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Julia Finitevus, the owner of Dr. Finitevus, Light Mobius Future Story, is currently rebooting this page. As such, some sections may change drastically.

 This story could certainly use a MAJOR reboot. The plot was just way too weak in the emotion and detail sense. Which is why I'm going to try and rewrite the whole thing from scratch. So the new version will still have the same core elements, but I'm going to lengthen the story and give it more meaning. (Yeah, I'm rebooting a ton of stuff. Get used to it.)

Please feel free to comment and provide constructive criticism.

(Notice: At the beginning of the story, Finitevus is no longer an albino Echidna and does not have his powers anymore. However, the later part of the story may change that...)

Author: Julia Finitevus


The Dark Legion, now renamed the Chaos Legion, continues their quest in retaking Castle Mobius. After six years of mostly peace, Shadow comes up with one of the most destructive plans yet- to resurrect Enerjak and unleash him upon Mobius. Only problem is, he chooses someone very close to Lara-Su and she isn't about to back down until things are either fixed... or she dies.

This story is a reboot version of the original. It is now longer, slower paced, and it has more meaning than the original. If you have any questions, go ahead and ask! Any questions that spoil the story though can't be answered.


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