This is a page about Dr. Oswin Porcupine, a character created by Flashfire212. This character has been adopted by, and is currently owned by Lucentstar

Dr. Oswin Porcupine is a

Dr. Oswin Porcupine

Biographical Information
Romantic Interestspending
Physical Description
  • Fur: Black, with tan skin
  • Hair: Grey, was green
  • Eyes: Dark grey
  • Nanite "tattoos" on his arms, normally appearing as clockwork gears
  • Brown jacket
  • Red checked shirt
  • Grey trousers
  • Brown sneakers
Political Alignment and Abilities
AffiliationsKingdom of Soleanna (Researcher)
WeaponryBoost Elixir
  • Renowned scientist - biomodification & biomedicine
  • Foremost researcher in biomodification nanites & microchips
  • Capable of creating new flesh-and-blood body parts atop his form with nanites
  • Some level of combat knowledge
  • Some knowledge of cryokinesis
  • Enhanced strength - with Boost Elixir active
  • Enhanced speed - with Boost Elixir active
  • Enhanced stamina - with Boost Elixir active
Other Information
American V.A.
Japanese V.A.
Theme Song(s)Pending...
AppearancesNone so far
Original CreatorFlashfire212


Doctor Oswin Porcupine carries himself with the arrogant, dignified airs of an accomplished scientist. Most of his fur is still black; though he has allowed the grey to show through in the hair on his head as well as flecked through the fur over his body. As with many Soleannan residents, his skin is tanned from sun exposure. However, physically he appears as little more than a person who engages in routine exercise.

Of note are the clockwork gear tattoos on his arms; as these are actually functioning nanites. On occasion the tattoos seem to move and rotate, other times they seem to be in different forms.


Typically; Dr. Oswin does not dress to impress. With a simple brown blazer over a red checked shirt and a pair of grey pants, at first glance he looks like an everyday elderly gentleman; rather than a reputed scientist.



Dr. Oswin is a widely acclaimed figure in the field of biomodification. His papers have won awards, and his mastery resulted in the creation of numerous strains of biomechanical nanites and microchips for day-to-day use, normally in the upmarket and trendier areas of Soleanna and the United Federation. This has given the man some level of wealth to work with. Of course, he is implanted with his own nanites and the control systems required for them. With these nanites, he is capable of a very wide variety of things, the most dramatic of which being the creation of augmented body parts such as tails, claws, horns and more that can be created and removed at will.

As the man has dedicated his life to science, he lacks much in the way of combat training. He has some level of study into cryokinesis, as the colder temperatures are effective in approaching his field of work by slowing down activity in organic tissue. Similarly, he has some level of combat training, though this is primarily based around his nanites, using them to create extra appendages or biological armaments to defend himself with. These techniques are rather easily countered by combat specialists, however, due to his lack of training.

Everywhere he goes, Dr. Oswin carries a rather potent Boost Elixir that he created. This elixir has a vast multitude of uses. If poured onto a laceration or similar open wound, it helps to accelerate healing. If ingested, however, it boosts the user's strength, speed and stamina beyond normal means. This rapid increase in strength is quite potent and could allow the untrained combatant to hold his own, at least for a little while. However, it wears of rather quickly.

As a side-note, Oswin's research into the bio-chips was stolen and used as the basis of The Troll's biomodification microchip guns. While he could theoretically create something similar; the use of these weapons by the ridiculous, moronic terrorist group means that it is an unlikely development.

Earth Techniques

Metal Techniques

Ice Techniques

Elementless Techniques







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