"I'll smash you to smithereens!"—Dr. EggRey

(Equera-5) Dr. EggRey (E-Josh)
Birthplace Unknown
Age Unknown
Likes dominating the Ancient Dimension, dominating Mobius, defeating Josh & his friends, his inventions, stealing the Chaos Emeralds, to destroy his main enemy: Josh, victory
Dislikes someone interfering against his work, Josh the Hedgehog & his friends, someone taking the Chaos Emeralds from him, someone who destroys his inventions, losing
Other Names Boogar (the ghost that took the real one's name over a human) Equera-5 (the real one)
Alignment Evil
Type Intelligence
Species Human (when a human was possessed by Boogar), Alien (the real one)
Abilities Alien Language, Great Intellect at 300 IQ (like Dr. Eggman), Weaponry, Chaos Emerald Usage, Alien Skills, Vehicular Knowledge, Technological Expertise, Expert Mechanic
Height 6'2 ft
Weight 125 kg (EggRey form) or 55 kg (alien form)
Occupation World Dominator (but this kind of occupation's work fail, thanks to Josh the Hedgehog)
Creations Equera-5 Lieutenant (first), Equera Series
  • Blue goggles (like Dr. Eggman)
  • Purple jacket with four shiny gold buttons & red threads (like Dr. Eggman)
  • Black trousers (like Dr. Eggman)
  • Black boots (like Dr. Eggman)
  • Royal blue pince-nez sunglasses (like Dr. Eggman)
  • White gloves (like Dr. Eggman)
Physical Appearance
  • Hair: Brown (EggRey form only)
  • Skin: White (EggRey form), Blue (Alien form)
  • Mustache: Light brown (EggRey form only)
  • Eye: Blue (although commonly wears his royal blue pince-nez sunglasses that completely covers his eyes)
Theme Song Von Bolt's Theme
Known Inventions Equera Pawns, Equera-5 Lieutenant, Metal Josh & Metal Rey, & Metal Alice


Dr, EggRey is an obese genius but an egotistical being. He is not a human, he is a virus-type alien. His real name is Equera-5. There once was a ghost named Boogar, he possessed a human & took on the real EggRey's alias, as Dr. EggRey. There are two EggReys, called:

  • Equera-5
  • Boogar (through possessing a human, & taking on the real one's alias)

Tag Power Rate

Name of Partner Stars Power Percentage Title of Tag Power
Dr. Eggman ★★★ 125% Double Domination
Dr. EggPlankton ★★ 120% Alien Destruction
Rey the Hedgehog 110% Equera Amp


He was an alien born from virus tests. His real name was Equera-5. He also started the Project Equera. He invented the Equera Virus, from the virus he was born from & his real name.

At his adult times, he created his own lair called "Equera Empire".


He is egotistical, like Rey, but more egotistical. He is evil, but the more evil one is Boogar. He is also short-tempered, cruel, & pompous. He is planning to conquer the world through his evil inventions. But his plans always fail, thanks to Josh the Hedgehog, & his sidekick: Jess the Hedgehog & Alice the Cat.

He is also really obsessed about stealing the 7 Chaos Emeralds for himself. He mainly uses them for world domination.


He is an evil genius, having 300 IQ. He can do other work like repairing huge robots, making huge robots, making such hi-tech weaponry, inventing more machines, leading a big army of his, planning a strategy to defeat another army, & recycling items. He is adept of making quick decisions.



  • The Legend of the Four Leaders: Movie Version: Hedgehog Battle (first)
  • The Being of the Wind 1 & 2


  • Sonic Fanon Battlers—The True Story
  • Ancient Battle
  • Sonic Riders: Beyond the Sky—The Real Story
  • Josh & Bakugan Battle Brawlers


  • Sonic Riders: Beyond the Sky


  • Dr. Eggman
  • Dr. EggPlankton (in a degree)
  • Rey the Hedgehog (sometimes)


  • Josh & his friends (except Rey for some reason)


  • His voice is like Eggman's, but they're robotic & a little bit gibberish.
  • He is born from virus tests in an unknown land.
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