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This is basically a flashback to when Tikhaos was defeated and Lara-Su is thinking about a possible vision that she had.


Lara-Su was very much proud of her and her friends' achievement. They defeated Tikhaos and restored peace to Mobius. The Dark Legion had dissolved. Peace had returned. Or so she thought. That same night she was plagued by nightmares, sickening nightmares that left one wide awake and sweating in bed. Nightmares about family being torn apart. Nightmares about things that didn't make sense. What was the Genesis Wave? Who was Shadow Galaxia? Who was the brown Hedgehog staring at the corpse of some giant green beast whose name she didn't know? Who was the captain of the pirate ship known as the Dark Flame? What- or who- was "The Khan"? Who was the female Echidna who gave herself up to save the planet? Who was the kitsune who battled the impossible to bring her family back together? Who was the blue female Hedgehog who was desperate to become a hero? 

Lara-Su was left completely baffled by this. But one question burned in her mind the most. Who was the violet female Echidna, sword in hand, stabbing Enerjak straight through the heart and killing him for good? Certainly no one she recognized! Soon though, the nightmare passed her mind and was forgotten. But a series of events six years later would remind her of that nightmare. Or perhaps it wasn't quite a nightmare. Perhaps it was a vision, a vision of what was to come. 

Lara-Su did know one thing. Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. And you may not like it.

"Lara-Su?" a voice addressed worriedly. The red female Echidna turned to see her friend Sonic and her cousin Rutan.

"It's okay. I'm okay. I was just... thinking."

"What about?" Sonic asked, scratching his head nervously.

"Many things. Many things...."

"We'd better get going or we'll be late for Riki-Le's unveiling, Miss Sunshine!" Rutan spat sarcastically. Much to his surprise, Lara-Su did not respond. She was still lost in thought.  If one thing was for certain, the future was set. And the inevitable was going to happen. Even if Lara-Su didn't know it was, in fact, the inevitable. Many hearts would be broken, lives would be lost, and no matter what anyone did, they could not stop it. Even if they tried their hardest, the future was bleak. No matter what anyone did. Even if they tried hard enough.

But there was one detail Lara-Su had forgotten completely and would never remember again. And that detail may have been a ray of hope for Mobius. And maybe even the multiverse itself. Only time would be able to tell.

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