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|Skills = High intellect}}
|Skills = High intellect}}
{{Article Quote|I've dealt with the warriors before, so I know exactly how to keep them from interfering.[...]And I know exactly how to deal with nosy little pests like you.|<nowiki>Taunting [[Maxwell Veschell|Max], On the Run(dream sequence)</nowiki>}}
{{Article Quote|I've dealt with the warriors before, so I know exactly how to keep them from interfering.[...]And I know exactly how to deal with nosy little pests like you.|<nowiki>Taunting [[Maxwell Veschell|Max]], On the Run(dream sequence)</nowiki>}}
''Art down below is made by my friend Sir Moneybags!'' :)
''Art down below is made by my friend Sir Moneybags!'' :)

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Cquote1 I've dealt with the warriors before, so I know exactly how to keep them from interfering.[...]And I know exactly how to deal with nosy little pests like you. Cquote2
Taunting [[Maxwell Veschell|Max]], On the Run(dream sequence)

Art down below is made by my friend Sir Moneybags! :)

Dr. Starline is a character from the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comics, who appears The Legend of Fox the Brave. He is a Mobian platypus obsessed with Eggman, to the point that he wants to restore him to the head of the Eggman Empire(which he eventually succeeds in)


Starline retains his appearance from the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comics.


Starline retains his personality from the IDW Sonic the Hedgehog comics.

So far, he appears to be a very shady person with an interest in Dr. Eggman, as he wants to restore the now amnesiac doctor to the head of the Eggman Empire, and had an unknown involvement up until the Battle of the Canyon. He also appears to be quite ruthless and cruel, as he has no qualms about putting Eggman through an obviously painful procedure in the comics, and doesn't think anything of attempting to kidnap those he thought were spying on him, simply viewing them as threats to his plans. It is further shown in The First Battle that he was interested in studying the warriors, as after Austin is captured, he takes note of Austin's large size while looking him over. It's seen again when Starline sees Dallas and looks him over. He is also shown to take an interest in Boulder's power of foresight, it isn't to the point of obsession.


Before the Series: While his past in the IDW comics is unknown, it can be assumed that he studied Eggman, claiming to have "made his career" out of doing so. He tells Austin in The First Battle that it is through his research of Eggman that he studied the warriors.

The Legend of Fox the Brave:

The First Battle: When Austin is kidnapped by Rough and Tumble, it can be assumed it was under Starline's orders, because he is heard noting Austin's large size and making mention of his back injury. Austin dryly asks who he is, wondering if he's a Finitevus wannabe, to which Starline introduces himself. He then orders Rough and Tumble to find a cell to put Austin in, claiming he wants to the warrior to recover from his current bout of pain before he starts working on him. Later, when Dallas sneaks in after getting separated from the rest of the patrol, Starline takes an interest in him. He notes that Dallas was "in excellent condition", though he was a bit thin. However, the warriors interfere and rescue Dallas and Austin. He isn't seen after the warriors and the Red Fox Pack rescue Austin and Dallas and escape.

Foxes of the Forest: He makes a brief appearance to taunt Austin, but does nothing.

The Final Battle: Starline first appears in the Prologue, spying on the warriors to learn where Eggman is being held, which he learns from Lucky. Later, when Lucky is captured and taken by Rough and Tumble, where he taunts the captive coyote. He then puts Lucky through an unknown procedure that ends in the young leader being effectively brainwashed, as the story switches to Silver the Lucario's perspective, and it's mentioned he can no longer sense Lucky. Starline is shown briefly when Silver looks in on him via his aura, and overhears his plans for Lucky, which are that he wants to find out when the Alliance is going to attack Eggman, and stop it. Starline later appears when Silver confronts him during the Battle of the Canyon, but after the Egg Fleet crashes, Starline escapes, being sensed by Master Lucario escaping the wreckage of the fleet. In the Epilogue,

Shattered Peace: In the Prologue, he's seen putting Phoenix though the same procedure he did Lucky to twist the fox against the Alliance, and is later mentioned frequently. The most notable mention is when Finitevus visits the Base about payment for his indirect assistance in the Battle(as Infinite fought with the Alliance). He taunts the warriors for not knowing how to deal with Starline, to which Austin replied that he doesn't know anything about him, and that this is as new to him as it is to the rest of the warriors. This leads to a snide comment from Finitevus that causes Austin to completely lose his temper at the villainous Echidna. Later, Silver and Austin do some digging and find out Starline's base is in the Final Egg(leading to a meta comment from Austin, who recognizes it from Sonic Adventure), and they go there. While searching through the base with his aura, Silver finds a young boy held there, and they go down to rescue him. However, they're found out when Austin gives a bark, and the former leader comes up with a plan to spy on Starline by exploiting the "Rule of the Worlds"(a person from one World cannot be affected by anything from another, but they can be physically hurt). Starline is last seen in the Epilogue taunting Austin and saying how a warrior as strong as him would be useful.


Similarly to Dr. Finitevus, Starline possesses an incredible intellect. He also appears capable of using Eggman's technology, as in IDW Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 11, he used it to attempt to restore Eggman's memories(albeit painfully), and in The Legend of Fox the Brave to twist Lucky and Phoenix against the Alliance. He also does this to Austin, but due to the fact he is not from the Four Worlds, it can be assumed this does not work on him.


Though the Warp Topaz can show him any place in the Four Worlds, it is limited to showing him the exact World he is in. For example, if he is in Mobius, he is limited to seeing Mobius. He cannot see other Zones of the World, so in Mobius, he cannot see places in Light or Dark Mobius unless he is in the Zone himself.


IDW 11
Looking over Dr. Eggman
Max and Starline
With Max(made by my friend Sir Moneybags)


Starline is the first IDW comics character to be introduced into The Legend of Fox the Brave, as up until now, the only Sonic the Hedgehog characters in The Legend of Fox the Brave canon to the Sonic series outside of the games and Sonic Boom are from the Archie comics.

Unlike Finitevus and Infinite, Silver and Arrow can sense Starline's aura and thoughts, respectively. This is possibly because Starline has no special power or item blocking his thoughts from the Lucario.

  • However, they liken it to diving into a frigid lake, showing obvious dislike
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