Disaster Club
Once a school friend of Marcee Archer and Natalie Walker, Oliver Dragen disappeared when the three went their separate ways in the world, only to resurface in Disaster Club with a new title, a new attitude, and powers so strong he has to limit them with artificial limiters. Marcee and Natalie now travel to Disaster Club to find out what happened to him, but they may not like what they find...


Difficulty: Easy

Health: 1600

Playstyle: Rushdown

Dragen is an easy to learn rushdown character, using his specials to get in close and destroy the enemy with powerful melee attacks. He can use his Plasma Missiles for pressure to give him more chances to get in, and his combo execution is relatively simple. However, he lacks options outside of getting in close and his simplicity can make him easy to predict.

Dragen’s Throttles cater to different kinds of playstyles. Those who want a combo-heavy strategy relying on Unblockables may want to opt for Throttle 1, while those who want a pressure based fight revolving around Plasma Missiles may want to choose Throttle 2.

Special Moves

Move Name Input Type Description
Inferno Punches DC Up+DC 1 button/DC 2 button/DC 3 button Command Normal Dragen surrounds his punches with flaming energy, deal damage and leaving a burn effect that does damage over time. DC 1 button is a jab that hits high, DC 2 button is a cross that hits high and DC 3 button is an uppercut that hits mid and acts as an anti-air.
Plasma Missiles IMG 0408+DC 1 button Special Dragen creates three energy projectiles that fly towards an opponent after a short pause. Primarily used to make the opponent block and give Dragen more opportunities to get in, but can be linked into combos with the proper timing. OK in air
Plasma Rush IMG 0408+DC 2 button Special Dragen’s arm is covered in energy and he dashed forward, shoulder barging the enemy. Very good range, making it Dragen's main method of getting in, but is unsafe on block up close. OK in air.
Plasma Uppercut IMG 0408+DC 3 button Special Dragen surrounds his fist with energy and performs a shoruyken style uppercut. Main combo extender, but unsafe on block OK in air.
Plasma Cutter IMG 0408+DC 4 button on the ground Special Dragen creates two blades of energy and swings them in an arc. Acts as an anti-air and can be jump canceled for air combos.
Plasma Divekick IMG 0408+DC 4 button in air Special Dragen performs a fiery divekick. Main aerial combo extender, but unsafe on block, making it not especially useful in neutral.
Blast Furnace DC HCF+DC 1 button+DC 2 button on the ground. Super Dragen put his hand on the ground and creates an inferno around him, damaging anything within a short range of him.
Blast Guard DC HCF+DC 1 button+DC 2 button in air. Super Dragen releases a pulse of energy in all directions, damaging and causing immense knockback to anything near him.
Blast Beam DC HCF+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Super Dragen fires a huge energy beam that takes a long time to charge up.
Nightmare Scenario DC 1 button+DC 2 button+DC 3 button+DC 4 button Finishing Strike Dragen uppercuts the opponent, knocking them into the air. He then removes 3 more of his limiters and creates a massive explosion that can be seen from space, leaving nothing but a charred wasteland around him.
Hover DC UpDC Up in air while Throttle 2 is active. Command Normal Dragen hovers in the air, slowly descending towards the ground.
Fly Airdash during Hover Command Normal An airdash that covers the whole screen and does not stop until the player lets go of the joystick.


Throttle 1: Dragen’s Strike Meter charges faster than other characters.

Throttle 2: Adds Hover and Fly.



“This is your choice, not mine!”

“Get out of my way!”

“Stop wasting my time!”

“Marcee...please run…” (Vs. Marcee)

“I don’t want to hurt you…” (Vs. Marcee)

“You can’t help me, so stop trying!” (Vs. Natalie)

“Stop getting in my way, old man!” (Vs. Ringmaster)

“Get back on your leash!” (Vs. Sam)

“You can’t even stand, let alone fight!” (Vs. Glass)

"Stop mocking me, Ringmaster!" (Vs. Dragen, first)

"In Infinite's voice This is not his work, Oliver Dragen. If you had a brain you'd know that." (Vs. Dragen, second)

"Finally. Someone who can rival my power." (Vs. Shadow)


“Useless garbage.”

“Alright then, who’s next?”

“Don’t get in my way again!”

“Why...why did it have to be you?” (Vs. Marcee)

“I...I…” (Vs. Marcee)

“There is no saving me. Not anymore.” (Vs. Natalie)

“I’m strong enough! Now give me that damn promotion!” (Vs. Ringmaster)

“What a pathetic excuse for a leader!” (Vs. Beautyface)

"Is this the best you could do, Ultimate Lifeform?" (Vs. Shadow)


“I am the pinnacle of power here! I don’t care what gets thrown at me: my powers will turn it to ash in seconds!”

“I try to limit my power...but sometimes I just can’t stop myself. I’m sorry I had to do this too you, but you gave me no choice.” (Perfect win)

“Run. Run away as fast as you can. Just forget about me. Oliver Dragen is dead. RUN!” (Vs. Marcee)

“Yes, we knew each other...but I’ve changed beyond recognition. I’ve tried to save didn’t go so well.” (Vs. Natalie)

“How are you supposed to run a superpowered fight club if you don’t have superpowers? What a useless excuse for a Ringmaster!” (Vs. Ringmaster)

"This is the Ultimate Lifeform? Pathetic! I am the strongest power on this world now! I am OBLIVION!" (Vs. Shadow)


“Pathetic.” (Escaping a combo)

“JUST DIE ALREADY!” (Activating Overclock)

“I’m sorry...I’m so sorry…” (Activating Overclock Vs. Marcee)

“C’mon...just one more limiter…” (Defeated)

“...Thank you.” (Defeated Vs. Marcee)

”Finally, a damn promotion.” (going up a rank in online)

”I’ll show them. I’ll show them my true power!” (going up a rank in online)

Arcade Mode

Good Ending

Dragen fights Marcee as the final boss.

“Ever since I had my powers, I’d been running, too damn angry to accept help. When Marcee turned up on my doorstep with Natalie’s friends and said she wanted to help, I shunned her. After the fight with Beautyface, she asked again and I just snapped and attacked her. But then the fight ended and...she kissed me out of the damn blue. She managed to bring me to my senses and realise I wasn’t alone. Now I’m a member of the Powers Club as just another broken kid they’re willing to fix. If only they’d give me another damn coat...”

Bad Ending

Dragen fights Ringmaster as the final boss.

“I lost it. When I defeated Beuatyface, the monster everyone else fell before, I decided I could take on the damn world. So I attacked Ringmaster and killed him, simple as that. Everyone abandoned me, horrified by what I did. Disaster Club, now temporarily run by Sam Stag, shunned me. Marcee walked away. The two homes I had abandoned me...and all that’s left is the anger..."


  • Completing arcade mode with Dragen once unlocks I Am All Of Me for the Jukebox
  • Completing arcade mode with Dragen twice unlocks Nightmare Mode, which covers Dragen’s fur in black fire and turns his eyes bright red. Nightmare Mode can be turned on and off when selecting a skin in the character select screen.


Bad Luck Charm (Normal battle theme)

StopRewind (Vs. Marcee)

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