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HellFyre Abilities

  • Wings of Dark Flight - When he uses this, he moves at an insane speed, too fast to be seen with the naked eye. However, he can only travel up to a distance of ten feet.
  • Pitch-Black Puppet - The user creates copies of himself; they are slightly translucent, but only those with very keen vision can tell. Another difference is that the copies, when no longer being used, turn pitch black, and either explode in a blast of Dark magic or turn into black vapor.
  • Dark Absorption - Absorbs some Dark attacks and either heals himself, strengthens his own attacks, or reflects the attack. He can also absorb any ambient Dark energy in the air.
  • HellFyre Claw - Manifests an enormous claw with either hand, and uses it to attack.
  • Dark Shroud - Uses Dark energy to sink into the ground or walls, and travel through them. He can also make the ground and walls explode while he is in them, to attack his enemies.
  • Unholy Dirge - Somewhat similar to Screech, but heavily based upon Fear magic; it can drive anyone who listens to it mad. Not only that, but it inflicts incredible pain upon all listeners. It is noted to sound like the screams of tortured people mixed with the howls of demons.
  • Bottomless Pit - The user channels, then launches an orb of Dark energy that, upon impact with the opponent, transforms into hellish jaws and devours them.
  • Black Pillar - A vastly upgraded verson of HellFyre Beam.
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