Douglas the Hedgehog often called Dufus the Hedgehog is a Troll. He isn't actually a recolor, but is one of the first non-trolls to be turned into a troll. The result has extremely damaged his ability to perform life functions. He is bright at all, and has the mind of a small child despite being a teenager. His condition makes him the subject of cruel treatment from other trolls. He takes it all in complete stride, and thinks of them all as his best friends. Douglas tends to interfere or hamper many of the trolls plans.


Not much is known about Douglas before being turned into a troll. All that is known is that he was taken from a large city late at night at an early age. After the expirements were performed on him, he was made a troll, but his brain never developed any farther. At the time Douglas was aroudn four, so one could imagine his intellectual capacity.


Douglas is very energetic and a very happy person. He is kind and very naive. He loves very childish things. He is one of the purest members of the trolls. He actually believes that the Trolls are heroes, and has no idea of all the horrible things they do. Douglas is extremely funny and very random. He acts like a four year old, and due to his small size everyone just sees (or believes) that he is a small child. Douglas is very clumsy, and is rather bad at taking instructions correctly. Douglas has a nack for making anyone feel much better through laughter. He is very sweet. so sweet and kind in fact that he is always spared by heroes that fight the trolls.


Being an early expirement of the Trolls, Douglas has nearly none of the abilities they do. However in order to protect him from harm (seeing has he does not possess the ability to regenerate) the trolls have built him a suit that shields from limited damage. Despite seeing Douglas as an idiot, they couldn't deny he was a useful "servant", and created thousands of clones of him to use at their command. While they are rather useless alone, together they are powerful in clusters against enemies. They do many chores that the Trolls don't want to do. Douglas possess an ability known as "Derp" which can leave opponents in a dazed state for a temporary amount of time.

Special Clone Attack

Douglas can use his clones to attack enemies. They rain down from a point that is over the enemy. Douglas begins to sing "Chocolate Rain", replacing Chocolate with Douglas. This can damage the victim heavily, as they are swarmed and covered in Douglas Clones.


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