Dragon Style is one of the Legendary Beast Styles linked to the element of Fire. The style was created by those who have studied the dragons of ancient times, and has been passed down through the generations. The Dragon Style is unique in that there are two distinct known versions of this fighting style: "Western Dragon Style", which has its origins in the ferocious winged dragons known in the legends of locations such as Apatos and Spagonia, and "Eastern Dragon Style", which is inspired by the wise serpentine dragons of lore from locations like Chun-Nan and Adabat. Due to the dragon-based inspiration of this fighting style, Dragon Style users are also often proficient in Dragon-type techniques and abilities.

Despite the common belief that there are only two Dragon Styles, there are rumors and legends that speak of a "True" Dragon Style, taught only by dragons to those of dragon heritage, or the ever rare few who have proven them worthy to learn from the great beasts. However, so few have truly learned the style and even fewer have ever survived to confirm it, that the True Dragon style is widely believed to be nothing more than a false rumor, created by those who boast of their power as being as great as a dragon's. Nonetheless, the rumor's continue to persist, making people wonder if there is any truth to them...


Western Style

Western Dragon Style is a powerful and ferocious fighting style, even by the standards of the Fire element. Although lacking the same speed of basic Fire combat, Western Dragon Style focuses on hand-to-hand ground combat, tearing into the opponent with ferocious fiery strikes. The Western Dragon Style focuses on striking using fists, hands, and even claws, and as such the main method of striking is using upper body strength to attack. A very "heavy" fighting style, Western Dragon style focuses on power strikes that shatter bones, burn through defenses, and send opponents reeling. Just like the dragons that inspired it, this style lacks any sense of mercy for the opponent, focusing on using one's full power to crush the opponent into a smoldering heap.

While focused on ground combat at hand-to-hand range, the great wings and mighty fire breath of western dragons is not lost among those who study this style. When facing flight-capable or air-combat opponents, those who study this style are capable of "taking flight" with powerful bursts of flame, launching themselves into the air to close distance and land hits before gravity interferes. In the case of opponents who continuously stay out of the range of close-range strikes, Western Dragon Style has a select number of powerful long-range techniques that pay homage to the intense breath of fire Western dragons wield.

Western Dragon Style Techniques

Eastern Style

In stark contrast to the Western Dragon Style, Eastern Style is far more fluid and swift, focusing instead on the speed aspect of the Fire element. Though this style sacrifices power, it makes up for it with grace and fluid motion. Eastern Style fighters twist and turn their bodies to evade attacks, similar to the snake-like dragons that inspired it. These same movements are used to confuse and confound the enemies, leaving them unsure of how to defend and thus vulnerable to attack. Eastern Style uses fire-imbued upper body strikes to attack just like Western Style, but uses one's whole body to confuse and mislead the opponent. But unlike Western Style, Eastern style uses much swifter, lighter strikes; this is done in the belief that lighter, faster attacks equate to being able to make more attacks, thus allowing more damage to be dealt in total. However, this belief has yet to be proven as true. Like the dragons it originated from, Eastern Style focuses on reading the opponent, waiting until they make their moves clear, then strikes with swift and brutal retribution.

In contrast to Western Style, Eastern Style is more capable in air combat. Eastern Style focuses on using one's own agility to reach opponents in the air, then strike them as fast and swift as possible. Fire boosts are only used at the very apex of a person's jump, where gravity and the force of jump cancel each other out, allowing for maximum results. However, this higher capability in air combat comes at the cost of any long-range techniques whatsoever. Eastern Style instead uses speed and fluid motion to close distance between the fighter and their opponent while evading any incoming attacks.

Eastern Dragon Style Techniques

"True" Dragon Style

The True Dragon Style is buried among rumor, legend, and speculation, which is hidden by a fog of secrets and the unknown. All that is known for sure is that only true dragons and the select few deemed worthy may learn this fighting style. However, legend states that the True Dragon Style brings the power, ferocity, and grace of dragons to the very limits, eviscerating all enemies and obstacles in the way. This much can be said to be true, as no-one has survived to tell the tale of facing this mysterious fighting style.

Dragon's Vow

A vow taken by all dragons who know the truth of the existence (or nonexistence) of the True Dragon Style. Those who take the vow are put under a "blood oath spell"; using their own blood they are put under a curse that will cause their lifespan to be cut if they speak of the True Dragon Style to those who have not earned the right to know the truth. The only way to prove one deserves this knowledge is to prove themselves worthy in the eyes of a dragon.

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