"You are a fool, a thousand times a fool."
—Doom to Lance the Wolf, That's Not Funny Chapter 7

Doom the Hedgehog is a Sonic the Hedgehog fan character created and owned by LordWeirdo. He is a wizard whose spirit was revived and cursed to wander the earth, leading to the events of That's Not Funny: The Unimaginatively Subtitled Adventures of Lance the Wolf.


In physical form, Doom was a silver Mobian hedgehog with a peach face, and a long white ponytail and beard. He wore a dark green garment that is similar to a vest and a tunic simultaneously, fastened at the waist by a black belt. He also wore black gloves and black boots. As a spirit, he retains the same features and apparel, but they are all a glowing lime green.


Doom is a pain in the neck, according to every person ever to host his spirit. More objectively, he is short-tempered, haughty, and overly serious. Simply put, he isn't a very likable chap, and the fact that he possessed people without warning and invariably started ranting about revenge shortly afterward does not help much. Nor does his inability to see that he is abrasive.

His personality is almost exactly opposite that of his current host Lance the Wolf, which causes them both to often wonder why he still possesses Lance.



Little is known about Doom's early life--"early life" meaning the first five decades. All that is known is that he developed great magic powers, and would travel the foothills of the Iron Mountain Zone, wherever his sorcery services were needed.

Doom was best known for being one of the rare "warfare wizards" of history. That is an alliterative way of saying that he specialized in destructive magic that could be used on the battlefield. While he did not invent it, he made known the nearly limitless power of Doom Energy, leading to its being named after him.

One major shadow loomed over Doom's existence: that of Nox Nekros. Everyone compared Doom to Nekros, and everyone decided Nekros was more powerful. This infuriated Doom, partly due to his pride, partly due to his belief that dark magic (which Nekros practiced) could not overcome light magic. When he was nearly seventy, he had had enough. He challenged the other wizard to a duel.

Nekros defeated Doom in a battle that was not quite lame, but nothing to write home about either. Then, being a medium, he immediately summoned back Doom's spirit. The impetuous hedgehog found himself unable to pass fully either into the land of the living or of the dead.

That's Not Funny 1

The following section contains spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.
(Of course, this is probably actually better than the fanfiction.)

For roughly two hundred fifty years, Doom wandered aimlessly from place to place and person to person. He required two things to achieve his revenge: one, a host who had will balanced with submission, and was also physically capable of handling magic combat; and two, the location of Nekros. Somehow, for all of those two hundred fifty years, he had neither.

But then his luck changed. After abandoning an old janitor, Doom found himself in the factory of Dr. Maxwell Hamberger. While there, he overhead half of a phone conversation between Dr. Hamberger and his colleague. When the inventor casually mentioned that he had been learning from long-dead geniuses in his field with the help of a Mobian sorcerer named Nekros, he rushed out with renewed passion. He must find the right host now, before his foe vanished again!

Before long, Doom had his first bright idea in three hundred years. He found a concentration of young, diverse stock: Neon University. Doom decided that this time, he would lie in wait in an unlikely place, then possess the next young person that came along.

By fortunate and unfortunate chance, that person happened to be Lance. When Doom possessed him, he analyzed his willpower--something he could do quickly due to a quarter millennium of practice. He had struck gold again--the wolf was the ideal balance.

(Then Lance's overdeveloped sense of humor kicked in. And it wore out its welcome in less than four hours after the possession.)

At first, Lance was reluctant to go un-alive Nekros, but after a conversation with his father, he agreed. They left the next morning.

Once in the Iron Mountains, there was a slight hiccup--Doom had no idea where to go. While he and Lance argued, a young echidna appeared. He volunteered to guide them as best he could. As the echidna was an accidentally-released-from-prison assassin, Doom would not trust him until nearly the end of the adventure.

That night, Doom caught something out of the corner of Lance's eye. Their guide identified it as smoke from a factory, and Doom identified the factory as Hamberger's plant. He had found Nekros--again.

On the long, arduous, and boring journey, they were ambushed by Maximus the Armadillo. Stalemate and Lance were all for a diplomatic solution, but Doom got right to the aggressive negotiations and fired a Doom Energy ring at the robber. Unfortunately, as Maximus was wearing enchanted armor, all it did was make him madder. Whoops. The guide fought the criminal alone for a while, until the armadillo was scared off by lightning (precisely timed and positioned by one of the guide's magician friends).

As they came closer to their target, their camp was spotted one night by hostile robots. Doom finally got to perform some action, destroying the droids effortlessly through Lance. The guide, who had been asleep during the attack, noticed that the robots shared a logo with the factory they were approaching. Doom did not bother himself with this, being only interested in his vengeance. ¤ When he and Lance finally faced off against Nekros, Doom was again soundly defeated. And this time, Doom was stripped of the power that bore his name. However, the villain did not kill Lance. They managed to recover enough to go into hiding.

They also happened to go into hiding in the exact same glorified closet in which their guide, whom they had left outside, was also hiding. It was also the glorified closet outside of which Dr. Hamberger, after detailing his plan for the future of all Mobians (it was bad, by the way) and the world (which was almost as bad), conveniently killed Nekros.

After hearing his, Lance was outraged. To him, no life was disposable. Doom, seeing his foe eliminated so easily, and hearing what would happen to Mobiandom were Hamberger not stopped, regretted his selfishness. But while Lance was gesticulating in his righteous anger, he accidentally released a blast of Doom Energy at the ceiling. Nekros, whether deliberately or not, had given Lance Doom's power!

Thus, with the strategic help of their guide, Doom and Lance marched into battle against the true enemy. And came out on top.

The adventure over, Doom acknowledged Lance's heroism for the first time and told him that he would stick with him as long as Lance wanted. Lance accepted, and drove off into the sunset arguing with Doom over directions.


Doom Energy

Formerly, Doom had a variety of magic powers, but even then he was best known for the concentrated, destructive energy that is named for him. When Nekros killed and revived him, this was the only power known to remain with him. He required a physical body to use it, however, which was why he was searching for a host in the first place.

When he used it, either by himself or through a host, he almost invariably shaped it into rings approximately 20 centimeters in diameter and an inch thick.

Somehow, after the second battle with Nekros, Lance "stole" the power from Doom. However, Lance requires Doom in order to use it, thus making the power's use still dependent on them both.


Doom has no transformations of himself, but he was formerly capable of causing his hosts to undergo transformation. When he took over complete control of an individual, their fur and clothes would turn bright green. They could also hover, and Doom could release unrefined Doom Energy through them.

Due to his losing of his power, he can no longer cause this transformation.

Facts that didn't belong anywhere else

  • When Doom possesses an individual, the individual finds him or herself wearing Doom's vest-thingy.
  • His first name comes from one of creator LordWeirdo's first usernames.
  • He once possessed a politician, but could not stand listening to all the political talk and left within a week.
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