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In this chapter, Lara-Su experiences a strange vision that may affect her fate.

"There are challenges that even the soul cannot endure. But if we accept that we are given weaknesses like these, we can learn... to stay strong. Accept and endure."

Chapter One: Visions and Tellings

Perhaps if she hadn't turned around, she wouldn't have seen it. But she did and she saw the resemblance. Lara-Su couldn't understand what was happening as thousands of questions plagued her mind. Who was that cloaked female Echidna standing before her? What did she want? And why here, of all the places? Why the remnants of Albion?

"Who are you?" Lara-Su had asked, tilting her head slightly.

"Perhaps that is the question you should be asking yourself," the other female Echidna replied, placing her hands behind her back. "The universe has a million questions that the rest cannot answer."

"Who are you?" Lara-Su asked much more forcefully, crouching down, ready to fight.

"I can sense your impatience." The female Echidna suddenly stiffened. "You are not yet ready to face the truth. Perhaps the Ancient Walkers were right. Adieu, Lara-Su. Maybe our paths will cross again in another lifetime."


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