Dr Eggman's extra evil counterpart from Mobius Elite, an alternate Mobius. Dr Elite is exactly the same as Eggman, only more cruel, more calculating and less merciful. Dr Elite has spent his life as the greatest scientific mind in existence, but he uses these skills to try to gain control of Mobius Elite, and to destroy his arch-enemy, Nazo the Hedgehog.

Known History

Elite's history was much like Eggman's, he was top scientist of the Elite Empire of Acorn, and then betrayed the Mobian Elites and became an evil scientist. Despite his best attempts to dominate the world, Nazo the Hedgehog and Diva Prower have thwarted each and every one of his nefarious schemes.

Avon Rivals

While Eggman himself is first thought to be the primary antagonist in Rivals, they soon find out that Eggman Elite has captured Eggman and is disguising himself as him. Rivals also reveals that Eggman Elite is from another parallel dimension of Mobius named Mobius Elite. Using a special potion, he turns several objects and characters into stone, with the objective of turning all of his enemies counterparts to stone, thus shifting the balance of the Grand Design and making his world evil. During the somewhat ambiguous ending of the game, Elite was hit by a potion of his own design, which had been stolen by Nazo the Hedgehog, and Elite was turned to stone.

Avon Rivals 2

But something happened Nazo didn't count on. Every time someone or something was hit by the 'stoning potion,' they were sent to another world or dimension while a statue of stone would stand in its place. When Elite was 'stoned' he was sent back to his own world but he managed to teleport himself back to Mobius in order to get revenge and conquer the world. When he entered Mobius, he learnt of the Dark Crystal which was an emerald with the power to amplify the negative energies of one's personality, making them evil. But the only way he could create a portal to the world which the Crystal existed in was by gathering up a bunch of Chao and making them evil, but he also needed the Chaos Emeralds, so he hired Dawn the Echidna to find the Emeralds while he gathered up Chao. Unfortunately for him, Nazo the Hedgehog and Diva Prower learnt of his plans and journeyed back to Mobius to thwart them. By a long chain of events, the portal was opened and Elite used the Dark Crystal to make Nazo the Hedgehog, Selkcunk the Echidna, Herbulus the Lynx and Nial "Nails" Prower evil. Nazo, Selkcunk, Herbulus and Nial fought Diva, Dawn, May and Avon but the good four managed to smash the Crystal, making them good again. The portal began to close and they all escaped before it could close. Elite was left in the Crystal's world.

Nazo Rush

Dr Eggman Elite has once again found a way to return to escape doom. This time, he stole the Stones of Midnight from Hora the Mynx, a hero from the Crystal's world. He used a power similar to Chaos Control to teleport to Mobius Elite, and planned to combine the powers of the Stones of Midnight and the Stones of Twilight, their counterparts, to gain infinite power. Eggman had also come to Mobius Elite and had been defeated by Nazo the Hedgehog recently. Before he left for his own world, Elite approached him and they joined forces in order to defeat Nazo the Hedgehog and Hora the Mynx who had followed Elite back to his world, so she could regain the Stones of Midnight. After a long chain of events, Hora and Nazo joined forces in order to save Papilio the Rabbit, Butterfly the Rabbit's counterpart, who had been kidnapped by the Eggmen. They managed to defeat Eggman but Elite escaped. Nazo and Hora had stolen the Stones from the Eggman they had defeated and they used them to make Nazo become Light Nazo and Hora become Dark Hora. Together, they defeated Elite and he was taken to the Confinement Isles (Mobius Elite's equivalent of Prison Island).


Eggman Elite is eerily polite, despite being even twice as cruel and calculating than Dr. Eggman himself. He is extremely clever though and a little too cautious, as he never puts any plan into action that could backfire on him. He has also been described as very sneaky, even disguising himself as Eggman on one occasion. His downside, however, is that he is much to careful and wouldn't do anything without protection or wouldn't do it at all.