Dr. Mecha Hedge is a young field medic that serves as part of G.U.N's Fourth Army Division, despite his position as a qualified doctor. As befitting the Fourth Division's obsession with cybernetics, the hedgehog once known as Andre Lukas Hedgehog has the vast majority of his body cybernetically enhanced and replaced; though unlike many of his fellow soldiers this is for medical reasons.

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The fact that the young doctor stands taller than most other hedgehogs; and many Mobians for that matter, is a tradeoff of his cybernetic augmentation. Both of Mecha Hedge's legs; his left arm and his left eye have been replaced with cybernetics very similar in design to those employed by the Egg Army. These augments have an all-over stainless steel appearance, aside for the completely red ocular implant; and are often polished to a sheen by the young doctor. In contrast, it is quite clear that his organic body has suffered over the years. His black fur is fairly thin, with the scar tissue around his cybernetics obvious. His skin is faintly yellow-tinted with jaundice, and even his one organic eye is obviously bloodshot.


In a manner similar to most of the Fourth Division; Dr. Mecha Hedge wears clothing and armor over his organic components in order to let the more "intimidating" sides of his mechanical form stay obvious. In his case, this means that the young doctor wears the same dark grey digital camouflage shirt and silver-grey body armor as other soldiers, rather than the pants. Similarly; he shuns shoes and adds in a single armored gauntlet to his right hand to match with his cybernetic left.



As a young teenager, Andre Lukas Hedgehog almost died after he was exposed to a genetically-modified bacteria believed to have been created by The Trolls. This bacteria consumed large portions of the hedgehog's limbs, all the while poisoning the young man. In order to save his life; doctors and scientists within the United Federation resorted to utilizing captured EggTech in a manner resembling Legionization. This singular event and the relief that he felt from it led to Andre's new goal of becoming a doctor, rather than enacting revenge against the beings that poisoned him.

As a field medic within the cybernetic-focused Fourth Army Division of G.U.N, the young man known more by his nickname of Mecha Hedge is an expert in trauma care; capable of patching up wounds in flesh and machinery alike while just behind the front lines. This is partly due to his augmentations - his left eye has a number of bio-scanner filters, while his left arm contains a number of small manipulator tendrils fitted with a variety of different mechanical tools or surgical implements. If the wounds are too severe for him to treat in-place; Andre has a cryostasis beam mounted to the palm of his hand, which has two settings - cryostasis or outright slowing. With this, he can preserve the lives of his fellow soldiers; or fend off hostiles in a non-harmful way utilizing his "Slowing Beam". While he is trained in hand-to-hand combat in the off-chance that the medic gets attacked, for the most part Andre simply relies upon the brute strength of his augmented arm as well as that slowing beam in close-quarters.

Similarly utility oriented; Andre possesses a set of jet boosters in his feet and ankles similar to the Jet Boots worn by Shadow the Hedgehog. These allow him to move faster, but more importantly he can utilize them to fly short distances above the ground; repositioning faster to be able to assist his teammates.

As he is a battlefield operative; G.U.N still required Andre to be trained in firearms and close-quarters combat despite his support role, and so it is not unheard of for the young cyborg to be seen wielding a D-14 Semiauto Rifle; a firearm produced by Tasfira Armaments. Locked purely into semiautomatic fire; the D-14 is relatively good for combat in mid- to long-ranges, the only combat distances that Andre feels comfortable in. Needless to say, he does not enjoy the role and prefers to function as a medic, only truly playing a combat role against robotic targets that do not threaten to make him break the Hippocratic Oath.

While rare for him to employ his power, Andre is actually capable of wielding the element of Darkness. His actual combat prowess with this power is uncertain, though some believe that he has looked into the art of shadow binding and the non-damaging techniques associated with it.

Being a cybernetic entity, Mecha Hedge has weaknesses to both anti-robotic weaponry and anti-organic poisons; a disadvantage he shares with the rest of the Fourth Division. He is also regarded as a limited threat due to his refusal to actually cause harm.








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