doom the hedgehog


  • Age:13
  • Abilities:God-like/Immortality
  • Weakness:None
  • Status:Getting Info For Seven Chaos Emeralds

It all started when G.U.N was working on an experiment,the general who wanted to create the ultimate weapon did not succeed in the procedure as Doom was awakened,he escaped from the G.U.N military base and is now working with Black Doom and finding a way to find the Seven Emeralds without letting anyone know.......He is an immortal and can never die and as that continues,he will gain more power and become unstoppable and there will be a conclusion point to an never-ending situation where he causes suicide.


Doom The Hedgehog was experimented by the G.U.N military base and now has escaped from the G.U.N military base and now has made a conversation with Black Doom,after that they head into the Black Comet.Black Doom introduces Doom the army and have the meeting.It was done so now Doom hatches a plan to find all seven Chaos Emeralds to add more power to his abilities.


He just looks at it is in the picture that what he looks like when G.U.N created him...he's been like this ever since..

doom in superform

When he gets all the chaos emeralds and transforms it into super dark emeralds with his god-like powers he is more powerful then ever when in superform but no one knows when If he discovered that ability yet.....

Powers and Abilities

He's powers are god-like,in fact he is a god.He can know what people are going to say before they even notice it and say it out loud interrupting them he can also also stare at people and think what will happen to them(like when he stared straight at the G.U.N general he thought of his blood exploding everywhere then dropping to the floor.) He can also send very powerful red energy blasts that are to powerful to overcome,with either a snap of his fingers he can make things explode like a bomb.

1.Doom Stare-makes people or creatures blood explode.

2.Thoughts Of Doom-Can make terrifying illusions to anyone.

3.Snap Of Doom-One snap of a finger,can make things explode,but not just one but many.

He will also learn more god abilities.

Superform Abilities:

Unknown(will be revealed in a later chapter.)


Doom smokes a cigar from time to time as explained in Chapter 3.He wishes to end his life that way but in truth cannot.No one will even trust him to die so it is up to him to decide.


  • "I AM......DOOM THE HEDGEHOG!!!"
  • "you were the one that planned this....I can tell...."
  • "now you will die."
  • "see,you people planned to experiment me am I right?"
  • "Black Doom......we will destroy the earth....soon...."
  • "Because I know everything....
  • "Wow......such pathetic humans.....that are both interesting to listen or spy on to....."
  • "That fool is a weakling!! I can take him on easily!....The Ultimate Lifeform!! how foolish,against me?"
  • "you won't even trust me to die....."
  • "my life is......f***** up you know"
  • "yeah...but that will never happen since I'm a god.....that will never happen....."


He likes doing things his way and he finds people arguing at each other interesting(If they stop then he's not interested.) And most of all if people order him what to do he betrays them and goes to the into the person killing them.He sometimes wishes to not exist in the modern world and cause suicide but he must live a full life of being immortal as he cannot die...


So far he hasn't betrayed anyone and there is no situation yet on how......

Theme Songs

  • Chop Suey and Question! by S.O.A.D

<videogallery> Video:System Of A Down - Chop Suey! #06|S.O.A.D-Chop Suey!

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