This is an article about Dragon Temple, a location created by ZyroDragon.

The Dragon Temple


The Dragon Temple is surrounded by all types of plant life and creatures. The plants and animals that are there are based by Zones that are inside the temple. A fire Zone, you have fire based animals, water Zone, filled with fish, etc.


The temple is in a place with no weather or climate. Inside the Dragon Temple is a different story. The temperatures radically shift from far bellow 0 to over 110 degrees C. Weather can be as windy as Grand Canyon Zone or as damp as Mystic Swamp Zone. It does this to accomidate to multiple Zone entrance ways inside.


The Dragon was a place were a tribe known as the Dragoons worshiped the gods, of each Zone. When the Chaos Bringers were released, the Temple was faded away into the Limbo Zone, were it is now. Currently it's being used as a place of wisdom and transportation to the many Zones in the universe.

Significant Populations

The temple use to have the Dragoons live within its walls, but now is empty.

Notable Areas


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