Doctor Finitevus was an Echidna from the city of Echidnaopolis. After an experiment with Chaos Energy went wrong, Finitevus' mind has slowly transformed into that of a villainous mad scientist. He currently works under Dark Princess in her plans of world domination.


Prior to his transformation, Finitevus was depicted as a red echidna in an orange lab coat. After his transformation, his fur color changed to white; his eyes became yellow with black sclera. He typically wears a flowing, tattered black cape with a gold star-in-a-circle insignia on the back (in some appearance, on the front as well) with a heavy gold crescent-moon clasp. Finitevus also sports holders for his Warp Rings on the forearms and feet, essentially wearing them like heavy bangles or bracers. He also bears a double black crest on his chest. His eyes are rimmed in red; his eyelids are likewise red He also bears small metallic plates on his cheeks as well as think black lines on his head and dreadlocks; these lead to a black-and-yellow diamond-shaped mark on his forehead. Finitevus has gray wraps covering his hands and feet; he also wears a belt with a round gold buckle and a pair of small pince-nez with round (usually purple) lenses.


Finitevus is a master manipulator. Indeed, his plans advanced in the background without any third parties being any the wiser. Though originally he was fully dedicated to Albion's ideals, his transformation left him with a vehement hatred of Mobius' current state of society and an apparent wish to see the world demolished and rebuilt as he believes it should be.

Finitevus is so wicked and crazy, that even the highly villainous Scourge the Hedgehog, who has worked for him on more than one occasion, casually refers to him as "Doctor Evil Von Creepy" when he talks about him. Finitevus is aware of this, but shows no concern either way of the nickname.

Powers and Abilities

Dr. Finitevus is an insane genius of a caliber rivaling that of Dimitri and Dr. Eggman. Due to the accident which caused his transformation, he commands a corrupted form of Chaos energy that is black instead of the usual green and has possibly combined it somehow with another type of power derived from science or magic. Whatever the nature of this corruption, Finitevus can duplicate any ability used by a wielder of pure Chaos energy. He appears to have achieved incredible mastery of his powers, to the point where he can use the energies to create a brainwashing spell in order to render his victims docile and receptive to his commands. These powers were also put to use in a number of inventions, including the Warp Rings. It has been seen that he can control his Warp Rings from these holders with a thought and he seems to also be able to activate them while they are still in the holder to allow him to use his hands on objects at a distance.

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