The DragonFlare of Hinode is a powerful magic weapon forged from the heart of the mighty Fire Dragon Hinode
DragonFlare of Zyrel

It's so fiery.

(Sunrise in japanese). It was made by User:HS664 for User:Shadow DragonKnight's Birthday.


The blade is a standard claymore, except the blade is made of solid, magically charged fire. The blade also has a fire gem on it's midsection, that seems to contain fire inside. The flames are unmoving in shape, but they seem to be roaring from the inside.


The blade originally was the heart of the Great Fire Dragon Hinode, but after the Dragon's death, theheart was retrieved and kept it. Some time later, he used it to create this blade. He decided to give it to Shadow DragonKnight.


  • Blazing Blade:The blade is technically made of fire, a non-solid element. However, the flames are so concentrated, that the blade has become sharper than steel. It also has a heat factor, dealing excess damage to ice and cold constructs. The blade's fire is so hot near the core that it can be brought into water and be unaffected. The user and any allies are unaffected by the blade unless the user wills it.
  • Rising Sun:At the user's will, the blade will create a sunlight like heat around the user. This will heal the user continuously for 1 minute, each time healing a good portion of the user's health. This can be done three times a day.
  • Heat Absorbtion:The blade can up to eight times a day absorb the power of any form of fire or heat and transfer it to the user. This can also be used to repair damage to the blade.
  • Flame Shot:The blade can channel the user's natural body heat into a blast of fire to launch at any target. The user must be careful however, as once the flame is launched, they no longer control it.
  • Obsidian Blade:Although the blade is near impossible to extinguish, if it is, it will cool into obsidian. The blade is still magical, so it is near unbreakable. However, it is far sharper than normal. The only downside is that it cannot use it's fire related abilties.
  • Fire Rejuvination:Should the blade be broken or extinguished, it can be repaired or ignited by dipping it in a hih tempature substance (Lava, molten steel, hot fires, etc). This will fully repair the solid flames of the blade.



User:Shadow DragonKnight

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