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Tempest the Cat is the current owner of Tempest Laboratories, which was founded by her father.  She is also the adoptive mother of Cora the Cat and Dr. Dandelion the Rabbit (and her employer). She is the wife of Clarissa the Cat.


Bridgette was born and raised in Flaxseed Shores by her mother, while her father lived in Seaside City. When she got older, she left for Seaside City. When she first got there, she could barely afford anything, and was surprised at how expensive the city was. She ran into Clarissa the Cat, who helped her out a bit, and led her to her father's laboratory, which had been named Tempest Laboratories. She and Clarissa became friends. Her father, Dr. Blitzen Tempest, gave her a shot at becoming a scientist there. She did well, so he gave her a job doing research on a vaccine for a common and lethal disease that almost always killed anyone with it, Tomb Fever. Bridgette got Tomb Fever from one of the patients, and nearly died, but Dr. Blitzen Tempest didn't let her die, and stayed up for days to create a cure, which saved her. He also invented a vaccine but was found mysteriously killed before he could release it. As his daughter, Bridgette took over his role as laboratory owner. A lot of the workers were bitter about a 16 year old taking over the company, but Clarissa the Cat, one of the security workers, convinced most of them to give Bridgette a chance.

Bridgette and Clarissa the Cat became closer after time, and Bridgette began to get a crush on her. Clarissa was like her opposite, yet they were so alike at the same time. She decided that she and Clarissa the Cat should be together. Clarissa the Cat and Bridgette never left each other, and stayed loyal.

Bridgette found Dr. Dandelion the Rabbit alone in the city and took her in. She and Clarissa adopted her and took care of her, and when she got older, Clarissa gave her a job at Tempest Laboratories.


Dr. Tempest is a grey cat with blue eyeshadow and yellow eyes. She has white on her muzzle, tail tip, forepaws, chest, and belly. The inside of her ears are peach. She wears a white lab coat, pink button up shirt, white skirt, and blue latex gloves.


Dr. Tempest is short-tempered, well-organised, and sharp-minded. She is clever and is good at hiding things from the public. She knows very well ho to hide evidence and cover up mistakes. She doesn't care how many animals she harms, as long as she gets what she wants.



  • Arla the Cat


  • Dr. Blitzen Tempest the Cat


  • Clarissa the Cat

Adopted Daughters

  • Cora the Cat


  • Cora the Cat


Clarissa the Cat

Clarissa is Dr. Tempest the Cat's wife and closest friend.


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