Any last words, boy?
~ Eggman about to kill Milo have what every villain's greatest weakness is: you talk too much to realize that the tables have been flipped.
~ Milo as Sonic "kills" Eggman in "Crazy Man, part 2"

Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a mad scientist and robot builder found in the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He is a secondary antagonist in the TV series Sonic: Revolutions, where he is portrayed as a cyborg and CEO of Meteotech. Here, he is a foe of the Revolutions' protagonist Milo Prower and the main antagonist of Season 1. In later times, he appears in Season 3, as the main antagonist of the 3-episode "Truce" arc. He is also the true main antagonist of the game story Metallico's Chronicles, as the employer of Killian Fredson and plotted to destroy cities and build Eggmanland on their ashes.


Temple plan

At some point in 2004, Eggman pays the mercenary Killian Fredson to get to a series of Nocturus Clan temples, hoping to level the areas around them and build his precious "Eggmanland". Killian was to send his agent Metallico Prower to find a temple in the forest outside Hundrid City. The Nocturus Box and Chaos Emerald recovered allowed them to find this temple. Killian was called by Robert Geran, a military official, to kill Metallico and stop the temple from being discovered. He got paid triple what was promised, but Eggman never found out about this.

Eventually in Darq City, Killian tells Eggman that the contract was delayed due to Metallico betraying them and stealing the Box and Emerald from them. Later on, he tips off to Eggman that Metallico is searching for the Nocturus Box he was given for protection, so he prepares. At Seaside Hill, where the base of operations the Box hides happens to be, Eggman corners Metallico with a laser gun, as he had broken into the base with help from Rogue the Bat to get the Box. Metallico hits Eggman in the face with the Box, then runs off. He was captured by Metal Sonic at some point, delaying the contract even further.

1 month later, he goes to speak with Killian inside the Darq Chapel about the contract. Metallico is detected and has to flee. Killian brings Eggman to a temple at the edge of the North Pole, despite Eggman's wishes, and faces the artifact at the temple's center. Metallico appearsand Killian knocks over the artifact, triggering an earthquake. Eggman gets away on Killian's boat, leaving him to be defeated and tortured by Metallico, who follows Eggmam back to Darq City.

Metallico finds Eggman in the temple under Darq Chapel, with many Bounty Guild troopers, but it isn't known how he found the temple here. Metallico fights his way into the temple, encountering Eggman, who now possess a weapon called the Nocturus Sword. He engages Metallico in final battle and is defeated when the Sword is damaged to the point of unstableness; it explodes, injuring Eggman and draining out its power. Metallico leaves him for dead, carrying the sword out of the temple, but Eggman calls a robot to save him, explaining how he survives this event.

"Death" and Sonic's retirement

At sometime in 2019, Sonic invades Meteotech to rob Eggman of a nuclear weapon. As the hedgehog progressed, Eggman decided to head down there and kill Sonic himself, thinking today was the day that this one-on-one war they've been doing for years would end here. And so, he takes a robot mech suit (resembling Iron Man in the movies) and goes to where the weapon was. Sonic arrives and fights Eggman. Eggman beats him but before he could be defeated, Sonic fired a rocket at Eggman's armor, blasting him into the weapon that Sonic wanted to steal and apparently killing Eggman. Sonic would retire shortly after, as the blast of the nuke had killed hundreds of innocent bystanders.

Meteotech leadership and resurrection

It seemed that Eggman had perished that fateful day. But as we all know, Eggman has cheated death one too many times before. Now, he escaped being pulled into hell by having his mind placed into a new robot cyborg body. Metal Sonic had personally overseen this operation. Over the next 20 years, Eggman would build many robotic scientific advancements and would make several plans to sabotage his rival Teca Enterprises and its leader Niro Roberts. Sonic was still interfering and would spend the next 20 years buying up and sewing Meteotech for various crimes that Eggman commited. Sonic also had Tails get a job at Meteotech in an attempt to discover weapons, conspiracies and illegal activities going on in the company. These 20 years that Eggman was caught up with had convinced the world around him that he had redeemed himself for all the bad things he had done in the past...but Sonic knew that Eggman did not deserve redemption.

Kidnapping Tails

At sometime in 2040, Eggman had discovered that Tails had been nosing around in his company, so he had Metal kidnap him. He was then placed in a bunker underneath Station Square and then sent Metal to kill Sonic at his house. However, the assassination attempt didn't work, as Milo Prower was there to meet Sonic and defended him from the agents.

Later on, he was attacked by a vigilante referred to as the Hood INSIDE his own office. With all the robot enhancements he had gotten over the years, Eggman could easily best the viglante. Sonic came in a hovercar and rescues the vigilante, with Eggman knowing that Sonic had hired an assassin.

Sabotaging Teca Enterprises

Controlling Shadow

Over the next little while, Eggman would devise criminal plans to sabotage and destroy Teca Enterprises, his rival. To start, he kidnapped Shadow the Hedgehog and placed a mind-control chip in his brain and commanded him to burn down Teca proterty. This was going well untill the Hood intervened and had Sonic remove the chip.

Main Station Bridge incident

Later on, Eggman hired mercenraies from the Bounty Guild and had them set bombs of his own design to destroy the Main Station Bridge as a means of stopping Teca Enterprises' shipments of technology. However, the vigilante had interfered again.

Killian and the nuke

Eggman then had the leader of the Bounty Guild, Killian Fredson, go to the sewers of Station Square to steal a Teca Enterprises nuke hidden in a vault down there. The vigilante was there again, killing Killian and stopping the plot. However, Eggman then had the next leader, Metallico Prower, do another plot.


Metallico was tasked with destroying City Hall and framing Teca for it. The vigilante struck again and stopped this. That led to Eggman severing ties with the Bounty Guild and showing more focus on killing the vigilante.


After the vigilante had freed Tails from confinement in the Meteotech prison bunker, Eggman had decided to take Sonic the Hedgehog hostage, but not the typical way. He would have a mind-control chip placed inside Sonic's brain to give him Metal Sonic's personality. The vigilante, revealed to Eggman as Milo Prower, strikes Meteotech, invading the HQ and killing everyone who tried to stop him. Upon reaching the upper levels, Milo would fight Sonic and then tazed him, destroying the chip in his skull. Eggman then fought Milo, besting him yet again. Still thinking that Sonic was obeying him, Eggman gave Sonic a laser gun to kill Milo. Instead, Sonic fired the laser directly at Eggman's robotic head and dropping his body into a smokestack below.

Meteotech was then bought up by Teca Enterprises, ending the threat of Dr. Eggman...for about 2 years anyway.

Bounty Guild membership

It was believed that Eggman had died 2 years ago, but not even that could stop him from devastating the world. Meteotech scientists had put Eggman's mind into the body of Metal Sonic. He then learns it has been 2 years since his company was bought up. He joins the Bounty Guild in hopes of getting revenge on Milo. To start, he planned a heist in a plan to steal a kind of super-soldier serum made of Black Arms DNA. His new boss Metallico needed it. Another time after getting the serums, he planned a series of armored convoy heists to steal weapons. Milo discovers this and fails to stop Eggman from making off with his new truck.

Betraying the Bounty Guild

Eggman's convoy heists got the attention of the military and led to Commander Alan Mak call on the vigilante to help. He showed up at a camp in the woods that Eggman was, but it was already cleared out. Metallico Prower was now hunting Eggman due to him betraying the Guild and abandoning their principles in pursuit of personal gain. For the next little while, Metallico and Milo would team up to track Eggman and kill him. Eggman had been held up in an old brewery guarded by his band of mercenaries and left shortly before Metallico and Milo arrived. Eggman had gone to Rocky Island, the old base of operations for the Bounty Guild that was abandoned for decades. Metallico and Milo, along with Sonic and Milo's brother Max Prower, go there and wind up caught by Eggman, placed in a prison bunker. The fox trio had gotten out, but Sonic was out already, hoping to find Eggman and kill him. Milo stops him and they all go back to Station Square.

Real Death

Please, spare me! I can redeem myself. I was trying to make you a great warrior.
~ Eggman's last words to Sonic
You succeeded. And now you've taught me something, something that the people you murdered on your quest have demanded me to do. And all I have to say is, NO MERCY FOR YOU!!!!
~ Sonic before killing Eggman

Eggman had now decided to send his stolen convoy cargo on boat back to Station Square, but they were intercepted by Milo and Sonic, with Metallico also there to personally strangle the life out of the traitor. While Eggman tried to flee, Milo fired an arrow at Eggman's back, dropping him. Sonic's rage then led him to run at Eggman and rip his robot body apart, tearing out his armor and wires and kept at it until he was just a hollow robot shell. Dr. Eggman was finally dead and his stolen cargo was sent back to Alan Mak.


I have to ask, Sonic: why did you do it? It's not like you to break down like that. Did Eggman really deserve the fate you gave him?
Why, of course he does! You think that I would rip a man apart with my bare hands because I wanted to? Dr. Eggman is a murderous, psychopathic, blood-thirsty monster and everywhere he goes, he never realizes that he is promoting everything that's wrong with humanity! You know that more than anyone.
~ Sonic talking about Eggman when Milo asks him why he had to die

Eggman is very greedy, intent on ruling the world with a robot army. To start this, he built many robots and destroyed many places and killed many innocents on his quest. This shows that he has a complete disregard for the well-being of humanity as a whole, seeing himself as a god and went to insane lengths to get there. This led to his belief that the whole world is corrupt. Like other such villains like Haytham Kenway from Assassin's Creed III, Black Doom from Shadow the Hedgehog, Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins and more, Eggman says that humanity is corrupt, destroying their planet and spreading destruction all over innocents. Eggman had once hoped that educated men could see what the world was becoming, but profit and personal gain makes them ignorant and selfish (and yet, he never sees any irony).


Eggman's most notable ability is robot-building; robots with heavy weaponry and machines like killer lasers and nuclear bombs are his specialty.

In the show, his organic body is destroyed by a nuke while fighting Sonic, but he survived, albeit with his mind being put in a new cyborg body. This body possessed strength that could put people in body casts and break through metal walls. He can also upload his mind into alternate robot bodies, should a sticky end be met. However, when he was in Metal Sonic's body, he couldn't escape for some reason, which cost him his life.


Dr. Eggman is fought in Metallico's Chronicles, Chapter 3: Robes for Royalty as the final boss. He possesses a weapon called the Nocturus Sword, which he uses as his weapon. There are many support columns and sacrophugi to hide around.

Round 1

The battle is played out similarly to King George Washington in Assassin's Creed III: The Tyranny of King Washington and Francois-Thomas Germain in Assassin's Creed: Unity. There are many support columns and sacrophugi to hide behind, which is ideal because if you are seen, he will shoot lightning out of the Sword and kill Metallico, your player. Sneak around when he turns his back, as he is never sure where you are hiding, and attack him. Your Hidden Blade will be used to attack him, but he will block the attack at the last second with the Sword, causing an explosion that makes Metallico fly back and take a bit off of Eggman's health meter. You will have to do this another 5 times to defeat him.

Round 2

Now, Eggman will use the Sword to summon energy balls that fly around the "column layer" to stun you. If you touch these balls, you are stunned, allowing Eggman to attack you. Time your movement right to get past the balls and attack Eggman.

Round 3

Three energy balls will be summoned now, swirling around slightly slower than before, but now Eggman has fired lightning into 4 of the 16 pillars you can hide behind, making attacking him harder.

Round 4

This time, Eggman will release a shockwave onto the ground if you are seen. Use your power, the Leaping Eagle, to attack him. He'll fire lightning at you when you attack him, knocking you back.

Round 5

There is now one energy ball swirling around each "hiding place layer", but move rather slow, making attacking easier.

Round 6

With this next blow being the final one, the hardness is maximized; now, there are three energy balls swirling around each hiding layer and 4 more support columns are destroyed. When you approach him and attack, you are shot back by lightning. He releases a shockwave onto the ground to finish you off, but you can now use Leaping Eagle. With it, you can leap at him, attack and deliver the final blow, defeating Eggman and completing the game.


  • Up until Sonic: Revolutions, his malevolent side and belief in human weakness wasn't really shown or said, as he didn't seem to show this capability. But during later games like Sonic Unleashed, Sonic Colors, Sonic Generations, his disregard for the safety of everyone in the universe is displayed.
  • His cyborg re-design greatly resembles Cyber-Errol from the Naught Dog game Jak 3.
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