Dr. Hedgebot
Biographical Information
Relatives Flint Hedgehog (son)
AliasWarlord Ovi Hedgehog (formerly)
Romantic Interests N/A
Physical Description
  • Fur: Dark Red w/tan muzzle, arms and chest
  • Eyes: Red
  • Purple jumpsuit with black belt
  • Robotic legs/left arm
  • Cybernetic right eye
Political Alignment and Abilities
Affiliations Himself
Weaponry Robotic components
  • Super strength w/robotic components
  • Booster rockets and jets in roboticized legs for self-propelled flight
  • Built-In Arm Cannon
  • Forcefield generator

Dr. Hedgebot, formerly Warlord Ovi Hedgehog, is an villainous cyborg hedgehog with a metallic arm and legs and an cybernetic eye, evil genius inventor and mad scientist. He provides the main antagonist role.


Dr. Hedgebot was not always half robot. He was a fully fur-and-blood hedgehog until he was captured by Dr. Robotnik. Before that, he was Sonic's favorite teacher at Mobius College School, until he had a fatal accident from one of Uncle Chuck's inventions, Roboticizer, why he is a cyborg and evil.


Dr. Hedgebot is very evil, cold-hearted and sinister. He is sadistic, and dislikes other Mobians. He has random bouts of jealousy, anger, frustration, and feelings of inadequacy throughout his antagonistic role.

Abilties and Weaknesses

Dr. Hedgebot has tremendous strength in his mechanical limbs and can extend them several times their length to improve his reach. He has rocket boosters in his feet for flight and his arm is equipped with a laser cannon and force-field generator.

Strong magnets can be used to restrain him and EMP (electro magnetic pulse) blasts can disable his limbs.


Dr. Hedgebot is depicted in dark red tones, wearing a purple jumpsuit with black belt and having only three claws on his robotic hand. His muzzle and stomach are tan. His right eye is cybernetic and red, and he has a strongly built body.


  • Dr. Hedgebot is voiced by Keith David.
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