when she wanted to play with him.

"There is no time to dwell on such matters, we must post haste."- When trying to escape the exploding base after destroying the Egg Giga Max.

"Can we fight some other day? This is not the time or place." - Said to Algore when he showed up, while Drakero was paying his respects to a fallen warrior.

"Lesson here, Blaze, I might not know about your hardships in the past, but do not stress yourself. Me and Silver are here for you. Do not forget that." - When Blaze was dwelling about her past.

"What is your problem? Does this attitude of yours know no bounds?" - When Ruby was bulling Amy.

"Do not hesitate to strike. However, you must strike if it is a necessity. When it is that time to strike, use only a small portion of you power, so that if you miss you can deliver a combo. Take my words of wisdom into account, and apply them to your battle." - When he was talking to Silver before he has to fight Mardon.

"Must I do everything myself?"- When both of his teammates faint.

"Your cocksure attitude will lead to your downfall."- Talking back to James's taunts.

"Shut up all ready!" - When Jet was gloating about how much better he is than Sonic, and got irritated.

"Nope, just pay back." - When Butch asked Drakero why he was being more aggressive than he usually is in battle, and assumed it was because of his bullying.


  • Drakero's name is a portmanteau of the name "Drake" and the word "hero".
  • Drakero seems to be one of the few male characters to wear upper clothing.
  • Drakero seems to resemble that of a hedgehog.
    • Drakero might be one of the dragons to be a bases of a hedgehog.
    • With that in mind, Drakero was originally going to be a hedgehog, but was changed to be a dragon because at the time, their weren't a lot of dragon characters.
  • Drakero's character and design was heavily inspired by Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z. He even charges energy like in the anime.
    • Drakero's Nova Blast and Gaia Bomb are based off of the Kamehameha and Spirit Bomb techniques from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.
  • Drakero doesn't like sea food. This is mainly because he got sick after eating shrimp, and vomited them up.
  • Drakero's eyes are the same color as his scales.
  • Though he doesn't look like it, Drakero is one of the heaviest Mobian characters. It is because he has a lot of muscle hidden throughout his body. It could also be referencing that dragons are depicted to be heavy creatures.
  • If Drakero was canon in the Sonic the Hedgehog series, he would be the first Mobian to be based off of a mythical creature.
  • Drakero does have a lizard muzzle. It is only shown when he is either biting or breathing fire.
  • At first, Drakero didn't really speak. Instead, he did series of growls and roars to indicate that he was talking. He later began speaking doing the line and so on.


Jake Sake Tunes ~ Drakero's Theme

Jake Sake Tunes ~ Drakero's Theme