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Biographical Information
  •  20 (Chronologically)


  • The Dark Knight.
Romantic Interests None.
Physical Description
Species Dark Spirit Being/Demon Hybrid
Gender Male
  • Hedgehog with grey fur.
  • Grey hair, short and spiked up.
  • Crystal blue eyes.
  • Red three-tailed coat.
  • Black shirts and pants.
  • Brown boots and gloves.
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliation Dark Slayer
  • Lilith (O-Katana)
  • Nerine (Chain weapon)
  • Umbrakinesis.
  • Teleportation.
  • Healing factor.
  • Dark Spirit Drake.
  • Corrupt Form.
Other Information
  • Swordsmaster.
  • Pianist. 
V.A. (English) Daniel Southworth
V.A. (Japanese) Hiroaki Hirata
Theme Song(s)
"Strength is meaningless without power. I've learned that the hard way"
Drake Yamamoto.


Drake is a young adult hedgehog with silver-grey fur and hair, the latter is styled short and spiked up, and crystal blue eyes. However, it is often seen that his hair will fall down in front of his face (resembling Vincent Kurai's hairstyle), but he will correct his hairstyle when he has the chance.

He is mostly seen wearing his trademark attire: A three-tailed longcoat, which is red and has a silver snake-like pattern on the right side, black shirt and pants, and brown boots and gloves.


Drake is normally portrayed to be a quiet, calm and collected character. He is said to be an honourable warrior, who disapproves of fighting dirty, or attacking his opponents from behind. This being said, Drake is only seen wielding swords, as he disapproves of firearms greatly. But, in battle, he can also be described as ruthless and determined, fighting anyone or anything that gets in his way.


Early Life

At a young age, Drake was best friends with Vincent Kurai, a fox who looked exactly like him. They both trained under a master called Yami, and eventually became his master pupils. As a gift to them, he gave them both two amulets. However, after a few years, Yami was said to have died. Shortly after, Drake had found out of Vincent's death, and began to doubt the strength of the Spirit Beings. Due to the Spirit Beings being driven to near extinction, Drake began to believe that the race as a whole was weak, and Vincent's death was in vain. This brought about his change of personality, and his quest for power.

Abilities and Powers

Magical Abilities

  • Darkness Manipulation - As a Dark Spirit Being, this ability was natural to him. But as time went on in his quest for power, he eventually mastered this and can use it easily and skillfully in battle.
  • Healing Factor - A natural ability also, Drake can heal most injuries he recieves, but the severity of the injury affects the time it takes to heal him completely. Some injuries are not healed completely and can leave battle scars.
  • Summoning - Drake is known to summon several swords of dark energy in battle, which are used as projectiles.


  • Lilith - Drake's trademark weapon, a O-Katana. Drake is said to wield Lilith in laido style, the act of quickly unsheathing for an attack, then sheathing the blade after. This laido style is advanced by Lilith being a demonic weapon; the effects of Drake's attacks are not shown until the blade is sheathed.
    • Another ability with Lilith is that Drake can make cuts through space and time, speeding ahead and leaving a multitude of slashes in his wake.
  • Nerine - Nerine is a weapon Drake obtained by defeating a demon of the same name. It is shown to be two daggers with chains attached, between the grip and the blades themselves. Nerine is an ice-elemental weapon.

Allies, Rivals and Enemies



Vincent Kurai - Drake's former best friend. Despite this, Drake will not hesitate to stop him if he gets in his way.


Relationships with Other Characters

Vincent Kurai

"Friends like us are supposed to stick up for one another. Not fight each other to the death."
"Friends... right."
Vincent and Drake, before their first battle as rivals.

In their past, Drake and Vincent were best friends under Yami's training, both eventually becoming master students and gaining similar amulets from their teacher. However, after Vincent's death and the near-extinction of the Spirit Beings, this friendship soon crumbled to dust as Drake began his quest for power. But the revelation of the true purpose of Yami's amulet, and the realisation that Vincent was brought back to life, would mean the two would cross paths once again.


  • Drake and Vincent share the same birthday, ironically.
  • Nerine's blades and chains resemble most of Kratos' weapons in the God of War series.
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