Draco Meteor is an extremely powerful, yet dangerous move, used mostly by dragons.


Draco Meteor has appeared in multiple forms. In some cases, the user forms a portal of light or shadows above themselves, which launches an array of meteors at the opponent. Other versions involve the user glowing with energy and forming a meteor-like ball in front of the chest, mouth, or hands, which is launched into the sky. When in the sky, it explodes and rains meteors. However, the technique in both forms has the same effect - while it is extremely powerful, it drains the user's strength in energy-based combat, which can be explained as a temporarily weaker connection to the Chaos Force. This makes all other special attacks weaker.

A few users have attempted to create a version, stylized like a Dragon Ball technique, by forming the coating of energy, but instead of simply firing the ball, they grab the opponent and fire THEM into the air, coated in energy. As per usual, the ball explodes into meteors, but the opponent is trapped within one of the falling orbs, and takes even greater damage than normal when they strike the ground. However, a successful use of this style of Draco Meteor is extremely rare, and suffers the same downside as the usual version.


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Due to its massive power, but equally great backlash, this could be considered an A-Rank Technique.

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