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Dr. Robotnik is an evil scientist well-known for his robots. He lives in Metropolis.

This page is only relevant to the Doriteverse.


Robotnik is a large fat bald overlander. He wears a red coat with yellow cuffs, a yellow cape, grey pants, black boots, white gloves, round glasses, and goggles. He has light skin and a brown mustache, and his nose is distinctly pink.

His design combines elements from classic, modern, and boom iterations of the same character.


Robotnik is evil and cruel, but not totally heartless. Although he wants to take over the world and it would be horrible for everyone, the laws he would put in place in a theoretical world-conquest heavily favor equity--disabled slaves would be given accommodations so they can do the same amount of slave work as able-bodied slaves, for example. This reflects his upbringing in a progressive household.

Regardless of his evil and cruelty, Robotnik is capable of being a decent person--he cares about the feelings of Razor, who he raised as his own child.


Little is known about Robotnik prior to his rise to power, but he has apparently always been evil. He has always had at least some focus on robots, but his original plans for world conquest were apparently very different--he wanted to essentially create Jurassic Park and use a dinosaur army to take over the world. It's unknown when or why he gave up on this and switched to just using cutely-designed animal-powered robots instead, but it's speculated that it has something to do with Razor the Raptor, who Robotnik raised from an egg.


Robotnik is theoretically capable of using chaos energy without technology, but the implications of this are terrifying.


As an overlander, Robotnik has much higher stamina than most mobians and can recover from injury comparatively quickly. This gives him an inherent advantage over non-overlander mobians of similar size and health, as well as over non-mobian humans due to things like this being exaggerated in mobians.


Robotnik is well-known for his ability to build and program machines, but he also has knowledge of biology and chaos energy, particularly the connection between the two. He's also dabbled in genetics and can engineer a life-form, but he has not used this skill in years.


Due to his large size and poor physical health, Robotnik is very slow. He can make up for this using machines, but once the machine protecting him is destroyed he's an easy target for speedy heroes.

He also has a problem with obsession.

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