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Cquote1I will find every one of Knuckles' lost people...and take my revenge!Cquote2

Dr. Zachary of the House of Gunthro


Also known as
Doctor, Zack, Zacky, Grandpa, Disarray, The Hacker
3 ft. 4 in.
89 lbs
March 27

Dr. Zachary is an insane and evil echidna scientist bent on revenge and world destruction, specifically against the echidnas.


Dr. Zachary is a textbook psychopath. He cares little for others but rather, manipulates them for his own ends. He's one of those types of people who are too intelligent for their own good and are emotionally distant. He has a good enough understanding of emotions to use them for persuasion though. Like many psychopaths he is very calculating and pays attention to details meticulously. He sometimes takes on a sophisticated air but it just hides his insanity and sadistic nature. When the sophistication isn't on he mocks people and laughs at their misfortunes. He also tends to overcomplicate things and be very difficult, frustrating people by toying with them.

He is always scheming and is very boastful and confident when things are going his way. He seemingly makes a point to rub things in other's faces. However, the moment he loses his advantage he starts lying and trying to make people feel sorry for him, saying things like: "You wouldn't hurt an old echidna, would you?" As soon as someone lets their guard down or he gets an opening he will take it, attacking again with a cheap shot or making his escape.

Physical Characteristics


Dr. Zachary is a white, scruffy looking echidna with a peach muzzle. His right arm has been replaced with cybernetics along with half of his face and a few internal places such as his knees and ribs. His right arm is now a canon. One of his eyes, his original one, is purple while the bionic one is red.


Dr. Zachary wears a white knuckled glove with purple and gold shoes. He also has a gold medallion around his neck.


Zachary is highly intelligent and an expert with technology, especially programming. He usually prefers to fight through his reprogrammed robots which he can either pilot himself or control remotely with his collar. He is an excellent strategist and can also hold his own in combat thanks to his cybernetics. He can fire laser bolts out of his right arm and also has a built in jet pack that allows him to fly. He can also glide.

Zachary has many age-related weaknesses including that he once stated he had a weak heart.


Early Life and Career

Dr. Zachary was born in Echidnaopolis where he lived most of his life and established a successful career creating technology, including robots. However, as his technology began to revolutionize the city, the people began to fear that the technology was becoming too dangerous and controlling the city. Especially since it put too much power in the hands of its creator. When people began thinking it was going to be a repeat of Dimitri they destroyed the technology and exiled Dr. Zachary from the city. He vowed revenge.

Exile and Return

When the barrier to the pocket dimension that the Guardian Hawking had transported Echidnaopolis to began to weaken, Dr. Zachary made his way out and onto Angel Island. There he ran into Knuckles. This happened shortly before the Dark Legion invaded so Zachary was the only echidna Knuckles had seen besides his dad and was needless to say very excited. Zachary tricked Knuckles into believing that a robot (which Zachary had actually reprogrammed) was chasing him and got Knuckles to protect him and take him to the emerald chamber. Now having the location of the emerald chamber the robot came and attacked. In trying to protect the master emerald, Knuckles became buried in rubble. Zachary believed he was dead and entered the robot revealing his true intentions to drain the master emerald to empower it. As Zachary was making his escape having charged the robot with the master emerald Knuckles emerged and the two fought. In the fight Dr. Zachary was knocked off of the island.

Saved by Eggman

Zachary managed to ease his fall by grabbing hold of his robot but not without suffering serious injury. He would have died if he hadn't been found by Eggman. Interested in finding another echidna Eggman saved his life with cybernetic technology. In return Zachary gave him information including the location of the emerald chamber which he used when he was trying to perfect Chaos.

The Destructix

Some time later Zachary worked with the Destructix who had recently been assembled by Dr. Finitevus. Zachary worked with them when Finitevus planned to use the nuclear war heads since that plan lined up with his own. However when Rouge sabotaged the missiles Zachary was captured and ended up being jailed in New Mobotropolis.

Prisoner and Escape

While he was imprisoned there Knuckles interrogated him several times trying to get information about the history of his people. Zachary was very uncooperative however and the sessions usually turned to him taunting Knuckles. However, after the Battle Bird Armada attacked New Mobotropolis the jail was weakened and Zachary was able to make his escape.






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The Nightfall Incident

In this Rp, Zachary enacted a plan to destroy the entire internet via his own viruses. He made a good bit of progress but was challenged by Dimitri and Lien-DOS, along with a recruited group of heroes. He had some help of his own though in the form of willing recruits, like Lulu the Echinda, and not so willing ones who were being controlled.


~"My plan worked perfectly! Knuckles was so pleased to meet a member of his own race that he believed everything I told him!" - (STC #67)

~"As for the floating island, let it crash onto the planet below... there it will serve as a monument to my genius!" - (STC #67)

~"Kn-Knuckles... I'm an old echidna... You wouldn't hit me would you? It's my heart you see..." - (STC #68)

~"Don't worry, we're not going to waste much of your time... You'll be dead within the hour!" - (STCO #228)

~"Do come again! There are so many more failures of yours to discuss." - (STCO #241)

~"Heh. No matter what happens Knuckles, one can always count on you to be a complete idiot!" - (STCO #248)

~"I don't have all day, boy." - (STCO #249)


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