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This is a page to cover events and characters made by Doom1989, or other characters and events deemed to exist within any of the universes listed below.

(Events marked with an * indicate an RP started by another user, or a Fanfiction that was cowritten by Doom)


This is the definitive canon universe of the continuity. Almost all fanfictions, fangames, RPs, etc. will take place here. Events in this timeline will generally focus on Transford the Hedgehog, Fargo the Bat, and Kuroki the Fox in their fight against the terrorist organization ZeroCore. This universe uses a calender that is nearly identical to the Gregorian calander of the real world, with only two differences. A Year Zero exists and the years before and after this year are marked as I.E. (Impendebat Exitio) and A.C. (After Collapse) respectively. All events of this universe unless stated otherwise, take place in AC. Aside from the Sonic series, the Marvel comics and movies have been a major source of inspiration for the events of this timeline.



  • 1875: Transford the Hedgehog is born.
  • 1895: Chaos Trinity secret project is open by GUN. Transford is recruited.
  • 1899: Transford is placed into cryosleep
  • 1929: Chaos Trinity is shut down.
  • 1964: ZeroCore is formed by Marshall Jones.
  • 1975: John Lindon is born.
  • 1984: Kuroki the Fox is born.
  • 1989: TBA
  • 1992: Marshall Jones is killed. John is involved in the murder. Mob led by Kolt Lindon, father to John, form council and assume control of ZeroCore.
  • 1994: Massive Data Leak from GUN HQ. Almost all data on Chaos Trinity experiments is released to the public. ZeroCore is rumored to have been involved in the leak.

Global Arms Race begins to recover leftover tech.

Jenny Alice, daughter to CEO of Alice Corporation Chris and wife Rosemary, is born.

Fargo the Bat is born.

  • 1997: Theo the Tasmanian Tiger is created by ZeroCore.
  • 1999: ZeroCore finds and unthaws Transford. John Lindon appointed to ZeroCore council after father's death.

Arms Race ends.

  • 2000: Transford escapes ZeroCore captivity, destroys facility in Central City, and dissapears.

Theo defects from ZeroCore and starts uprising at Casper Falls to drive them out.

  • 2001: TBA
  • 2003 - 2010: Tansford, Theo, Kuroki, Fargo and Jenny all meet within this time and agree to work together alongside GUN and others to fight ZeroCore
  • 2014: TBA
  • 2017: *Events of Secret Discord [RP hosted by Time]
  • 2018: TBA
  • 2019: Superhuman Paragon Emerges
  • 2024: 1st Multiverse War Begins

Enigma Unit Formed

  • 2028: TBA
  • 2035: TBA


DoomVerse is a highly altered version of the CoreVerse. The year 1929 AC serves as the point of divergence for this timeline as it explores what might and might not have happened had the Chaos Trinity experiments not been terminated when they were. Characters that are officially liscensed by SEGA will make an appearence in this timeline more frequently than in the CoreVerse. The influence from Marvel, especially the movies, will be more obvious here. Various other series of video games were also a major inspiration.




Unlike the other 'Verses', LostVerse is not a single timeline, but is instead a blanket term for any stories in which characters, locations, and events from any of the other two timelines make an appearance or are otherwise referenced but are not considered to be a part of either canon.


*Unity [Fanfiction Co-written with Nitro and others]


A list of characters, Fanon and Official, who have appeared in any timeline.





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