Cquote1.png This 'Resistance' is led by no more than a boy. One who will soon realize the foolishness of his fight and end it soon enough. Leave him to me, and I'll make sure he realizes this sooner rather than later. Cquote2.png
Finitevus replying to Infinite's inquiry about Lucky's Resistance, Fall of the Worlds(Epilogue)

You may be looking for his Dark Mobius counterpart


Dr. Finitevus is a character appearing in The Legend of Fox the Brave, who originates from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics. He is a Mobian Echidna and a major antagonist throughout the series with various convoluted plans for reaching his goal: to "cleanse" the Four Worlds by seeing them remade as he sees fit. While he primarily antagonizes Austin Smith, he will still go after others if needed. He is currently holding the young Danny the Wolf prisoner while evading capture.


Finitevus retains his appearance from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics that were released in the US.


Finitevus retains his personality from the Sonic the Hedgehog Archie Comics that were released in the US.

Most of the time, Finitevus acts very uncaring or even cruel towards those he targets. He is very manipulative and is not above lying to anyone if it suits his goals, especially Austin Smith. Finitevus is willing to fake sympathy or kindness, but only if it suits his intentions/goals. When it comes to Austin Smith, Finitevus is almost willing to do anything, even going to far as to directly attack Austin's own brother, fatally injuring him, and trick Austin's elder son Dallas into following him. As shown in the Epilogue for Hidden Evil, Finitevus appears to be unable or unwilling to understand the concept of the friendship between Austin and Boulder, as Austin had refused to leave while his Lycanroc Z-Partner was in trouble.

Latest Appearance: In Rise of Ruin, Finitevus' personality is largely the same as before, but because of the Alliance completely splintering apart, he has no respect for the warriors anymore, and believes the Resistance is little more than a foolish decision made by a boy with delusions of grandeur(either unaware or unwilling to see Lucky's determination to get his home back)


Before the Series:Finitevus' history has never been mentioned in the series(having been revealed at the end of StH: #182). Though it was never mentioned, Finitevus overheard the leader of the Mega Force warning E.J. the Hedgehog and the Guardian Locke about Austin coming to the Four Worlds prior to the young warrior's arrival.

Austin's Adventures: When Austin arrives, Finitevus would first meets the young dog in the jungle just outside Echidnaopolis after Austin managed to rid himself of his bothersome shorts. Austin is visibly nervous as Finitevus regards him with a cold stare. Austin slinks past Finitevus, extremely fearful. Later, just outside Lamarkie Forest, Austin-unable to sleep-heads into the forest and encounters Finitevus, who requests his "help". When Austin tries to leave, insisting that he has to, Finitevus warns him that he knows where he came from, and that "it would be a shame if anyone found out."

A Brother's Search: Finitevus is the main villain. While Michael is on Angel Island, staying with the Red Fox Pack for the time being, he is kidnapped by the Dark Legion(though unmentioned, Finitevus instigated this). When Michael regains consciousness in the Legion's prison, Finitevus mockingly greets him, and the young white-furred German Shepherd becomes afraid, remembering his brother's fear of the mad Echidna. Finitevus then explains that no one else knows where he is, to which the young dog asks about who brought him here. Finitevus replies that he's made sure that they won't reveal where he is. He then goes on to explain his reasoning for why he had Michael captured, sneeringly adding that he "happened" to see "a young dog" that looked similar to him, saying, "I believe he said his name was Austin.". Michael starts to become hopeful, but a bit afraid when Finitevus adds that Michael is going to "help" him find Austin. Over an unknown period of time, Finitevus continuously taunts Michael while trying to get him to give up what he knows, growing impatient when he fails to learn anything from the young dog(partly out of lack of knowledge on Austin's whereabouts). After an unknown amount of time, Michael is brought out during one of Finitevus' endeavors to get Austin, but is sneakily rescued by a disguised Redpelt. After Michael gets information from a scarred Greninja, and after settling down for the night, Finitevus sneaks up on the young loner. The young dog tries to slip away, wanting to avoid conflict, but Finitevus grabs him and yanks him off his paws, making him snarl in pain when he hits his head. Finitevus mocks Michael for his escape, then stating he might be too late to keep him from his brother, spotting a patrol nearby. Michael follows his gaze and spots a Manectric, a cat, a Charmeleon, and his brother. Finitevus warns Michael that sooner or later, he'll have what he needs from Austin, telling him that Austin has vast knowledge of the Worlds that will help him to achieve his goals. After arriving at The Storming Base, when Michael is settling down in Austin's room, he contemplates Finitevus' warning before relaying it to his brother. In the Epilogue, Michael is in the hospital, dying of his injuries; and it is mentioned that Finitevus caused them.

The First Battle: Finitevus' role is largely the same as in the Enerjak Reborn arc in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics by Archie. In the Prologue, when Finitevus is tricking Locke into leaving the Master Emerald, he subtly tries to convince Austin to stay, but the young dog refuses, asserting that he will never trust him. Finitevus is unfazed, saying that Austin will help him regardless. Later on, while Austin and Michael are deciding names for Austin's yet-to-be-born pups, Finitevus surprises them, and personally "invites" Austin to Angel Island, but Austin runs away in terror. Later, Finitevus is mentioned by Austin in a flashback when he's explaining to Julie-Su why he's so terrified of the mad doctor. In the present time, Austin goes with Knuckles to Angel Island, where they are ambushed by the Destructix and handed over to the Flame and Frost Legions, and Scourge(unnamed) mentions that Finitevus(also unnamed) is looking for him. As Austin watches in horror, Finitevus tricks Knuckles into drawing power from the hexed Master Emerald and becoming Enerjak. The doctor later tells Austin about the secret Locke and E.J. had been keeping from him, about his arrival to the Four Worlds.

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A Harrowing Mission: Finitevus first appears in the Prologue, when he meets Bill, in the events at the end of Sonic Universe Issue 8. After Bill leaves, Finitevus thinks to himself that he still needs Austin's knowledge for his plans. He then visits the Storming Base to speak with Austin, thus meeting Dallas, one of Austin's sons. He soon leaves, but is mentioned by Knuckles when he comes to recruit Austin and Storm for a mission. He then appears in the ruins in Downunda after Knuckles, Julie-Su, Mighty, Austin, and Storm leave his lab. They pursue him, with events largely mirroring those of Archie Sonic Universe Issue 10. When Storm is concerned for Austin, Finitevus mockingly says that "he's being a good little boy. As he should be." When Finitevus is next seen, he is standing alone while the Chaotix and DFF are figuring out their next move, and stares at Austin when the young warrior looks at him. Later, Finitevus is put on the DFF's team with Storm in the mission to liberate Angel Island, and he redirects them with his Warp Rings to incapacitate them with help from the Downunda Dark Egg Legion, while Knuckles' team is taken down as well. After Finitevus reveals his motives to the now chained Knuckles, he leaves the building they're being held in, taking Austin with him, as he had requested. Finitevus continues to tell Austin what he has planned for the young man, but Knuckles intervenes, and the two fight. During this fight, Austin slips off the Island, and Finitevus mockingly says that if Austin dies, he dies, but he knows Storm will try to save him.

The Lost Pack: The warrior Redpelt says that before the War of Time, he managed to spot Finitevus doing something to the Master Emerald, thus making him partly responsible for the Red Fox Pack's "banishment" from Angel Island.

Storm's Struggle: In the Prologue, Finitevus has Lycus' Gang attempt to break the Destructix out of jail, but the result of this is left ambiguous. It's later hinted that this jailbreak was successful, since Storm spots a silhouetted hedgehog figure next to Finitevus. Towards the end, Finitevus yet again tries unsuccessfully to win Austin and Storm over, later leading to the two friends to fight. In the Epilogue, it's revealed that Finitevus, Dallas, and Lycus watched the fight, and overheard the strange Shattered Storm prophecy. Lycus deduces that it's focusing on Austin, comfirming Finitevus' suspicions while Dallas-refusing to acknowledge anything to do with his father, tries to disprove this. Finitevus warns Dallas to watch himself before walking off, reflecting on his thoughts on Austin's "foolishness" and attempts to hide.

Legends of the Alliance:

In this anthology story, Finitevus appears in only two chapters:

  • Guardian's Anger: Set during the opening events of Archie Sonic Universe Issue 12, Finitevus is first mentioned in Tai's blurb as the Charizard is briefly describing Knuckles' character and his animosity with Finitevus. In the chapter itself, Finitevus is first mentioned in Knuckles' thoughts when he describes how Austin had fled when they were attacked by Finitevus. Later, as Finitevus leaves the building after explaining his motives for aiding to Downunda Dark Egg Legion, Knuckles angrily demands to know where Austin is. Finitevus evades the question, stating simply that it was none of Knuckles' concern, also saying "But I will say that he will be helping me quite a bit." Knuckles mentions that he was more than happy to toss Finitevus off Angel Island, for Austin as well as Locke, though he was unhappy to have to leave Austin in order to protect the Master Emerald. At the end of the Chapter, Knuckles describes that he was furious to learn how Finitevus' actions resulted in Austin and Storm being forced to flee the Four Worlds.
  • Evil's Plans: After Tai's blurb briefly describing him, Finitevus(from a first-person POV like the other chapters) describes how he came to learn about Austin and his vast knowledge of the Worlds, as well as when he first met the young dog. Right then and there, Finitevus deduces that if Austin already knows about him, then it is "only a fraction of what he knew" that was obvious. He goes on to explain that during their next meeting in Lamarkie Forest, the young soon-to-be warrior's insistence to remain with Locke and later his stubbornness greatly irritated him. He snidely remarks that Austin's knowledge would prove greatly useful, and that "It's just a shame he hasn't realized it yet". Finitevus then reveals that after escaping from prison, he evaded further capture; learning and memorizing patrol routes and biding his time and planning his next move. After that, he reveals how he learned a little from Austin's memories while he had the Storm Fighter and his Rogue Squad Buizel friend Storm as his captives(during Austin's Flight), and while it was a small bit, it was some of what he wanted. Finitevus goes on to say that after Austin and Storm fled, [Finitevus] went after Michael, Austin's brother, in an attempt to force Austin himself out of hiding, only for it to fail-much to Finitevus' anger. Finitevus finishes by coldly saying that sooner or later, he'll have what he needs from Austin, and when the Worlds are rebuilt "as they should be", Austin will keep helping him, "whether he likes it or not.

The Hidden Warriors: Though unnamed, Finitevus makes a cameo in this story. He is first seen by a curious young Roy the Fox, who follows. Realizing he's being followed, Finitevus stops and glares at the cub, who becomes frozen with fear. Raymond grabs Roy and yanks him away, snarling at Finitevus to get lost. Raymond is seen snarling at Finitevus before taking Roy back to Mona and Locke.

The Dusk Wolf: Finitevus returns as an antagonist in this story. He is the focus of a prophecy given to Boulder the Lycanroc by Argus the Wolf. He first appears in a vision Boulder has while Sky and Rigor are taking care of several Arrows stuck in Austin's pelt. He is mentioned by name by Austin in the next chapter. Later, when Boulder finds an old tuft of Michael Smith's fur, he has a vision of the night Finitevus ambushed and fatally injured Michael. Several moons later, Boulder and Dawn finds where Finitevus had Austin and Storm captured(during the events of Austin's Flight) and Boulder has a vision of what happened. The younger Dusk Lycanroc then has a vision of Crunch joining Finitevus. The mad doctor finally makes a true physical appearance in Brother's Betrayal when he tauntingly calls Dawn's argument with Crunch "sweet". During the fight between a Storming Alliance patrol and Lycus' Gang, Finitevus takes the opportunity to sneak off to the Master Emerald to bring back Enerjak. He is next seen by Boulder as he leads the Storming Alliance patrol to the Emerald to stop the villain. Fox shoots ahead of the young Lycanroc, ordering Finitevus to get away, but is knocked aside by Knuckles. As Boulder comes close, Finitevus gives the young Lycanroc a sneer, stopping him in his tracks, as the same look was given to Boulder during his first vision.

Tide of War: Finitevus appears in the Epilogue when he arrives at the Storming Base with Lycus. Looking tired and defeated, Finitevus surprises everyone at the Base when he offers to help them fight in the War of Darkness, claiming to have realized the true threat looming over the Worlds.

Storm of Warriors: Boulder spies Finitevus near where E.J. and Pyro the Charizard are sorting out patrols. The Lycanroc notices his gaze is focused on Austin, who has his back turned to E.J. and reflects with a sigh that despite offering to help the warriors, it was clear that the mad doctor's obsession with Austin still took priority in his own mind. Much later, during the Final Battle, Boulder spots Finitevus at the edge of the fight, and is angry that he isn't actually fighting. As he kicks a Prelate away, Boulder sees Finitevus focusing on Austin nearby, and is doing something. At first angry, Boulder realizes that what Finitevus is doing is actually helping Austin, as the big dog is hitting harder than normal. After the fight and his own silent confrontation with what remains of Dark Enerjak's armor, Boulder-with the Scepter of Darkness gripped in his jaws, turns to see Finitevus standing with Lycus a ways away from the warriors. Finitevus glances at Boulder-their gazes meeting-gives him a small nod then leaves without saying anything. Boulder reflects that while the War of Darkness was over, their trouble with Finitevus wasn't.

The Phantom Storm

The Heart of a Warrior: Finitevus first appears after Boulder returns to the camp with Shadow. For unknown reasons, he is trying to "help" the warriors, but is greeted by hostility from them. Later, after Rex the Wolf is rescued and the warriors brainstorm a plan to rescue Pebble from the Death Egg, the warriors marvel at the fact the Death Egg is around, with Storm speculating that Eggman was busy during the War of Darkness and Austin's trouble with Finitevus, giving the latter a hostile look that is ignored. During Captured Camp, Finitevus is present when the warriors are captured by Eggman's robots, and is taken along with them(while Boulder's son Pebble) escapes. He is then put in a cell with Austin, who falls unconscious from injuries he received trying to attack Infinite. Later, when Pebble evolves and defeats Infinite, Austin unlocks the cell he's in, thus also freeing Finitevus. He does not appear in the story afterward, but in the Epilogue, is mentioned to not be among the warriors returning to the Storming Base.


As revealed at the end of StH: #182, following an incident with Chaos Knuckles, Finitevus' abilities were enhanced, but his mind was warped, leading to him believing that the world(the Four Worlds in The Legend of Fox the Brave) was undeniably corrupt. Finitevus has his own form of Chaos powers, despite not using them very often, and only using them on Austin to hold him down(with it being described in a very roundabout way). Finitevus has a habit of using Warp Rings to divert his opponents' attacks, which caused Fox to fall off Drop-Off Cliff.


Finitevus' weaknesses are unknown since he rarely actively participates in combat, preferring to use others to fight for him. It's quite possible that Finitevus' lack of experience in true physical combat is his weakness, since in Austin's Return, Austin was able to use his greater weight to pin him to the ground.


"You think this is over? Far from it. I'm not finished with either of you. This is only the beginning."
— Finitevus to Austin and Storm, Storm's War
"Sooner or later, I'll have what I need from him, and when the Worlds are rebuilt as they should be, he will continue to help me, whether he realizes it or not."
—Finitevus speaking about Austin while ending his story to the reader, Legends of the Alliance, "Evil's Plans"


Austin Smith

Throughout the series, Finitevus has been obsessed with obtaining the "vast knowledge" Austin has about the Four Worlds, willing to do whatever he has to in order to obtain it. This has led to him being willing to go so far as to murder Michael, though this was more of a drastic action, and his belief that the young man was in the way.

Michael Smith

Austin's spunky younger brother doesn't have as much knowledge as Austin himself, so Finitevus didn't really consider him much of a threat. However, in A Brother's Search, while working for the Dark Legion(for his own reasons), Finitevus has Michael captured with the hopes of possibly learning where Austin was, to no avail. Much later, under currently unknown circumstances, he attacked and badly injured Michael, leading to him later dying.

Knuckles the Echidna

  • Archie: Finitevus largely views the Guardian with great scorn, thinking nothing of using him as Enerjak during the War of Time, and consistently mocking and taunting him throughout their conflict near the end of Archie Sonic Universe Issue 12.
  • Sonic Boom: Though unconfirmed, it's likely that Finitevus doesn't think very highly of Bygone Island's Knuckles given his lack of intelligence.

Boulder the Lycanroc

As of the overhauled lore, Finitevus' dynamic with Boulder is unknown.

Crunch the Lycanroc

As of the overhauled lore, Finitevus' dynamic with Crunch is unknown.

Lucky Smith

In Lucky's Quest, Finitevus tricked a lonely Lucky into coming to him, only to use him against Austin, though this failed. Moons later, with a teenaged Lucky now leading the Resistance against Infinite, Finitevus appears to still view the orphaned warrior as little more than a foolish child, brushing off the coyote's beliefs that [Finitevus] caused the Fall of the Worlds.


On the cover of Archie Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 184
After tricking Locke, Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 171
Plotting, Sonic the Hedgehog Issue 171
Revealing the rules of his control over Knuckles, StH 184; This quote was also used in Storm's War
On the cover of StH Issue 182
Trying to win Knuckles over, Sonic Universe #12
Laughing at Knuckles


In the Prologue for Austin's Exile, it was mentioned that Silver the Lucario couldn't sense Finitevus' aura, but he didn't know why. While the reasons for this are unknown, it may possibly be because of Finitevus' corrupted Chaos energy powers interfering with Silver's natural ability to sense and use aura.

  • It was later revealed that like Silver, Arrow the Wolf cannot sense anything from Finitevus, though Arrow's power is different from Silver's.

In The Villain's Reveal, Finitevus' past is somewhat explored, since Silver somehow goes back in time and learn what happens in Finitevus' past to make him how he is.

So far, Finitevus, Eggman, Dr. Starline, Mephiles, Sonic.EXE, and both Enerjak Prime and Darkare the only recurring antagonists in the series to not be original characters.

  • Eggman and Mephiles are officially owned by SEGA
  • Finitevus is from the Archie Comics, and owned by Ken Penders
  • Sonic.EXE is a creepypasta created by someone else
  • Starline is from the IDW Comics

Finitevus has overtaken Sonic.EXE as the most recurring villain, appearing in more stories to date.

The original concept for Hidden Evil was for it to take place from Finitevus' POV sometime before Michael's death, but this was changed to it being a continuation of Boulder's story.

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