Finitevus is a former scientist of Albion and currently a member of the Final Freedom Fighters. Despite his history with Knuckles, who happens to be the father of Lara-Su who is the leader of the Final Freedom Fighters, Dr. Finitevus had not many other places to go.

Finitevus's Life So Far...

Dr. Finitevus's life in this dimension is largely the same as his Mobius Prime counterpart. The point of divergence is when Knuckles dies, allowing Finitevus to try and take control of the Master Emerald. The Doctor attempted to use this opportunity, only to be interrupted by the Space Colony ARK II crashing down on Mobius just before he arrived to where the Master Emerald was. Cheated of this chance, Finitevus managed escape mostly unscathed. Not much later, he encountered the former Guardian's daughter, Lara-Su, and the two engaged in a brief fight. However, when Lara-Su subdued him, she had spared him instead of killing him. Finitevus, impressed by Lara-Su's fighting abilities, convinced her that they should work together.

Two years later, the duo found a crippled Rutan living alone in an ancient village. While Lara-Su and Rutan took off on a quest, Finitevus wandered around the village, looking for anything useful. Finitevus ran into a Prelate from the Dark Mobius dimension when he was in the outskirts of the village. The two engaged in a battle, Finitevus gaining the upper hand by slicing the Prelate in half using a Warp Ring. Once the Prelate was subdued, Finitevus remarked that he finally had a chance to experiment that. Just after he said this, the Prelate exploded in his face, and he saw a Core floating away.

Confused by what he just saw, despite being a scientist, Finitevus returned to the village where Lara-Su and Rutan sat, upset that they didn't find what they were looking for. Rutan was added to the team, much to Finitevus's growing confusion (he was aware of Lara-Su's and Rutan's unpleasant history).

The trio later encountered Omega, whom of which at first identified them as threats and attempted to kill them. After a brief fight, Finitevus thought Omega would be a good addition to their team. He and Rutan convinced Lara-Su that Omega should join them, and so Omega was repaired, upgraded, and ready for action.

The group later encountered Dr. Eggman Nega, along with several robots, trying to break in the New Mystic Ruins. They managed to stop him, but it almost cost Lara-Su's life. She was shot in the back by a laser, which barely missed her heart, but Finitevus managed to heal her immediately afterwards, saving her life. Finitevus was later confronted and questioned about it by Lara-Su, but he shushed her away.

Dr. Finitevus and the rest of the Final Freedom Fighters are currently on a quest for the Sword of Acorns.


Dr. Finitevus is a white furred Echidna with black markings on his forehead and spikes, as well as a yellow diamond symbol on his forehead. His irises are yellow, and both his pupils and sclera are black. Finitevus has two black stripes on his chest that resemble the marking found on Guardians. 

Dr. Finitevus typically wears a black cape with a large clasp that has a crescent moon symbol on it. He wears bandages on his hands and feet, as well as bracers that hold Warp Rings on his arms and legs. Finitevus also wears a black belt that has a crescent moon symbol on it, matching the clasp for his cape.


Dr. Finitevus's personality is largely the same as his Mobius Prime counterpart's- he believes no one is stupid enough to sacrifice their own life, and that he can fix Mobius's problems when he is unable to. He often mocks his rivals and doesn't like it when people stand in his way, and believes that the ends justify the means. He may have developed a somewhat soft spot for Lara-Su since he had saved her life, but it is more likely he saved her because he needs her for something not so pleasant.

Skills and Abilities

Dr. Finitevus is a skilled scientist (as proved when he and Lara-Su repair and even upgrade Omega), and has great combat skill as well (since he defeated a Prelate using his Warp Rings), and is apparently a survivalist as well, since he managed to stay alive when the Space Colony ARK II crashed on Mobius.

Finitevus is also a master of manipulation and can convince even a strong willed person to do something, such as when he convinced Lara-Su that they should work together and to let Omega join the team.

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