Dr. Lucious Ford, also known as Dr. "Magic", is an evil scientist and the main antagonist in the 2012 fan game Sonic Heroes 2, along with Dr. Eggman, where he also debuts, and a major villain in Sonic Adventure 3: GX. Although his design is in fact an unused concept art for the 2006 game Sonic Rivals, he was made as a character by Juely.
Dr. Lucious "Magic" Ford (Official artwork by SEGA)
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Appears in (games)
English Voice Actor(s)
Wally Kurth (2012 - present)
Also Known as
Dr. Magic, the "Magic Man"
Evil (Sonic Heroes 2, Sonic Adventure 3: GX), Good (Sonic Adventure 3: GX, TCoStH:LotGE)
Evil genious mastermind, mechanic


Sonic Heroes 2

Dr. Magic's debut, he serves as the main antagonist of the game, along with Dr. Eggman. In the Final Story, it is revealed that Dr. Magic is the main antagonist of the game. In the beginning, he joined forces with Dr. Eggman to construct a new Death Egg. Then, they hid it as a dome and kidnapped multiple citizens and animal friends and used them as energy to power-up the Death Egg. However, his intentions were different than Eggman's and so, he double-crossed him, took control of the Death Egg and went out to destroy the world.

Dr. Magic's true intentions were that he did not like the world or the world's leaders and wanted to "cleanse" the world so that he could start a new era, where humans would prosper. Dr. Magic pilots the Death Egg-Mondo, the game's Final Boss. The remains of Dr. Magic are currently unknown.

Sonic Adventure 3: GX

Dr. Magic appears as one of the four main villains of the game and the main antagonist in Silver's Story and Team Chaotix's storyline. In the game, he has disguised himself under the alias "The Magic Man". He searches for the 4 Golden Epics, one of which is located in Central City. Dr. Magic initially assassinates an academic in attempt to steal some ancient manuscripts about the location of the Golden Epics and then proceeds to more assassinations for various reasons, which Team Chaotix will have to uncover.

In the Final Story, it is revealed that Dr. Magic was in fact possessed by a microchip attached on the back of his neck by Dimitri. Dimitri used Dr. Magic as a puppet in order to collect all 4 Golden Epics for him to unleash a monster called Argus to consume the Angel Island for matters of revenge against its inhabitants whom he blamed for the death of his brother, Edmund. Dr. Magic later assists the heroes in the fortification of the Angel Island using his machines, taking part in the battle of the Angel Island and ultimately allying with the heroes to stop Dr. Finitevus, Argus and Dr. Eggman from destroying the world.

The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics

In the last installment of The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Magic appears, though in antithesis to the previous games, his role is much smaller. His alignment is now good, just as it was during the final story of Sonic Adventure 3: GX. He appears in the very beginning of the game, in Prologue to a New Adventure, where he is shown to be helping out Tails build his star ship that will serve as the heroes' transport vehicle to the Nexus. Dr. Magic appears in the adventure field of Green Hill Zone where the player can interact with him and will give him various tips. He is one of the first people the player encounters during the story of the game. Dr. Magic does not make another appearance in the game until the credits scene, where he is seen welcoming back Sonic and his team from their journey. He has a character slot at the character biographies at the Extras.

Physical Description

Dr. Magic is a scientist, much like Dr. Eggman. He has dark brown hair. He wears a pair of laboratory glasses, a white science robe, long, black trousers and black boots. He is much more thin than Dr. Eggman and taller. Dr. Magic appears to be very serious, constantly calm and self-determined. He never loses his temper or makes any comical acts; his smooth tone and language is a manifestation of this. Dr. Magic does not realize that his intentions are evil, nor does he understand his wrong actions. He believes that what he does is a way to rescue humanity Dr. Magic's design was inspired by a concept art for the game Sonic Rivals, drawn by an unknown SEGA employee.

In Sonic Adventure 3, Dr. Magic's outfit changes. He now sports a long, black coat with golden markings and buttons. He wears a pair of white gloves, black trousers and black, military boots, resembling more of a political leader than a scientist. He retains his white goggles and his goatee.

Character Description

At his game debut, Dr. Magic is portrayed as an arrogant, self-centered, mad genius whose intentions are not revealed until the final story of the game; to cleanse the world from corruption and build it anew. Like every villain in Juely's continuity, he is unaware that he is evil. He does not seem to be compassionate about others at all, despite collaborating with Dr. Eggman to construct the Death Egg, as he betrays him in the end.

During the events in Sonic Adventure 3: GX, Dr. Magic personality changes significantly. He no longer appears as a serious and determined individual. However, his personality has been completely overshadowed by that of a mind controlled puppet, as is revealed during the final story that he was indeed possessed by Dimitri's spell. He is more mischievous and cocky. In the end, however, after he regains his senses, he changes dramatically, ultimately helping out the heroes during The Battle of Angel Island. He retains this personality in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics.


Dr. Magic is shown to be an apt mechanic and engineer, specializing in space aviation. This is told by him to Sonic when he is encountered in the Adventure Field of Green Hill Zone in The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics, although, as he states later, he dropped out of university. His abilities in robotic engineering even rivals that of Dr. Eggman, as it is shown that he has an army of robots himself that acts as a stage enemy. In Sonic Adventure 3: GX, it is shown that Dr. Magic not only possesses mental skills but also physical ones, as he can run incredibly fast, jump very high and even escape from the Chaotix. Moreover, he has knowledge in pharmacology and chemistry. This is drawn as a conclusion from when he takes a pill that makes him fake his death, pretending to be a corpse. It is presumed that Dr. Magic has knowledge of the Echidna civilization, including the Albion technology.

This character's fourstat code is 1118


Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic and Dr. Magic first met each other at the end of the events in Sonic Heroes 2, where they fought each other, one as Super Sonic and the other in the newly constructed Death Egg Mondo. They met again at the final story of Sonic Adventure 3: GX, where Sonic entrusted him the fortification of the Angel Island for the battle against Dr. Eggman, Dr. Finitevus and Argus. Hence, Sonic acknowledges Dr. Magic's deep knowledge in science and engineering and the fact that deep inside of him, Dr. Magic is not evil and that he has the potential to become a good human being.

Dr. Eggman

The two joined forces prior to the events in Sonic Heroes 2 to build the new Death Egg and conquer the world. However, little did Dr. Eggman know that Dr. Magic had planned his betrayal from the start, only to end up on the heroes' side once again. Unlike Sonic and the rest, Dr. Eggman became an enemy of Dr. Magic following the events of Sonic Heroes 2, as they fought on different sides during the Battle of Angel Island. Nevertheless, both do not see each other as a big threat.


In The Chronicles of Sonic the Hedgehog: Legend of the Golden Epics, Tails and Dr. Magic are shown to be working together in building the heroes' star ship. Because of their common interests, the two have formed a good relationship. Tails is perhaps Dr. Magic's closest ally of all the cast .

Voice Acting

Sonic Heroes 2 - Wally Kurth (2012 - present)

Dr. Magic is voiced in all 3 games that he appears in by Wally Kurth starting from Sonic Heroes 2 in 2012. Wally Kurth is notable for voicing Agent Six in the animated series Generator Rex. Dr. Magic's voice would be something like that, reflecting his calm and egotistical personality.

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