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{{Article Quote|Join me Austin, and you can help me save these Worlds from the corruption that rules them.|Finitevus to Austin Smith, Austin's Battle}}
{{Article Quote|This 'Resistance' is led by no more than a boy. One who will soon realize the foolishness of his fight and end it soon enough. Leave him to me, and I'll make sure he realizes this sooner rather than later.|Fintievus replying to Infinite's inquiry about Lucky's Resistance, Resistance Rising}}
''You may be looking for his [[Dr. Finitevus (Dark Mobius; Burpy's Dream)|Dark Mobius counterpart]]''
''You may be looking for his [[Dr. Finitevus (Dark Mobius; Burpy's Dream)|Dark Mobius counterpart]]''

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Cquote1 This 'Resistance' is led by no more than a boy. One who will soon realize the foolishness of his fight and end it soon enough. Leave him to me, and I'll make sure he realizes this sooner rather than later. Cquote2
Fintievus replying to Infinite's inquiry about Lucky's Resistance, Resistance Rising

You may be looking for his Dark Mobius counterpart

Dr. Finitevus is a villainous Echidna who is a mortal enemy of both Knuckles the Echidna and Austin Smith, as well as a major antagonist in The Legend of Fox the Brave, following Sonic.EXE, despite being more focused on Austin instead of Fox. He is officially the main antagonist of the Fleeing Evil Saga as well as the latest stories in the newly-named Shattered Storm Saga. He is also the main antagonist of A Brother's Search, and returns as a major character in both Return of Evil and Storm of Darkness.


Finitevus retains his appearance from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics that were released in the US.


Finitevus retains his personality from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics that were released in the US.

Most of the time, Finitevus acts very uncaring or even cruel towards those he targets. He is very manipulative and is not above lying to anyone if it suits his goals, especially Austin Smith. Finitevus is willing to fake sympathy or kindness, but only if it suits his intentions/goals. When it comes to Austin Smith, Finitevus is almost willing to do anything, even going to far as to directly attack Austin's own brother, fatally injuring him, and trick Austin's elder son Dallas into following him. As shown in the Epilogue for Hidden Evil, Finitevus appears to be unable or unwilling to understand the concept of the friendship between Austin and Boulder, as Austin had refused to leave while his Lycanroc Z-Partner was in trouble.


Before the Series:Finitevus' history has never been mentioned in the series(having been revealed at the end of StH: #182). Though it was never mentioned, Finitevus overheard the leader of the Mega Force warning E.J. the Hedgehog and the Guardian Locke about Austin coming to the Four Worlds prior to the young warrior's arrival.

Austin's Adventures: When Austin arrives, Finitevus would first meets the young dog in the jungle just outside Echidnaopolis after Austin managed to rid himself of his bothersome shorts. Austin is visibly nervous as Finitevus regards him with a cold stare. Austin slinks past Finitevus, extremely fearful. Later, just outside Lamarkie Forest, Austin-unable to sleep-heads into the forest and encounters Finitevus, who requests his "help". When Austin tries to leave, insisting that he has to, Finitevus warns him that he knows where he came from, and that "it would be a shame if anyone found out."

A Brother's Search: Finitevus is the main villain. While Michael is on Angel Island, staying with the Red Fox Pack for the time being, he is kidnapped by the Dark Legion(though unmentioned, Finitevus instigated this). When Michael regains consciousness in the Legion's prison, Finitevus mockingly greets him, and the young white-furred German Shepherd becomes afraid, remembering his brother's fear of the mad Echidna. Finitevus then explains that no one else knows where he is, to which the young dog asks about who brought him here. Finitevus replies that he's made sure that they won't reveal where he is. He then goes on to explain his reasoning for why he had Michael captured, sneeringly adding that he "happened" to see "a young dog" that looked similar to him, saying, "I believe he said his name was Austin.". Michael starts to become hopeful, but a bit afraid when Finitevus adds that Michael is going to "help" him find Austin. Over an unknown period of time, Finitevus continuously taunts Michael while trying to get him to give up what he knows, growing impatient when he fails to learn anything from the young dog(partly out of lack of knowledge on Austin's whereabouts). After an unknown amount of time, Michael is brought out during one of Finitevus' endeavors to get Austin, but is sneakily rescued by a disguised Redpelt. After Michael gets information from a scarred Greninja, and after settling down for the night, Finitevus sneaks up on the young loner. The young dog tries to slip away, wanting to avoid conflict, but Finitevus grabs him and yanks him off his paws, making him snarl in pain when he hits his head. Finitevus mocks Michael for his escape, then stating he might be too late to keep him from his brother, spotting a patrol nearby. Michael follows his gaze and spots a Manectric, a cat, a Charmeleon, and his brother. Finitevus warns Michael that sooner or later, he'll have what he needs from Austin, telling him that Austin has vast knowledge of the Worlds that will help him to achieve his goals. After arriving at The Storming Base, when Michael is settling down in Austin's room, he contemplates Finitevus' warning before relaying it to his brother. In the Epilogue, Michael is in the hospital, dying of his injuries; and it is mentioned that Finitevus caused them.

The War of Time: Finitevus instigates the War of Time by turning Knuckles into Enerjak, but is later defeated by the combined efforts of E.J. the Werehog and Dragonite. In Austin's Adventures, it is revealed that Finitevus overheard Austin tell Fox what he needed in order to win the first fight. After the battle, Finitevus is arrested, but-as revealed in the prologue of Splash's Raid-Finitevus escapes from prison, since it was shown that he was released by Dark Enerjak, who released him to exact his vengeance on Fox.

The Fleeing Evil Saga:

  • Hunt for a Storm Fighter: Finitevus first finds Austin in the Lamarkie Forest, telling him that he needed his "help". Terrified, Austin flees the forest. Finitevus later finds Austin on Angel Island when the young warrior flees there with Knuckles' help. After Austin hides at a small pond and howls his misery, Finitevus attacks and knocks the young warrior out. When Austin regains consciousness, Finitevus taunts the young warrior. Austin tries to get up but is held down(though unmentioned, it's possible he did this with his Chaos Powers). Austin tries to surge upward and bite Finitevus, but is again held down. Finitevus taunts Austin, saying he didn't want to do anything unpleasant to him. When Austin asks why, Finitevus states that Fox had said that the young warrior's knowledge had proven very helpful. Finitevus also reveals that following his escape from prison, he eluded the patrols, and waited for a chance to get Austin. The mad "doctor" then leaves to deal with something else(presumably the Chaotix and DFF, given that Hunt for a Storm Fighter is set during the events of Sonic Universe Issue #11). Later, when Austin is climbing the chain to Angel Island out of curiosity, Finitevus finds him. The villainous Echidna commends Austin on his escape, and mockingly "thanks" Austin for giving himself away on his first escape attempt, since he wouldn't have found him otherwise-leading to Austin berating himself for being such an idiot. Finitevus then questions Austin's loyalty to Fox, and the young warrior snarls that while Fox is arrogant and short-tempered(silently adding that Finitevus was worse), he was a leader worth following. Finitevus then coldly states that Austin's arrogance will be his downfall. Austin snarls that what he knows is not for him, and lets go, plunging to the ground; he survives but dislocates his left hip(which Mighty puts back into its socket). At the end of the story, Finitevus re-captures Austin, coldly telling him that he shouldn't have tried to escape.
  • Austin's Terror: Finitevus first appears when he enters where Austin is being held(likely somewhere near Downunda given that Austin couldn't walk very far with a heavy limp from a dislocated hip). Finitevus once again tells Austin that he shouldn't have tried to escape. Austin retorts, sarcastically asking if Finitevus thought if he would give up his information. When the shaggy warrior tries to shift his position to lessen the weight on his dislocated hip, Finitevus notices Austin's wrist-com, and sneeringly asks if it was something to contact his friends with, removing it. Finitevus then adds that he can't have Austin trying to call his friends. He then forces the young warrior to reveal when the Storming Base is the emptiest, which is told to Dark Enerjak, who destroys the Base-leading to Austin being banished from the Storm Fighters. Finitevus reveals [part of] his plan to use Austin's knowledge to "cleanse" the Worlds. Austin flees to Angel Island once more, this time with Rokky the Krokorok, who'd wandered away for unknown reasons. They choose to live at Angel Island and Knuckles allows them to stay, angry at Finitevus for tricking Fox into driving Austin away.
  • Austin's Return: Austin has a nightmare about Enerjak destroying the Worlds, and Finitevus laughing at him. The young warrior wakes up in the middle of the night and decides to take a walk. While Austin is ranting to the Spirits in the Stars, Finitevus openly mocks his beliefs, and when a furious Austin attacks him, Finitevus diverts the warrior into the ground-knocking him out. Rokky-who'd set out to look for Austin after Julie-Su asked where he'd gone-witnessed Finitevus taking Austin after knocking him out. Finitevus is later seen heading away from the Storming Base, and is confronted by Austin, who pins him to the ground, ranting angrily. When Austin is distracted by Lucky the Lucario, Finitevus knocks the brown-and-black warrior off him and escapes through a Warp Ring.
  • The Lost Fox: Later, using the same plot he used to turn Knuckles into Enerjak, Finitevus manages to gain control over Feral Fox and uses him to capture Austin, killing Coal the Wolf in the process. Finitevus reveals to Austin that the only way to free Fox is for either Austin or Michael to give their lives since this time, Fox couldn't be saved by someone who was from the Four Worlds. This plan failed when Austin took a Thunder Punch to the gut, freeing Fox. Finitevus eluded Master Splash, saying that he wasn't finished before leaving.
  • Raging Storm: In the Prologue, Finitevus throws Fox off a cliff, though its later revealed that the latter survived. In the next chapter, Braveheart-Fox's son-angrily attacks, trying to avenge his father's "death", but nearly falls off himself. Finitevus grabs the back of Braveheart's shirt, causing him to have a flashback to when Dark Enerjak had captured him and stolen his Core. Finitevus snidely tells Braveheart that he will let him live for now, as he needs someone to tell the Alliance, and that the Alliance was "his" now. After Braveheart breaks the news to the Alliance, Finitevus mocks their reaction to the news, with hostile reactions from many. It's revealed that Finitevus brought the Destructix to keep the Alliance members in check, resulting in constant bullying and threats aimed at the warriors. Finitevus later catches Braveheart, Splash, Nomis the Noivern, Austin Smith, and Longmire the Cat sneaking off in the middle of the night to get Dallas and Dakota to safety. During the first Storming Revolt, Braveheart and Bushel the Torterra confront Finitevus, but Bushel's Iron Head is redirected toward Braveheart, badly injuring him. Following the event, it's mentioned that Finitevus' grip on the Alliance is tightened. Later, a second Storming Revolt is attempted, but while the Destructix are captured and arrested, Finitevus escapes after a quick fight with Fire Fox and Master Splash, though Splash chases after him, disappearing through the Warp Ring.
  • Dallas and Dakota: Brothers in Trouble: Dallas encounters Finitevus, who tells him he wishes to speak with the pup's father, Austin. Austin reluctantly complies and meets Finitevus in Lamarkie Forest where Dallas found him. After Austin refuses to go with him, Finitevus warns Austin that he has his ways of making the brown and black-furred warrior listen. A few weeks later, this turns out to be kidnapping Dallas, as Finitevus uses a Warp Ring to snatch the pup, later revealing that he planned to use Dallas as leverage against Austin. When Splash saves the pup and gives him to a rescue patrol, Finitevus battles the Megastone Rogues' leader.
  • Struggle Against the Shadows: In the Prologue, Finitevus is obviously surprised to find Splash chase after him through the Warp Ring. His surprise quickly gone, Finitevus blocks a Cut from Master Splash, and attempts to win the Greninja over, offering him anything he wants. Splash shoves the mad Echidna away, furiously replying that what he wanted was to lead his Team in peace; angrily saying that he didn't ask to become leader of The Megastone Rogues, but Sonic.EXE killed Tai the Charizard, his foster father. Thoroughly enraged, Splash attacks, but this fails. Finitevus sneers that this "Sonic" sounds interesting, and that he might look forward to a visitor, before shoving Splash through a Warp Ring that somehow reached the Land of Shadows. Splash manages to use his tongue-scarf swipe a Warp Ring from Finitevus before the open one closes, trapping him in the Land of Shadows. Later, Splash overhears Finitevus' plans for young Dallas(during the events of Dallas and Dakota: Brothers in Trouble), and helps the pup escape, turning him over to a search patrol before going off to find Finitevus. After another fight, Finitevus disappears.
  • Austin's Battle: He has Sleek burn down the forest that the feral cat Clan SwiftClan live in, and is spotted by Austin after the vindictive Salazzle implies the mad Echidna's involvement. Austin calls him out on this, before passing out from smoke inhalation. Finitevus then boredly observes Blaster the Mega Blastoise and Rynok the Rhydon clearing out the fallen trees. When he sees E.J., he decides to tell Austin about the warning the Hedgehog and Locke had been given prior to the young dog's arrival. When he does this, and E.J. unhappily confirms this Austin's faith in the Spirits is badly shaken. Later, Lycus' Gang came to Lamarkie Village, and did battle with an Alliance patrol while Austin climbed atop a two-story building in the Village and got into an argument with Finitevus before his hind paws slipped and he fell to the ground, jarring an old back injury.
  • Austin's Flight: Finitevus was first referenced during Silver's patrol when Austin jumped into a bush and came out with moss and leaves draped over his shoulders and head, as well as a bit of foliage on his nose, and began mimicking him, much to the amusement of Storm and Diggs. Later, after Silver's patrol is ambushed and Austin and Storm are captured, Finitevus made his official first appearance when Austin regains consciousness. Austin says Storm's name, and Finitevus mockingly remarks that Austin was the one he'd been looking for. When Storm comes to as well, he is almost immediately held down by Silvally. Austin tries to hurry over to save his friend, but Finitevus grabs the loose skin on the back of the young dog's neck, jerking his head back so sharply it causes his back to spasm painfully. When Austin recovers from his fit, he demands for Finitevus to release Storm. Finitevus snidely says that he needs some way for Austin to divulge his knowledge. When the young dog wonders what will happen if he doesn't, Finitevus coldly answers that Storm will lose his life. This is enough for Austin to give in. An unknown time later, Storm riles Austin up into fighting. After Austin fights Lycus, Finitevus arrives, demanding to know what's going on. The younger black and brown dog snarls that he's done being bullied, and Finitevus tells Austin to follow him. In the next chapter, Arguments and Promises, Austin attempts to sneak attack Finitevus, only to get slammed in the chest and knocked to the ground. Finitevus then attempts to get Austin to follow him, but is turned down. Austin again attempts to leap for the mad Echidna, but Finitevus dodges, grabbing Austin's left back leg when he kicks out, and twists it so Austin's back spasms again. When Austin and Storm flee, he lets them. Finitevus is later mentioned in the Epilogue when Silver and Diggs return from the patrol and deliver the bad news. Silver silently swears that he'll make Finitevus pay.
  • Austin's Exile: In the Prologue, Silver and Diggs return to the site where their patrol had been ambushed, and Finitevus is mentioned in Silver's thoughts. In the first Chapter, Ten Carat Home, Finitevus is mentioned in Storm's thoughts when he angrily reflects that he hates Finitevus for the pure and simple fact that the villainous Echidna had bent Austin to his will, since Austin had been having regular nightmares. Later, Finitevus and Lycus' Gang arrive in the cave Austin and Storm are hiding in with the old Midday Lycanroc Blast. Finitevus demands to know where the two warriors-who are hiding-are, but Blast distracts them long enough for the two to escape. When Austin and Storm make it to the nearby city's harbor, Austin climbs to a high point of the boat he and Storm board, and notices Finitevus. Their gazes lock, and the brown-and-black loner realizes that Finitevus had left the cave to look for them(presumably through a Warp Ring). Later, when the old Albino Midday Lycanroc Ice Fang speaks with Austin, Finitevus and Silvally ambush Storm at the bottom of the Altar of the Sunne, where the former pair are speaking. Austin and Ice Fang hear Storm's cry, and Austin hurries down to save his friend. Finitevus calmly states that Austin already knows of his demands, to which the young loner snarls that he's given his answer more than once. Finitevus bluntly reminds him that if he doesn't give in, Storm will lose his life. Silvally then raises a hind foot and slams it down on Storm, making him snarl with pain. Austin then slams into Silvally to knock it off of Storm, and runs away. Finitevus is later mentioned first by Austin when he and Storm are trying to hike up the mountain Ice Fang lives on but are stuck in a blizzard. Austin insists that he has to see Ice Fang since the old Lycanroc had hinted that he knew information about Finitevus. Disbelieving, Storm exclaims that he thought Austin knew about Finitevus from the comics he read in his home-World. Austin states that he thought he did, but now he wasn't sure. Storm then says that he refuses to help Austin pursue a foolish goal, and heads down, only to get ambushed yet again by Finitevus and Silvally. Finitevus is next mentioned by Ice Fang when he compares Austin's determination to Finitevus' obsession. Austin hears Storm's cry, and hurries down to help him-not before Ice Fang tells him of the home that awaits him and Storm. Austin finds Finitevus with Lycus' Gang, and lets out a furious snarl that echoes down the mountain, momentarily surprising Finitevus. Austin reflects that he now had the element of surprise when Finitevus used it to scare him so badly. After startling Knuckles and Blackbelly so badly they release Storm, Austin gives Finitevus a smug look before fleeing with Storm. Later, Lycus' Gang finds the canyon where Austin and Storm are living. While something knocks out Lycus, Austin and Storm try to flee the canyon-almost crashing into Finitevus. The young loner immediately whips around and flees in the opposite direction, kicking Storm to get him moving. Finitevus is distracted by something, and does not pursue them.

The Lost Pack: The warrior Redpelt says that before the War of Time, he managed to spot Finitevus doing something to the Master Emerald, thus making him partly responsible for the Red Fox Pack's "banishment" from Angel Island.

Storm's Struggle: In the Prologue, Finitevus has Lycus' Gang attempt to break the Destructix out of jail, but the result of this is left ambiguous. It's later hinted that this jailbreak was successful, since Storm spots a silhouetted hedgehog figure next to Finitevus. Towards the end, Finitevus yet again tries unsuccessfully to win Austin and Storm over, later leading to the two friends to fight. In the Epilogue, it's revealed that Finitevus, Dallas, and Lycus watched the fight, and overheard the strange Shattered Storm prophecy. Lycus deduces that it's focusing on Austin, comfirming Finitevus' suspicions while Dallas-refusing to acknowledge anything to do with his father, tries to disprove this. Finitevus warns Dallas to watch himself before walking off, reflecting on his thoughts on Austin's "foolishness" and attempts to hide.

Storm's War: Though unnamed, Finitevus is heard by Cori in the Prologue. He later appears in the chapter Found Out after startling Austin and Storm while they're hanging out in the Chaos Chamber, and Austin relates to Storm knowledge of the games he played back home. While Austin shrinks down in terror, Storm stands in a protective stance in front of him and demands answers from Finitevus, judging that the villainous Echidna isn't very impressed by him. Later, when Austin and Storm try to flee, Finitevus grabs Storm's arm tightly, painfully wrenching his shoulder, and begins taunting Austin about their previous encounter in Lamarkie Forest. Austin is caught between fight or flight, but Storm manages to free himself when Finitevus is distracted by Fire Fox(Fox's Super Form). When Finitevus tries to go after Austin and Storm again, Fire Fox leaps in front of him, snarling at him to leave them alone. Later, in the chapter Discovery, Finitevus' infamous quote from Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 184 is heard right at the end as he says "To break the hex and my control, someone must sacrifice their own life!". Austin immediately becomes terrified, and Storm decides to have the brown and black warrior stay where he is while [Storm] goes to help Locke and Julie-Su in their fight against Finitevus. Storm hits Finitevus' side with Aqua Jet, but after turning around to do it again, Storm is knocked off-kilter by the mad Echinda. Storm manages to pull off a Sonic Boom before his feet slip off the edge of the Shrine Isle and he clings desperately toe the ledge. When Austin tries to go save his friend, Finitevus blocks him, once again taunting him. Austin furiously snarls at Finitevus to get out of his way before shoving past him and grabbing Storm. While the young dog is attempting to pull Storm up, he gets struck in the face by Finitevus(resulting in a black eye). Austin hauls Storm up while Finitevus attacks Locke. Later, Finitevus is teleported away by Archimedes, but soon returns, raging about how Locke undid his plans. He is knocked down to the edge of the Isle by a furious Knuckles, who then demands he get back up to face his crimes. However, Finitevus escapes through a Warp Ring that he opens beneath him and drops through. A few weeks later, after Austin and Storm marvel at the former's pups Dallas and Dakota, Austin-now with a bandage over his swollen eye-reveals to Storm that Finitevus has been arrested. The pair soon head for the prison where Finitevus is being held, relieving Roy and Kaendan from their guard duty. Later, as Austin and Storm are leaving, Austin happily says "No more Finitevus!", but they are startled by a cold remark from the mad doctor himself. Finitevus warns them that he isn't finished with either of them, and that this is only the beginning, hinting at future trouble.

Legends of the Alliance:

In this anthology story, Finitevus appears in only two chapters:

  • Guardian's Anger: Set during the opening events of Archie Sonic Universe Issue 12, Finitevus is first mentioned in Tai's blurb as the Charizard is briefly describing Knuckles' character and his animosity with Finitevus. In the chapter itself, Finitevus is first mentioned in Knuckles' thoughts when he describes how Austin had fled when they were attacked by Finitevus. Later, as Finitevus leaves the building after explaining his motives for aiding to Downunda Dark Egg Legion, Knuckles angrily demands to know where Austin is. Finitevus evades the question, stating simply that it was none of Knuckles' concern, also saying "But I will say that he will be helping me quite a bit." Knuckles mentions that he was more than happy to toss Finitevus off Angel Island, for Austin as well as Locke, though he was unhappy to have to leave Austin in order to protect the Master Emerald. At the end of the Chapter, Knuckles describes that he was furious to learn how Finitevus' actions resulted in Austin and Storm being forced to flee the Four Worlds.
  • Evil's Plans: After Tai's blurb briefly describing him, Finitevus(from a first-person POV like the other chapters) describes how he came to learn about Austin and his vast knowledge of the Worlds, as well as when he first met the young dog. Right then and there, Finitevus deduces that if Austin already knows about him, then it is "only a fraction of what he knew" that was obvious. He goes on to explain that during their next meeting in Lamarkie Forest, the young soon-to-be warrior's insistence to remain with Locke and later his stubbornness greatly irritated him. He snidely remarks that Austin's knowledge would prove greatly useful, and that "It's just a shame he hasn't realized it yet". Finitevus then reveals that after escaping from prison, he evaded further capture; learning and memorizing patrol routes and biding his time and planning his next move. After that, he reveals how he learned a little from Austin's memories while he had the Storm Fighter and his Rogue Squad Buizel friend Storm as his captives(during Austin's Flight), and while it was a small bit, it was some of what he wanted. Finitevus goes on to say that after Austin and Storm fled, [Finitevus] went after Michael, Austin's brother, in an attempt to force Austin himself out of hiding, only for it to fail-much to Finitevus' anger. Finitevus finishes by coldly saying that sooner or later, he'll have what he needs from Austin, and when the Worlds are rebuilt "as they should be", Austin will keep helping him, "whether he likes it or not.

The Hidden Warriors: Though unnamed, Finitevus makes a cameo in this story. He is first seen by a curious young Roy the Fox, who follows. Realizing he's being followed, Finitevus stops and glares at the cub, who becomes frozen with fear. Raymond grabs Roy and yanks him away, snarling at Finitevus to get lost. Raymond is seen snarling at Finitevus before taking Roy back to Mona and Locke.

The Dusk Wolf: Finitevus returns as an antagonist in this story. He is the focus of a prophecy given to Boulder the Lycanroc by Argus the Wolf. He first appears in a vision Boulder has while Sky and Rigor are taking care of several Arrows stuck in Austin's pelt. He is mentioned by name by Austin in the next chapter. Later, when Boulder finds an old tuft of Michael Smith's fur, he has a vision of the night Finitevus ambushed and fatally injured Michael. Several moons later, Boulder and Dawn finds where Finitevus had Austin and Storm captured(during the events of Austin's Flight) and Boulder has a vision of what happened. The younger Dusk Lycanroc then has a vision of Crunch joining Finitevus. The mad doctor finally makes a true physical appearance in Brother's Betrayal when he tauntingly calls Dawn's argument with Crunch "sweet". During the fight between a Storming Alliance patrol and Lycus' Gang, Finitevus takes the opportunity to sneak off to the Master Emerald to bring back Enerjak. He is next seen by Boulder as he leads the Storming Alliance patrol to the Emerald to stop the villain. Fox shoots ahead of the young Lycanroc, ordering Finitevus to get away, but is knocked aside by Knuckles. As Boulder comes close, Finitevus gives the young Lycanroc a sneer, stopping him in his tracks, as the same look was given to Boulder during his first vision.

Tide of War: Finitevus appears in the Epilogue when he arrives at the Storming Base with Lycus. Looking tired and defeated, Finitevus surprises everyone at the Base when he offers to help them fight in the War of Darkness, claiming to have realized the true threat looming over the Worlds.

Storm of Warriors: Boulder spies Finitevus near where E.J. and Pyro the Charizard are sorting out patrols. The Lycanroc notices his gaze is focused on Austin, who has his back turned to E.J. and reflects with a sigh that despite offering to help the warriors, it was clear that the mad doctor's obsession with Austin still took priority in his own mind. Much later, during the Final Battle, Boulder spots Finitevus at the edge of the fight, and is angry that he isn't actually fighting. As he kicks a Prelate away, Boulder sees Finitevus focusing on Austin nearby, and is doing something. At first angry, Boulder realizes that what Finitevus is doing is actually helping Austin, as the big dog is hitting harder than normal. After the fight and his own silent confrontation with what remains of Dark Enerjak's armor, Boulder-with the Scepter of Darkness gripped in his jaws, turns to see Finitevus standing with Lycus a ways away from the warriors. Finitevus glances at Boulder-their gazes meeting-gives him a small nod then leaves without saying anything. Boulder reflects that while the War of Darkness was over, their trouble with Finitevus wasn't.

The Phantom Storm

The Heart of a Warrior: Finitevus first appears after Boulder returns to the camp with Shadow. For unknown reasons, he is trying to "help" the warriors, but is greeted by hostility from them. Later, after Rex the Wolf is rescued and the warriors brainstorm a plan to rescue Pebble from the Death Egg, the warriors marvel at the fact the Death Egg is around, with Storm speculating that Eggman was busy during the War of Darkness and Austin's trouble with Finitevus, giving the latter a hostile look that is ignored. During Captured Camp, Finitevus is present when the warriors are captured by Eggman's robots, and is taken along with them(while Boulder's son Pebble) escapes. He is then put in a cell with Austin, who falls unconscious from injuries he received trying to attack Infinite. Later, when Pebble evolves and defeats Infinite, Austin unlocks the cell he's in, thus also freeing Finitevus. He does not appear in the story afterward, but in the Epilogue, is mentioned to not be among the warriors returning to the Storming Base.


As revealed at the end of StH: #182, following an incident with Chaos Knuckles, Finitevus' abilities were enhanced, but his mind was warped, leading to him believing that the world(the Four Worlds in The Legend of Fox the Brave) was undeniably corrupt. Finitevus has his own form of Chaos powers, despite not using them very often, and only using them on Austin to hold him down(with it being described in a very roundabout way). Finitevus has a habit of using Warp Rings to divert his opponents' attacks, which caused Fox to fall off Drop-Off Cliff.


Finitevus' weaknesses are unknown since he rarely actively participates in combat, preferring to use others to fight for him. It's quite possible that Finitevus' lack of experience in true physical combat is his weakness, since in Austin's Return, Austin was able to use his greater weight to pin him to the ground.


"You think this is over? Far from it. I'm not finished with either of you. This is only the beginning."
— Finitevus to Austin and Storm, Storm's War
"Sooner or later, I'll have what I need from him, and when the Worlds are rebuilt as they should be, he will continue to help me, whether he realizes it or not."
—Finitevus speaking about Austin while ending his story to the reader, Legends of the Alliance, "Evil's Plans"


Austin Smith

Finitevus happened to overhear a warning that mentioned the youngster's vast knowledge of the Four Worlds, and immediately thought that he could use Austin's knowledge to his advantage. As a result, he is obsessed with obtaining what the young dog knows. The young dog's paralyzing fear of Finitevus commonly prevents him from fighting, which the mad doctor often uses to his advantage, constantly trying and failing to manipulate or force the younger warrior into helping him.

Michael Smith

Austin's spunky younger brother doesn't have as much knowledge as Austin himself, so Finitevus didn't really consider him much of a threat. However, in A Brother's Search, while working for the Dark Legion(for his own reasons), Finitevus has Michael captured with the hopes of possibly learning where Austin was, to no avail. Much later, after Austin and Storm fled the Worlds to hide from him, Finitevus directly attacks Michael and fatally injures him. He later dies of his injuries.

Knuckles the Echidna

  • Archie: Finitevus largely views the Guardian with great scorn, thinking nothing of using him as Enerjak during the War of Time, and consistently mocking and taunting him throughout their conflict near the end of Archie Sonic Universe Issue 12.
  • Sonic Boom: Though unconfirmed, it's likely that Finitevus doesn't think very highly of Bygone Island's Knuckles given his lack of intelligence.

Dallas Smith

As seen in the Prologue for Hidden Evil Finitevus doesn't think highly of Dallas because the young warrior's loyalty to his kin led to him ditching Lycus' Gang in favor of returning to the Storming Alliance, though his decision eventually cost him his life. After E.J. mentions Dallas' sacrifice, Finitevus-while thinking to himself-indirectly but very blatantly calls Dallas a fool

Dakota Smith

Though unconfirmed, it's likely Finitevus doesn't think very highly of Dakota due to the young warrior's strong loyalty to his kin and Team and determination to stay with them. This is especially true when Finitevus shows he has no qualms about making an attempt on Dakota's life.

Boulder the Lycanroc

Finitevus took an interest in Boulder after seeing him and his Z-Partner Austin master Continental Crush, unaware that other Pokemon could use Z-Moves too. In Hidden Evil, Finitevus temporarily manages to control Boulder by corrupting the power going through the Lycanroc while they were powering up Continental Crush. This failed during a fight between Boulder and Austin when Boulder broke free of Finitevus' control.

Crunch the Lycanroc

Crunch initially joined Lycus' Gang to ruin the budding romance between his sister Dawn and her future mate Boulder due to his overprotective nature and his dislike of Boulder. When he was told off by Dawn, he ran away, but later returned after hearing Dawn had a daughter named Sunny. After being exiled from the Alliance when the warriors believed he led Finitevus there(due to Lycus' Gang and the Destructix attacking), Crunch was found by the mad doctor again and used to kidnap Sunny so that Finitevus could use her to force Boulder to give in to his demands. Having had a change of heart toward his brother-in-law, Crunch quickly turned on Finitevus and joined the Megastone Rogues.

Sunny the Lycanroc

Finitevus views Sunny as little more than a means to an end, using her as leverage against Boulder by threatening her if Boulder-Sunny's father-becomes aggressive. This quite possibly mirrors his initial plans with a young Dallas in Brothers in Trouble.


StH 184 Cover
On the cover of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 184
StH 171
After tricking Locke, Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 171
StH 171 2
Plotting, Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 171
184 Screen Shot
Revealing the rules of his control over Knuckles, StH 184; This quote was also used in Storm's War
StH 182 Cover
On the cover of StH Issue 182
SU 12
Trying to win Knuckles over, Sonic Universe #12


In the Prologue for Austin's Exile, it was mentioned that Silver the Lucario couldn't sense Finitevus' aura, but he didn't know why. While the reasons for this are unknown, it may possibly be because of Finitevus' corrupted Chaos energy powers interfering with Silver's natural ability to sense and use aura.

In The Villain's Reveal, Finitevus' past is somewhat explored, since Silver somehow goes back in time and learn what happens in Finitevus' past to make him how he is.

Finitevus is technically the cause of Shane, Forrest, Coal, Michael, and Locke's deaths, since his plans resulted in their deaths.

  • Michael's death is the only one directly caused by him.

While most Echidnas don't believe in the Spirits in the Stars like Pokemon and other Mobians, Finitevus apparently takes this to the extreme, openly mocking Austin's beliefs in Austin's Return.

So far, Finitevus, Eggman, and Sonic.EXE are the only antagonists in the series to not be original characters.

  • Eggman is officially owned by SEGA, Finitevus is from the Archie Comics, and Sonic.EXE is a creepypasta created by someone else.

Finitevus has overtaken Sonic.EXE as the most recurring antagonist, appearing in more stories to date.

The original concept for Hidden Evil was for it to take place from Finitevus' POV sometime before Michael's death, but this was changed to it being a continuation of Boulder's story.

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