Double Scratch

Double Scratch is a more advanced version of Scratch, with an added effect unseen in other variants.


The user scratches the target with hard, sharp claws or fingernails, or in a few circumstances, knives, following an X-pattern, with one set striking first, followed by the second. In the process of scratching, the user also builds up a small level of energy within their chosen striking point, which serves to boost their physical defenses once the attack finishes.

In relatively few cases, the claws have been seen elongating or changing shape while glowing white, or leaving trails of white energy behind. This suggests that there is an elemental variant, however, as of yet no true elemental variants of this technique exist.

However, intangible enemies are typically immune to this attack, while most forms of armor are effective in blunting the attack.



Parent Technique

Technique Rank

Due to the techniques defensive boost and increased damage, it bears a D-rank.

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