Dragon Sharks are a vicious variety of shark, far more so than a Great White Shark.


Dragon Sharks are a large and dangerous type of shark. They have very rough skin similar to a Sharpedo, but are nearly unmatchable in speed underwater. A unique aspect of the dragon sharks is that their front fins have clawed fingers and their tail fins are horizontal rather than vertical. This is because the tail splits down the center, doubling as legs. They also have lungs as well as gills which, combined with their split tail, enables them to breath and move on land.

They have very sharp teeth and claws which can shred rock like paper.  They also have a rudimental voice box thus allowing a Dragon Shark to speak, mostly in their own unique language.

A fully grow adult can reach up to 9 meters and can weigh as much as 4480 kilograms, although some are known to get even bigger.


Dispite their predatorial image, Dragon Sharks have displayed a surprising level of intelligence, the greatest of which is, what is believed to be, their own language.  Other signs include creating small tribal communities, building small rudimentary huts, jewellery like trinkets and coordinated hunting tactics.

Some rumors claim that their intelligence may be even greater than that, such as creating weapons and armor, learning to speak common languages and even a unique style of magic


Dragon Sharks are able to live in most waters and are usually found in schools of varied sizes which usually stay in rocky areas or shorelines, although it's rare to see a school on the shoreline of a populated city.  Such areas are usually identified by the small huts that the Dragon Sharks have built.


Dragon sharks are carnivores and will usually attempt to eat any creature regardless of size. bones are rarely eaten and are usually discarded, although an intelligent one may keep them for some other purpose.  Dragon Sharks rarely, if ever, eat anything that wasn't attacked by itself or it's hunting pack

The rare Albino Dragon Shark may actually partake in cannibalism if it finds a normal dragon shark.


Dragon Shark are extremely aggressive but will ignore other creatures if there distance is kept. Despite this they can be trained or even befriended. If the leader of a school is befriended then so will the entire school.

Albino Dragon Sharks are, by far, more aggressive than the normal variety and will attack practically anything in sight, even creatures bigger and more dangerous than itself, and may start trouble in cities near shorelines.

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