"Doorstep Gift"

Nikki the Hedgehog: Adventures on Arcadia Island

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September 22, 2015

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Season 1
The Ghost Girl
Doorstep Gift
Leave it to Margaret!

Doorstep Gift is the fourth episode of the Nikki the Hedgehog: Adventures on Arcadia Island series. It first premiered on September 22, 2015 on Cartoon Network.


A baby hedgehog is left on Nikki’s doorstep, and she decides to take care of him until further notice.



As Nikki is resting peacefully in her bedroom, a woman cloaked in garments with her face hidden is holding a basket. She leaves the basket in front of Nikki’s doorstep, rings the doorbell, and runs off. Inside the house, Nikki reluctantly gets out of her bed, walking to the door and opening it. At first, she thinks it was some kids playing a prank, until the heard the crying at her feet and saw the baby hedgehog in the basket. She picked up the basket, looking around to see if the mother was still nearby. Unsure of what to do, Nikki called her closest friends to meet up at her house.

Once Starlight, Ryder, and Vexx arrived at Nikki’s house, Nikki told them how the baby was left at her doorstep, with no note or reference. Though Starlight and Ryder were a bit concerned of how to find the mother or how to take care of the baby, Vexx thought that this could be a nice experience. But everyone agreed that they should still try to find the mother, Starlight and Ryder volunteering so that they wouldn’t be on babysitting duty. While Vexx was excited to be taking care of the child, Nikki wasn’t as happy as him.

Starlight took a picture of the baby, making posters to hand out to some of the villagers and see if anyone would claim him. That’s when the baby started crying, all of them smelling something terrible coming from his diaper. Immediately, Nikki handed him to Vexx, going into the kitchen to make a bottle of milk. Starlight picked up the copies of papers, leaving to start their search and get away from all the crying.

As Vexx finished changing the diaper, Nikki re-entered the room with a bottle of milk. She sat the baby on her lap, Vexx saying that they should name him. After a few different options, they decided that they should call him Void. While Void was drinking his bottle in his basket, Nikki put a cover over him and sang a short lullaby. After only a few seconds, he fell asleep. To Nikki’s surprise, Vexx had fallen asleep as well, but decided to just let him rest as well. She dozes off as well.


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