Alien/Normal Form

Drake is a 6' 9" bipedal alien of the Black Arms species and a soldier and killer robot under orders of the humans and Eclipse the Darkling to destroy Simha the Justified Alien. His skin is red and blue, and has the same patterns of Eclipse. He has no nose. His claws are red, and are three-fingered. His feet are red with just three toes, two in the front, one in the back. His feet are similar to bird talons, a trait of the Black Arms Hybrids. Drake's eyes are orange with black sclera. His tongue is forked, and his tail is long and red, and blue, spear-tipped at the end. Huge, curved disks stick out of both sides of Drake's head and these are also used as his ears. His body is very skinny including his legs and arms.

Human Form

As a human, Drake is 6' 9", same as his alien form, has flowing black hair that runs down to his shoulders, a huge clump of it sticking out like a Mohawk on the top of his head, his eyes are black and empty like a void, and his skin is pale and sickly. His body is scrawny and shares the same form as his alien form.

His attire consists of a brown zip-up jacket, a black undershirt, black jeans and black strapped boots.

Monster Form

When in his monster form, Drake is 7' 12" and his skin coloration turns from red and blue to blood red and black. He grows six slender, spidery legs, and dragon wings sprout from his back. Black markings curve over his body, across his face, up his arms, and down his legs. His disks transform into ears and his teeth grow long and sharp, like fangs. His arms are longer and end in three, long, sharp, black claws. His body is elongated and his tail is wider and longer, the spear-point sharper and deadlier. He can climb up buildings and fly when in this form.


From his beginnings of creation, Drake was an emotionless alien/robot, bent on following orders and killing those who stood in his way. His expression always remained dull and he never reacted in the way aliens and humans react to pain and emotion. He just saw humans and aliens as weak and pitiless creatures, thus he felt obliged to kill them as he saw fit. But, after getting to know Simha, Drake tried to understand feelings and emotions so he could then understand her.

When trying to achieve his goals, Drake is determined and ready for anything. This can make him a bit stubborn, and he can be easily angered or upset if things don't work out as he planned.

When in his monster form, Drake can be more vicious then usual, and his killer intent is more easily influenced and carried out. Drake can also be more easily irritable and this can lead to his intentions growing darker and more dangerous.



Unlike Simha, who was created by a loving human, Drake was created by an illegal group known as ARA (Alien Research Agency), and corrupted scientists who firmly believed that Simha the Justified Alien would lead to the destruction of the human race. Drake was created to be the "ultimate weapon" that would finish Simha off once and for all. Created by the DNA of a mutated Black Arms, along with several failed "weapons", Drake was created. Born as an unfeeling, emotionless, killing machine, Drake's life was pretty much pointless and he had pretty much no childhood, like Simha. In other words, he wasn't created as a child and therefore couldn't age.


Being a killer robot and alien, Drake is both capable of wielding almost every kind of firearm, and using killer instincts in battle. Killing instincts means simply that he is able to kill his opponent by any means at his disposal, and all of them anything but painless. Drake is also skilled at hand to hand combat, something which is quite common among Black Arms soldiers.


Since he is a robot, he is able to learn and adapt to his situation, but since he is also of a slightly unintelligent alien race, his way of learning is a bit slow and often takes lots of time to learn one thing.

Being a member of the Black Arms alien race, Drake, like very few of the species, examples being Eclipse the Darkling and Zero the Black Arms Hybrid, can absorb Dark Arms (Wisps) into his body and can allow his body to change to fit the type of power a Dark Arms will allow.


Like Simha the Justified Alien, Drake is able to change his form to that of a human to blend in among the humans.

When in his monster form, Drake is able to shoot out dark energy that can be summoned from the negativity of his surroundings. The dark energy can be shot out through his wings, mouth and hands. He can also do this in his human/alien form, but to a lesser degree, and of limited power.


Due to his alien properties, Drake has super strength and is thus able to do exceedingly harmful damage to objects and people.

When in his monster form, Drake's strength rivals with that of Simha, Shadow, and Scourge. He also has increased durability and can be quite difficult to take out.


When in his monster form, Drake can be taken out by certain tools, a few examples being nets, wire, and grappler guns. Drake's long legs can be both his greatest advantage and his greatest weakness. If attacked by the legs, Drake can be knocked over and thus rendered helpless, unless he is able to escape in time with his wings.

When angered, Drake can get a bit carried away with himself, and can therefore hurt both himself and those closest to him. Even though he has been trying to manage his anger, Drake fails at it greatly. He can hurt himself because he can lose focus over himself and go mad with fury. When he loses focus, Drake can do things he more or less likely will grow to regret.

When changing between his human and alien forms, Drake can be easily taken off guard, for it takes a minute or two to fully change. It can also take awhile to change from his alien to his monster form, cause it leaves an opening to attack.

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