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"I'll be back! And I shall obliterate you! And take over the world! And make people stop laughing at my name!"
—Dr. Hamberger

Dr. Maxwell Edward Hamberger is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan character created and owned by LordWeirdo. He is the stereotypical evil-scientist villain from the fanfiction series That's Not Funny.


Dr. Hamberger is a relatively tall human with black hair, graying at the temples, and a black horseshoe mustache. He wears a white lab coat over a black three-piece suit over a white shirt, with black shoes. Last but not least, he sports a massive red bowtie.


Dr. Hamberger is a stereotypical evil maniac. He is short-tempered and narcissistic, only acting stable and calm when necessary to an evil scheme. On top of all this, he is especially hateful of Mobians for no apparent reason.


Dr. Hamberger is skilled in the invention and designing of robots, particularly combat androids. However, he does not have the fine motor skills or the patience to put them together. He also is a fine shot with his custom-built laser pistols.


Hamberger has two major weaknesses. First, himself. Any insubordination or insult can allow one to take advantage of his second weakness, his temper. During the 79% of the average day that he is mad, he is reckless and cannot think straight enough to do much more than shoot.

Reading that, it's a wonder he seems so productive.


Hamberger prefers to let his machinery do his fighting for him, but when he must fight, he uses the twin custom-built laser pistols inside his lab coat. These can fire approximately two dozen blasts of high-powered laser light before they require a change of battery. The batteries, produced in his own lab, are designed to be replaced in much the same way as the magazine of a semi-automatic handgun.

Due to his temper, he goes through a lot of batteries. 0.o

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