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"You try to do good, but the world shuns you for your past crimes. The genocides, the murder... all of it. They leave no stone unturned, no thought unuttered. And they don't give you a second chance... they don't care. Why do I brush it off, why do I save the world, even though they hate me? Because I'm trying to make sure that history never repeats itself again."

- Quote from Dr. Finitevus

Doctor Finitevus
430 × 293px
34 (chronologically) ; 39-40 (physically)
Genesis Freedom Fighters
His friends, science, writing
Technology, evil, idiots, corruption
Favorite Activities
Writing, fighting evil, experimenting
Romantic Interests
Trivia the Hedgehog
Ion, Isaac, Reens, Chloe-Su, Yin, Yang, Iris
Chloe-Su (daughter) ; Lara-Su (ex wife) ; Knuckles (father-in-law) ; Julie-Su (mother-in-law) ; Jayda-Su (granddaughter)
Voice Actor
Andrew J. Robinson

Dr. Finitevus is a character who appears in "Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave", and "Ion the Hedgehog, Part 2". He is the current leader of the Genesis Freedom Fighters, a resistance group fighting against the Genesis Lord.

Finitevus's Life So Far...

​For Finitevus's history in the Pre-Genesis Wave timeline, see Dr. Finitevus, Pre-Genesis Wave.

Post Genesis Wave

Finitevus was first featured in the fanfiction known as "Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story" as the secondary main character of the story, as well as an antagonist. Finitevus had at some point married Lara-Su for reasons partially unknown six years ago and the couple had a child named Chloe-Su. Five years after Chloe-Su 's born, Finitevus and his family go to Riki-Le's daughter's unveiling. However, the ceremony was interrupted when Finitevus was shot with a beam of Chaos Energy by a sniper sent by the New Dark Legion. Finitevus was taken to the hospital and his condition was identified as "reverting to his previous form", only to escape later and be captured by the New Dark Legion. 

Finitevus was later transformed against his will into Enerjak and was sent to kill Lara-Su. Enerjak decided along the way to torture Finitevus by killing his parents, Chloe-La and Dax, and taking their Cores to use for Prelates. Finitevus later witnessed the battle between Lara-Su and Enerjak's Prelates and tried to convince Enerjak to stop. Eventually, Enerjak became bored and tried to kill Lara-Su, only for the Guardian to separate him and Finitevus using the Tikal's Prayer spell. This cost Finitevus's chance at being a father, as well as almost all of his memories during the past six years.

Finitevus had been sent to the alternate version of Mobius Prime, now known as the Prime Zone. It is still currently unknown how Finitevus had arrived and at what time he formed the Genesis Freedom Fighters. Finitevus eventually had encountered Ion the Hedgehog, a grey eighteen year old Hedgehog who arrived in his dimension due to a creature known as the Second Devourer annihilating his home planet. Evidently the Genesis Lord had sent the monster to do so, and Ion was hoping to get vengeance.

Finitevus led the group, along with Ion, in an attack on one of the Genesis Lord's factories. The attack failed, and both Ion and Yang the Lynx (a member of the Genesis Freedom Fighters) were captured. Finitevus briefly was going to leave them behind, but after the other two Genesis Freedom Fighters, Iris the Echidna and Yin the Lynx, went to rescue Ion and Yang, he reconsidered. Finitevus returned to the factory, barely managing to save Yin and Iris from being killed by a mech. The trio then rescued Ion and Yang, destroying the factory afterwards. 

Dr. Finitevus later appears in the canonical role play Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave. Later, he appears in DUBSTEPxSonic's canon fan game Sonic Genesis (Fan Game).


Finitevus's personality is basically the same as it was before the Genesis Wave, but with a few key differences:

  • He has demonstrated the ability to change and grow to care about his friends, unlike before the Genesis Wave when he cared for no one.
  • Finitevus also seems to be more aggressive when anyone makes fun of him, unlike before the Genesis Wave. He also has become somewhat whiny, although this had stopped when Reens yelled at him for it.
  • Purging Mobius of its corrupted inhabitants is no longer his top priority, since the Genesis Lord is threat to all of existence and Finitevus had vowed to stop him.
  • Finitevus also becomes aggressive after being reminded several times of his "failure", which even to him is partially unknown due to six years of his memories being mostly erased.
  • Finitevus also has shown the ability to admit his mistakes, unlike before the Genesis Wave. An example can be shown when Reens yells at him for whining and complaining throughout the role play "Sonic Universe Fanfiction Story 1: Dr. Finitevus, Post Genesis Wave". He admitted that he had been acting like an idiot the whole time, and said he would try his best to avoid acting in such a manner again.
  • Finitevus eventually becomes self-sacrificing, contrary to his original point of view before the Genesis Wave. Although Finitevus still considers it to be stupid for a person to be self-sacrificing, he cares about his friends to the point of going against his own views on this subject.


Finitevus is able to manipulate both regular and corrupted Chaos Energy to his will, as well as be able to use the Fusion Shard for certain purposes. Finitevus is also immune to tranquilizers, and he also, like before the Genesis Wave, can place a Hex on the Master Emerald. Finitevus can also heal people, much like Chloe-Su. However, he no longer has his Warp Rings, which can be a disadvantage since he usually used them in combat.

Finitevus also has much experience in science and is able to create computer programs, build special devices (example: before the Genesis Wave, he built the Chaos Syphon), and even hack into networks and create computer viruses.

Finitevus is also skilled in hand to hand combat and can hold his own in most situations. 


Finitevus has his faults, too. There are times when he can either be stone cold (emotionally) or be angry to the extent of attacking anyone near him. He is also very much in love with Trivia, which also poses an issue since she was tasked by D'Era to capture him.

Finitevus also can sometimes panic, and when he does, his mind goes blank and he cannot think straight. Finitevus also hates technology, so he will avoid using it as much as possible, which can pose a threat to the lives of those he cares for.

Finitevus can also become confused in a number of situations, causing him to be unsure if he did the right thing or if he made a mistake. This can also cause him to hesitate in some situations, possibly putting his friends in danger.

Additional Quotes

What kind of a man sets values for himself, then turns around and does the exact opposite of said values?... I guess I'm in that category. - Dr. Finitevus, confused by some of his actions

The Chaos Legion will pay for their treachery... - Dr. Finitevus, planning on getting revenge on the Chaos Legion

This world is corrupted, yet I keep saving it. What's wrong with me....? - Dr. Finitevus, again confused by his actions

Child, really. You should work on your sleeping habits! How do you expect to help us stop the Genesis Lord if you're too busy in la la land? - Dr. Finitevus speaking to Ion


  • Finitevus is in love with Trivia the Hedgehog, Clairebear165's character (although he's about thirty-four years older than Trivia).
  • It has been hinted the Finitevus may be Chloe-Su's father in the future of Light Mobius, but this was not confirmed until "Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story" was written.
  • Finitevus also seems to be more irritable than he was in "Ion the Hedgehog, Part 2".
  • Finitevus had also known Lara-Su the Echidna at some point six years ago and became her husband. How this occurred is partially unknown.
  • Finitevus is ashamed of a failure that occurred in his past. What this failure is wasn't revealed until "Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story" was written.
  • Dr. Finitevus is currently voiced by Andrew J. Robinson, the same actor who portrayed Elim Garak on "Star Trek Deep Space Nine".


Dr. Finitevus in "Light Mobius Future: The Origins"

Finitevus's nightmare about Enerjak... artwork is mine, if course.

Finitevus and his family- Pre-Genesis Wave, Light Mobius

Dr. Finitevus : Post Genesis Wave

Dr. Finitevus as Enerjak

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