Doppel (element life) is the second character and is the friend of Jake. He is also a chao me and my brother had since 2014.


Doppel didn't know where he came from and who was his real family, but he was raised well by the MII fighters ever since they had hatched him. Then he trained to be a smart chao and a good fortune teller.

He sometimes would always get into trouble, but he's still worth it.


Doppel sports green skin, orange wings and glasses. He's also a run type chao.


Doppel is portrayed as smart, timid and cunning, but usually sometimes gets beaten senseless by diva, who in return is tired of his smartness and always gives him a response of "WE KNOW!!"

The search for connor

Little is known about doppel in the story, but he was seen with Jake flying in a storm.

The shattered crystal

Doppel is seen where he sees that Jeff is being picked on by general paella who couldn't stop insulting them for trying the stop Royal carribean, so Doppel punches her in the face unceremoniously.

Paella is then proud of him, but Doppel says it's a warning to stop picking on Jeff.



Jake treats him more like a brother than a friend, despite his best efforts.


Doppel is unaware that diva might be a little tense when he always tells the team everything that they already know about. This is sometimes known to have made Doppel cost his chao teeth a mortal slap in the face committed by diva.


  • Mine and my brother's chao named Doppel is actually green.
  • He also has orange wings too.
  • Doppel is actually a run type in real life.
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