Dragon Tail is an advanced Dragon technique, used to temporarily dispatch enemies when one cannot fight a full-term battle or needs to escape.


Used by those with tails of noticeable but varying length, the user draws upon and focuses draconic energy into their tail. As a result, the user's tail becomes bathed in blue flames with gold streaks. The user then whips around and strikes the opponent with their tail as fast and as hard as possible for a powerful impact. The impact itself is rather powerful, but damage is not the main goal of this attack. Rather, the energy in the user's tail is forcefully pushed into the target via the impact force, which causes the target to be "expelled" from the general vicinity. To where the opponent is "expelled" is largely up to the user. If the user is not specific, the opponent will be returned to their home or base. If the user makes a decision (conscious or subconscious), the opponent will then be "expelled" to that specific location. As such, Dragon Tail is not used as a means of defeating enemies, but rather forcing them away or "escaping" without having to actually flee the scene.


Pokemon Users



Due to its power (though low compared to other techniques) and its ability to quickly end a battle, the technique is given a B-Rank.

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