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Cquote1.png If he truly is a Smith, then he does not deserve to have that name. Cquote2.png
Finitevus to Braveheart the Fox about Duke Smith

This is an alternate version of the infamous villain Dr. Finitevus who resides in Dark Mobius. Unlike Prime Zone counterpart, he is not hostile toward the warriors, and helps them out despite their reluctance and mistrust. He is set to appear in the upcoming story Secrets of the Dark World: Aftermath.


Finitevus retains his appearance from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics.


Unlike his Prime Zone counterpart, this Finitevus lacks hostility toward the warriors. He is respectful to the warriors, is willing to acknowledge their achievements, and has denounced his past hostility. He also dislikes anyone trying to cause trouble, as he states that Duke is undeserving of the Smith name.


Between the events of Secrets of the Dark World: Conquest and Part 1, Finitevus was among the many heroes and villains to fall to Dark Enerjak, and be reduced to a Core. In Sonic Universe Issue 28, his core was used to make a Prelate to fight Silver the Hedgehog. After Fox the Brave and Splash the Greninja's involvement in World of Shadows, Finitevus' fate was unknown, but it was revealed in Secrets of the Dark World: Aftermath that he was successfully restored, and made peace with the warriors.




Braveheart the Fox

Finitevus lacks the hostility toward the warriors that his Prime Zone counterpart maintains. Despite their mistrust and reluctance toward him, Finitevus treats them with respect, and appears to have become outright friendly toward Braveheart.

Jones Smith

Despite Jones's mistrust toward him, Finitevus regards him with the same respect he does the other warriors.


Not counting Rockefeller the Hunter(a dog), who made one appearance, this Finitevus is the only incarnation of a villain to truly repent of his ways.

It is mentioned from Jones' POV in Secrets of the Dark World: Aftermath that while Finitevus isn't hostile toward the warriors, he maintains his scorn toward their beliefs in the Spirits in the Stars, as he openly mocks Tai's plan to restore Braveheart.

  • Unlike his Prime Zone counterpart, this Finitevus does appear to acknowledge the Spirits do exist, as he isn't surprised by Tai's appearance, while his Prime Zone counterpart appears shocked at the appearance of Locke's Spirit after the Final Battle.
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