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Doctor Ivo Robotnik (formerly named Doctor Julian Kintobor, often mockingly called Doctor Eggman) is the leader of the Robotnik Empire and a powerful roboticist. He serves as the main antagonist of the Blue Blur saga, particularly with Curse of Mobius. According to Mac the Writer, Dr. Robotnik in the Blue Blur universe is a mixture with other existing Eggmans from other continuities: Outside of a different design (ignoring the picture on the right), he has a mixed personality between AoSTH Robotnik and SatAM Robotnik.


His facial design, from Mac's mind, is based on early 1900s US President Theodore Roosevelt; other features, design-wise, includes his red jacket and glasses from modern Eggman; his mustache, pants and boots from his Boom design; and his red eyes from AoSTH/SatAM Robotnik. Originality-wise, aside from his Theodore Roosevelt face, he also bears a robotic right arm, which he lost his original right arm in the asylum on Earth.


Dr. Robotnik is a very unpredictable and dangerous man from a personality standpoints. Being a sociopath and a dictator, he expects everything to be perfect and go his way. Whenever everything goes according to plan, he's mostly calm and collective. He has a genuine sense of being down-to-earth, albeit all of it being for his need to dominate and transform every Mobians to robots. However, one slip from his order, whether being Sonic or Cosmo breaking into his capital city, or Tails, Scratch or Grounder screwing up royally, and he would lose his temper and go on an outrage, possibly killing anyone next to him with his laser gun or one of his SWAT-Bots variants.

He is full of himself, and unless one of his assistants are doing what he wants them to do, he cares for no one else. In his mind, he believes that he's doing the universe a favour. He felt that turning every living being across space will render violence and wars obsolete, with everyone having the same flesh and bones. He is unaware of the stress and fear of others when they're about to be roboticized, nor does he care.



Robotnik making his "peace to the universe" speech

When he was a young man, he and his Roboticist partners kidnapped dozens of people and roboticized them. He was arrested and sent to a criminal asylum for over 20 years. During his years of being in the asylum, his remaining robots attacked the asylum and freed Robotnik from it. But then he got stopped again and was sent by the US Government to a giant spacecraft in order to be banished in another planet. But Robotnik's toughest robot sneaked in and killed every crew of the spacecraft. Robotnik used their corpse to roboticize them in order to build up his army. Once he build up his army by invading other human spacecrafts, Dr. Robotnik started to invade his first target planet named Greengate. He later took over Mobius and used this planet as his new home, and his new empire. He plans to roboticized every Mobians in the planet in order to use his new army of robots to continue his mission for complete roboticization. He later raised a Mobian of his own named Miles (who he called Tails) and trained him to match his skills and intelligence in order to help him on his plan.


He has an I.Q. of 300, and uses them to build robots and machines, ride aircrafts and spacecrafts, and make complex calculation. Tails, the one he raised, is the only one in Mobius that rivals him in terms of amazing intelligence.

Theme Song

Originally, Mac considered the Doc Robeatnik remix of E.G.G.M.A.N. to be Dr. Robotnik's theme, but he felt that the remix felt unfitting for him because of how, contrary to the game canon, he hates being called Eggman, and Sonic, Cosmo and Tails calls him that as an insult rather than a nickname. So, instead, the them of Dr. Robotnik is the metal cover of the boss theme of Sonic & Knuckles by BrainCells and SnappleMan, called Scrambled Eggman.

BrainCells, SnappleMan - Scrambled Eggman (Boss)

BrainCells, SnappleMan - Scrambled Eggman (Boss)

Scrambled Eggman (BrainCells and SnappleMan)


Miles "Tails" Prower

Before Tails betrayed the Robotnik Empire, Robotnik saw potential in him because of his unusual two tails, which is even unusual by Mobian standards. Because of it, he taught him everything he knew himself, them being engineering, mathematics, weapons handling, piloting, and commanding and bringing order to an empire. With Tails' growing intelligence and success, he felt proud of the potential he has for the empire he serves for. Despite still having no sympathy for the young cub (even threatening his life many times before he gained more confidence), he admires his rivaling intelligence and fascinations with robots and airplanes, even after his betrayal.

However, as soon as Tails turned his back against Robotnik, that's when Robotnik started to loathe him. Considering of his alliance with Sonic and Cosmo and the fact that he knows everything about the empire, including its weaknesses, Robotnik wanted him dead sooner than Cosmo and even Sonic. In fact, he even put a bigger bounty on Tails than he did for Sonic, exceeding the price of his head by 10,000 Rings more than Sonic. Although, despite his developing hatred, there was still a part of him that admires Tails' incredible knowledge and engineering capability.

Sonic the Hedgehog

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Robotnik angered over Sonic foiling one of his plans.

Out of all the main characters, Sonic is the one that Robotnik hates the most, even saying "I hate that hedgehog" whenever Sonic thwarts one of his plans. Sonic's unrivaled speed, his cocky attitude, his interference in the empire, and even being insultingly called "Dr. Eggman" by Sonic made Robotnik loathe the self-proclaimed Hero of Mobius more than anything ever. Even if Tails gained a bigger bounty than Sonic, it was toned down because of Tails being a little more hesitant on breaking into the empire than Sonic and even Cosmo. All of that made him want to have Sonic's head as a trophy more than achieving his goal on universal roboticization.

Voice Actor

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart's calming nature and deep voice in most of his roles is what made Mac chose him as the voice of Dr. Robotnik. Not to mention that two of his most iconic roles, Jean-Luc Picard and Professor Charles Xavier, are leader-based characters, which was another aspect of Mac's idea for casting him in the role.


  • "I hate that hedgehog."
  • "The Robotnik Empire shall not be collapsed by a blue rat!"
  • "Welcome to your doom, Sonic."
  • "What has gotten into your mind, Tails? Answer me!"
  • "Away, Sonic, before I make mincemeat out of you."
  • "What are you two doing in that traitor's workshop? Snooping as usual?"
  • "Get a load of this!"
  • "That's good. That's very good."
  • "A Chaos Emerald... Two down... Five more to go..."
  • "I'm surrounded by imbeciles..."
  • "Now, Cosmo, this way to the Roboticizer, if you may."
  • "If I may, I shall introduce you to my most glorious invention yet. This is the Death Nova, a space station powerful enough to turn the entire surface of a planet to ashes."
  • "There will only be one standing, Sonic. And that certainly won't be you."
  • "For the last time, I am Dr. Robotnik, the greatest scientific leader in the world! I am not called "Eggman", you big-mouthed mammal."
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