Down Draw is an intriguing technique, which allows a user to reveal old abilities or techniques once believed forgotten while in an altered state of consciousness.


When the user is affected by an altered state of consciousness caused by an attack, be it disorientation, attraction, temporary muting, etc., the user's mind begins to bring up its earliest recorded combat data. This technique is described by most as "drawing from the bottom of a deck of cards" - the results are the first things put there. However, due to the mind being 'shuffled' by the altered state of consciousness, the techniques used are chosen without true conscious effort, and as such are random, unpredictable, and range from extremely weak to extremely powerful. However, this effect only lasts as long as the afflicting ASC.


Pokemon Users


  • Dual Draw (the user uses two random techniques simultaneously, creating combination attacks)

Technique Rank

Due to its reliance on circumstance and unpredictability, the technique bears a D-rank.

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