This is an article about Dr.Lox, a character created by The Evilbreaker on 07/26/2013.

Dr.Lox is a virus to existence. He damages it in the same way that a virus would damage a computer. He is known as a powerful villain and good friends of Lord Povenkios


Dr.Lox's fur is a brightish red colour while his skin is purple, which is very unusual for a mobian. One of his main trademarks is his large top hat, which he is never seen without. His gloves are a dark shade of green, and he has bright pink eyes.


Dr.Lox, being a villain, does not have very many good sides to his personality. He is very selfish, which means he enjoys seeing the suffering of others. Happiness of those against him he despises, as it means that something bad is happening for him. He hates failure, as does everybody.


Nobody knows much about Dr.Lox's history. All we know is that he was born accidentally in between dimensions, and ever since he figured out how to get into other dimensions he has been causing trouble. It is unknown when he met Povenkios.


Lox has the ability to wield the element known as Hellfyre, which is a fusion of Fire and Darkness. He also has the ability to fuse two elements together forming a new element, and some of these elements have been stolen by the good side, such as flash, which is a fusion of light and illusion. Being able to control hellfyre, it isn't hard for him to control the two halves of Hellfyre, Fire and Darkness. Over the years, Lox has learnt to teleport as well. And just to add to this large moveset, Lox is telepathic, which often helps him in his devious plots.

Special Abilities

Lox's skin is protective of fire, meaning he can walk through an inferno without getting harmed at all. His eyes, unusually, can see through anything if he tries hard enough, which is a serious disadvantage for you if you're trying  to hide from him.


Dr.Lox is very intelligent, matching Eggman with an IQ of 300 at an estimate. Over the years, he has learnt how to teleport as said above, and he has been working on his telepathy, now being a very advanced telepathic.


Dr.Lox may have many powers, but everything has it's weak points. Despite being able to control the advanced element of Hellfyre, he is weakened by Seashine, which is a fusion of the two elements water and light, which are of course strong over darkness and fire. Other weaknesses include having his telepathy countered by other mind forces, which can result in disasterous consequences for him.

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