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A mysterious warrior who resides Disaster Club, Dragen the Oblivion is known for his extreme power and impulsiveness. However, this is really a facade he uses to mask his true intentions.


Dragen is a Mobian wolf with dark, unkempt grey fur and brown eyes. He wears a black and red trenchcoat, worn out from constant use. 6 silver bands run across the coat: 2 on each arm and 2 on his chest. These are limiter bands that control Dragen’s power, and he can deactivate them by sliding his hand across them, after which they open up slightly but still stay firmly wrapped around his body. He also wears black trousers with worn red trainers.


Dragen is hot-headed and reckless, believing his powers can carry him in any situation. He is also very quick to anger, which combined with his impulsivity makes him hard to deal with. Additionally, he tends to shun people who try to help him, believing he’s too dangerous to be around and doesn’t want them hurt. However, deep down he has a good heart and will fight for his friends when the situation calls for it.


Dragen’s family came from the United Federation, but moved to Iravia when he was 14. While initially an outcast at school, he made friends with Marcee Archer, who had also moved from another country, and Natalie Walker, who was just a social outcast. Dragen and Marcee both dated for a time, and although the relationship eventually fell apart they both remained friends. Eventually, Natalie moved to the United Federation and Marcee dropped out of school to focus on her gymnastics career while Dragen remained in Iravia.

Soon after, Doctor Eggman’s take over of the world began. Iravia was very hard hit by Eggman’s forces, and Dragen’s family hid from them in the countryside. However, his parents were captured and Dragen was forced to survive alone. He was taken in by a group of scientists who said they were working for the Resistance, led by a mysterious masked man called Dr. Parem. Parem said he had a procedure that would give Dragen superpowers and allow him to fight back, but warned him the process was experimental, involving injecting Dragen with power genes and using limiter bands to keep the power surge under control. Dragen, seeing no other options, agreed to the process.

However, it went horribly wrong. The limiters were unable to stop the power surge and Dragen blew up the lab. Now with incredible power but a heavy amount of guilt, Dragen hid for the rest of the war. Stricken by his inability to do anything, Dragen caught word of a superpowered fight club in Westopolis known as Disaster Club. He traveled there and fought there after the war ended, slowly increasing in power and skill and taking the stage name Dragen the Oblivion.

Powers and Abilities

Dragen is able to manipulate energy, which gives him a variety of ways of attacking opponents. He can enhance his attacks by covering them with energy, create energy missiles and launch them at his opponents, or even teleport short distances by transforming himself into energy and moving to another location. He also possesses super strength and incredible durability, as well as limited pyrokinesis, which he can use by creating enough heat energy to set the air around him on fire. His training at Disaster Club has made him a capable fighter so he can use these powers to their fullest extent.


Dragen is possibly one of the strongest beings on the planet, but his powers are limited by the 6 limiter bands on his arms and chest. The more limiters he removes, the stronger he becomes. However, these limiters also stop the growth of the Power Genes inside of him from consuming his entire body: the more limiters are removed, the quicker this tumor grows. If he uses his powers too much, he’ll eventually be consumed and become a monster similar to the Biolizard. This means the full extent of his power is never truly accessible, and although he could easily raise the world to the ground at full power, he wouldn’t be able to survive for much long afterwards. Thus, he rarely goes beyond unlocking two limiters.

Additionally, Dragen’s hot-headed personality and lack of tactical finesse means he is likely to be easily outsmarted by his opponents if they can rile him up.


  • Dragen is voiced by Johnny Young Bosch in Disaster Club.
  • Dragen is a surprisingly excellent cook.

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